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Galactic Civilizations

6 posts in this topic

Hello Everyone,


I'm a big fan of 4X games and so far my favourite one is probably Galactic Civilizations II. The diplomacy in that game actually works unlike in Civ5 where at times I will offer trades that benefit the other civ to incredible degrees and they still deny me because algorithms. Also I'm a sucker for the space based games where you colonise randomly generated planets and get random events, design your own ships, etc. Another thing that rocks about the game is race specific techs and tech trees! I know some other games have similar things, but for some reason the races always felt so much more thematic and different to me in this game. Oh and also they have alignments so for instance 'good' races are more likely to ally with eachother, and the humans are 'neutral' because cmon, humanity can be some selfish jerks at times :P


Is anyone excited about GalCiv III? If you're not aware Stardock announced it and you can preorder your way into beta access on their website. This time around it will have multiplayer, so that might be something the AJSA could partcipate in. I'm hoping it will be good but there's no real guarantee... I'm hesistant to preorder even though I loved the second one.


Hopefully at least a couple of you have some thoughts or experiences to share!

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I guess I am the only 4X fan here...


*wanders off towards the sunset, alone*

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This game looks pretty cool, if only i wasn't broke :(

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I picked up GalCiv 2 quite a while ago and played around with it from time to time (75 hours at this point). Still don't understand all the game mechanics and have yet to win a game on a difficulty level above normal, so it's safe to say I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.


It's fun though, a great purchase for any 4X fan. Don't like the emphasis on humorous presentation all that much, but that's just personal preference.

I'd have to read up on some stuff in order to get better, but I'm preoccupied with Civ 5 at the moment.


Isn't there a new GalCiv coming?

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I want to like Galactic Civilizations so much, but every game becomes a micromanagement nightmare that snowballs out of control. I don't think i've ever made it more than halfway through a game before giving up out of frustration.

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I like the series, but the expansions to GalCiv2 were a bit overwhelming...specific tech trees that took AGES to complete...and of course the main thing that puts people off the game is the OMG THE DREAD LORDS HAVE 292dmg!!! WTF!!! Yeah; it's quite difficult even if you DO know how to play it. Fun though.

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