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4 posts in this topic

Borderlands is a fun, hilarious, addicting and well made game, but there are limitations and stuff that they can improve on. The main things I see problems or stuff to improve on are the following. 1)money is almost useless 2)customization is limited and sometimes a bit frustrating 3) guns sometimes feel overpowered or underpowered. 4) the chose to get rid of low level rares With these problems I have some solutions/features 1) to solve money issue and add more customization reduce the response fee and add gun customization and reuse old wepons where guns can disassembled from the frame into barrels, triggered /grips, stacks, scopes/sights and the middle frame (the peace that identifies the gun and collected and put on other guns within the same class (no plasma casting on assault rifles). And each part you have will be the same level as the original gun (or a set level if dropped from a boss or mob) it will be p witch can be upgraded for a price and be different rarities (so you can collect parts as well as guns) as well when you make a new weapon It will cost to assemble and even can buy new parts all the

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I have to agree with your thoughts about the game,but even with these few problems, I still play it over and over again lol. I just wish they had more Chr. Customization and the other 2 things would be unnoticeable. 

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I agree, i've stacks of money in that game, but it just doesn't seem to be doing much! Though.. I do like a good gamble on the fruit machines in game! Thats where most of my game money has gone.

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I just recently started playing B2 after my bro gave it to me once I got my 360 (as my first game). i wasnt playing it but someone at my work got on my case about playing it lol. so i started playing it and just beat Boom Bewm. Cant wait to play more!

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