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6 posts in this topic

Borderlands is a fun, hilarious, addicting and well made game, but there are limitations and stuff that they can improve on. The main things I see problems or stuff to improve on are the following. 1)money is almost useless 2)customization is limited and sometimes a bit frustrating 3) guns sometimes feel overpowered or underpowered. 4) the chose to get rid of low level rares With these problems I have some solutions/features 1) to solve money issue and add more customization reduce the response fee and add gun customization and reuse old weapons where guns can disassembled into the firing camber (the main part that the basic states at on it gets the manufactures and main name [i.e. pitchfork] name) barrels, triggered /grips, stocks, scopes/sights these can be put together within the same class (no plasma casters or any smg barrels on assault rifles). Each part you have will be the same level as the original gun it came off of(or a set level if dropped from a boss or mob) and can change the level of the new gun. It will be possible to level the parts up for a fee and each part will have different states bases on level, rarity and manufacturer if there is different level parts on the gun it will take a weighted factor of all parts to make a new level gun. different parts could have effects on them i.e. barrels can have E tech . It will cost to assemble a new gun and parts and parts can be sold, bought and even found (like the mission hungry like the sakg but for only blue or higher rarities). Also there will have to be a separate holding area for these parts for holding so they don't get mixed in with the complete weapons and a menu or area will be made to combine them. 2)For character customization it is frustrating have present skins so how about finding colours and and patterns (like face paint or the mechro's Dahl predator yellow and black camo on her vest jacket) there can be a couple of colour selections controlling different parts I'm thinking about three or four setting aside patterns this will solve character customization frustration and limitation. Also can there be a optional third (like elder scrolls) person mode it kinda sucks to not see your custom character you may have grinded to get. And make loot drops personal to each player (so you can get rid of duping glitchs as well), and be low drop rates to increase (if not gotten) every time a player defeats a boss/mob (so that people don't have to do taramorphes 100 or more times not knowing when they will get a head let alone the one they want) and have it reset the odds after it has bin obtained. If any one has any others charges or issues to be changed or question please feel free to comment I love borderland and I want to see this game get even better and have longer lasting drive to play besides leveling up and replaying the game on a higher level.

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Hopefully this does make sense and are good ideas for the game and I personally think that this would make the game 10x better

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everthing you metioned would kinda make a 100% new game XD.  but yeah you had some great ideas. PERSONALLY (i know im gonna get shit) i dont like borderlands. the shooting just sucks balls. its great with friends, but i would never play it alone. but if some of those changes you mentioned were in there, i would really like it. the thing with the assault rifles pissed me off the most, almost every one was a grenade launcher, and a shitty one at that.    i think the gun customizing (parts) would kinda ruin the idea of guns as loot though, unless done really well.  i really wish they would take some of your ideas for the next one


  (also if your gonna write that much, put in paragraphs next time, its just a blinding wall of text. hurts my eyes XD)

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It's why I would want there to be droppable gun parts as well to try to keep the aspect of looting in tacked as much as possible maybe have upgrading parts cost a lot of money so if you find something better that would make it better to pick up new parts and another reason to have customizable parts you don't want granade launcher take torge barrel off.

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