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Hi! My name is (Who?!) My name is (What?!) My name is M1k3yVasNormandy!

8 posts in this topic

Hey guys, my name is Michael, and I'm new to the Angry Army. XD I'm so excited to start helping Joe, and all you guys, kick the shit out of all the Corporate Commanders out there. I've been a gamer since I was old enough to press buttons and hold a controller, as I'm sure it is with a lot of you guys. lol The first game I ever remember playing was Pac-Man on the PC. Man, that shit was fuckin HARD. O.o Then I developed into the consoles as I moved in with family who had them. I played N64 till my hands blistered, (mainly Pokemon Stadium, Mario 64, Pokemon Snap, and Ocarina of Time...and Pod-Racer of course. lol), a little bit of PS1 (Fuckin RAMPAGE man! lol), and then there was Pokemon Blue on the Gameboy till all the batteries in the fuckin house were dead. lol I was strictly PS2 for the second gen, besides the Gameboy Advance SP, and Halo on Xbox. Kingdom Hearts, DBZ Budokai, Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry, and too many others to count. I got my Playstation 2 on my 9th birthday, with Kingdom Hearts, and it (along with the controller), is still kicking today, despite all of the torture through beating Sephiroth on KH1 (TWICE DX), the countless and often random difficulty spikes in FFX, and the infuriating final fight between Perfect Form Cell and SSJ2 Gohan in Budokai, it still lives to this day. lol Miracles do happen. Then, I kinda fell outta the loop with gaming. 3rd gen came around, and I just kept playing ps2. Till I went to high school in 2008. My high school buddies were all about the 360, and they showed me the ways of the XBOX. I had played Halo before on the OG Xbox, but I rarely ever got my hands on it. I fell in love with the console, the community, and (of course, the bad-ass games it had.) Left 4 Dead and Halo 3 were my favorite games for quite a while. I pre-ordered ODST, and Reach, and eventually Reach became my new love. I am a Halo and an Xbox fan through and through because of those High School years. The 360 also introduced my to Mass Effect eventually, which is now my all time favorite Universe, Series, Game, you name it. The fully developed, and lovable characters, brilliant and believable writing, hilarious sense of humor, beautiful art design and graphics, the most epic storyline ever created, and everything else that makes it so amazing, simply captivated me for the past 2 years completely. I just can't stop playing it. Over and over and over. lol That's why I'm so happy the next-gen is upon us, because now I may finally be able to distract myself and play other games. XD Anyway, so, I've had Nintendo, Playstation, AND Xbox phases of my life, and I love all gaming equally. I even recently have had a PC gaming revolution, with games like Civ5, Left 4 Dead (1&2), F.E.A.R., The Walking Dead 5 Part Mini-Series, and Dishonored, which I would normally prefer on the console. So I've cast a wide net for my love of gaming over the years. My current love is still the 360, but, I will not be getting an Xbox One. At least, not for a while. PS4 looks much better in many respects, at least at launch. I will probably mosey back on over to the ONE when the next Halo comes out. lol I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the PS4 sometime next week, and I'm probably going to get the new Need For Speed with it, since Battlefield 4 seems to have fucked us all over. (My regards to EA.) 

So, there's my gaming creds. lol At least, most of what I can remember off the top of my head.

I found Joe, about 2 or 3 years ago, when I got into the Nostalgia Critic. My buddy Xavier showed him to me and I thought that he was fucking hysterical. After watching Kickassia, and being introduced to Angry Joe, I started checking out Joe's videos too. And I thought (Man, this guy is kick-ass! And he tells it how it is! And to top it all off, he's hilarious? Wow, that's a winning combo right there!) ((Naw, that isn't really what I thought, it was much more dorky and had a lot more to do with Pringles.)) So, anyway, I became a regular viewer. I haven't seen them ALL, just yet, but I'm working on it. lol I've seen a lot of his older stuff, and most of his newer stuff, I just gotta finish up the middle. o.o While I was watching some of Joe's older stuff, I came across the DDR contests, the cameos and the little funny group conversations he had with the rest of TGWTG, Cinema Snob, Spoony, etc, and I just fell in love with the idea. Traveling the country, going to conventions with other friends who think like you and are just as if not much cooler than you. People wanting to know what you think and appreciating the hard work you do to help them out and inform them, entertain them, etc. That just sounds beyond fucking awesome. And, you get to be your own, geeky, dorky, nerdy, awesome self!!! That's why, Joe inspired me to eventually start my own show someday. I already have a name, a channel, and a few horrid attempts at episodes,  but I'm reworking and rewriting, and I have a great idea that I can't wait to try...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...jk.


Anywho, so, yeah, my name is Michael, and I am excited to be a part of the AJ Community. Here's to years and years and years of battling against Corporate Tyranny. XD


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Welcome, lets fight for our wallets' rights to be filled even after buying games !

Lol I know, right? A game shouldn't be an INVESTMENT. lol it should be an owned product, to provide countless hours of enjoyment. XD

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Welcome man and that's a lot about you man. Let's kick Corporate in the ass.

Lol, yeah, I figured this was an introduction, and I wanted to be properly introduced as a gamer. XD And, as I often do, I completely overthought it. hahaha

And fuck yeah man, we'll teach em to be selfish pricks. 

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Welcome to the AJSA Forums. I hope you enjoy your stay and become an active member in the community. We are all here to help one another to achieve total unity within the AJSA. We all here contribute in some way to help all of us move forward in the community and help Angry Joe in his fight against the evil, diabolical and nefarious Corporate Commander! If you have anything to share, we all be happy to accept it.


Anyways I have some info that will help you around the site.


These are the AJSA Rules & Code Of Conduct and everything you need to know about the Warning System and other important things. Please give them a quick look so that you won't get in trouble in the future.


If you have any questions, search out these members, which are mods and admins. They are of the highest authority and need to be respected. They will help you in any way possible.


Game Officer- Officer.png


AJSA Commander- Commander.png


AJSA Coucilor- Council.png


If you wish to do some monetary contribution to the community, you can Donate to the site to help improve the site and maintain servers. You can donate any amount you wish without taking a Monthly choice. There are 3 types of Club Membership depending on the Monthly payment you choose within the AJSA Community. They all come with different benefits, becoming better when choosing a higher Club than the last. Whichever you choose, we all thank you for the help. It's greatly appreciated..


Note: Click on the Icons to be directed to the Membership Pages.


Gold- Gold.png


Platinum- Platinum.png


Founder's- Founder.png


Again, I hope you enjoy your stay and become an active member of our beloved community. Enjoy! ^__^

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Thanks God Revan. XD I shall do all of those things. Lol

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