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Dark Mr.E

Sega Resurrection?! Should they join the fight once again?

4 posts in this topic

Should Sega join the Console war once again?! I know it sounds so far fetch, but if you look at their activity of late they have been buying up small Japanese game companies left and right. The latest was Atlus, creators of the famed persona series and many other JRPGs. With these extra addition to their already owned IPs, they might have enough to pull off a comeback to the console market. What do you think? Should they come back to battle, or just stay a merchant of war?  

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Perhaps if they ditched developing and publishing games, we all know how those are turning out. Then yeah they may be able to focus on a console, but like you said...far fetched.

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It's too late, the new consoles are out now and they are going to get most of the market share, even with their possible exclusive titles they would lose money with a new console launch.

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The way I see it is how the executives of SEGA see the console market.

If they (and their market research) find it's an investement that could throw off significant profit I'm sure they'd go for it.

They'd have to take a hit at the start with the productioncosts etc. but if'd they manage to make the console with some new feature that others didn't think about yet I'm sure they'd get into the market.


Not like they wouldn't have enough IPs they could pull from for their exclusive games on said console.


But I highly doubt they'll invest in a console, seeing that they're making a fair profit right now and don't have to endanger that with some risky venture into the console market that has a high probability to flop.

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