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Terraria **[Ineligible, No Guild/Clan support]**

4 posts in this topic

Terraria is a game near and dear to my heart. For those that don't know, it's a voxel based 2-d game where you create a character and a world to explore, there are numerous enemies to fight or avoid, biomes to explore, and loot to be had. You can have fun building the ultimate fortress, create elaborate mines or underground bunkers (or my personal favorite, the hellevator...a shaft dug all the way from the surface to the Underworld :D )

some pros and cons of the game are as follows:



- you can invite nearly 200 players onto a single server (hardware specs providing of course)

- fun boss battles and lots and lots of weapons, armor and accessories to gather

- ability to build and shape nearly any block type to make a house/fortress your own (can be as artistic as you like)

- lots of NPCs to acquire for your 'town'

- a triggerable in-game hardmode for when the regular gameplay gets boring for you

- the game is cheap, only $9.99 on Steam


- it's not very fun to play by oneself

- updates to the game (usually) are few and far between (this does not include bugfixes, the devs are generally good on that front; conent is the main factor)

- it can sometimes be difficult to get people together on a server

- no voice communication (outside comm systems like ventrilo or teamspeak would need to be used)

- game can lag with large numbers of people on server, also block physics (such as liquid flow) can react oddly with more people

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- cons:

*total chaos with too much players.

*intakes too much world space, resulting in griefers.

*did i mention chaos ?

I dont really think terraria will workout :(

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Would be great in groups of like max 10ish ppl a server with seperate teamspeak rooms for each group

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