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Borderlands 3 characters

3 posts in this topic

In the Angryjoeshow review of Borderlands 2, he mentions something about fanmade characters. I won't draw out this topic any further, so lets get into it. Create a possible character for borderlands 3. You must put name, backstory, skills(main and trees) and what it looks like. For me it would be Malon the Wizard. His backstory is that he is a wizard (obviously) and he got banished from his cult for murdering innocent people in the far reaches of Pandora, and he would like to join it again by ridding the galaxy of Evil thing (maybe hyperion or something). His skill would be to levitate and it would heal players yet damage enemies. One tree called greed would be all about making yourself overpowered (which ruins the point of

the character all together)the main overpowered skill is where you can leech health off of anything, even characters. The next tree is alliance

which would be all about healing,giving buffs to guns and characters. The main overpowered skill is where you and youre friends become invincible for a few seconds. Third skill tree is justice which is all about damaging. The main overpowered skill is where you push enemies away and then drag them back to the place where you used the skill (might take some practice). He would look very wizardy, a bit like the wizards from the tiny tina dlc. Create your own or rate others.

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