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Rita the Fox

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea

5 posts in this topic

I really liked the beginning while i was playing. Watching Rapture alive really was worth the money i spend, but about the gameplay...i was dissapointed...

I know this is just episode 1, but still, they just putted the vigors from infinite to this DLC, the only new one was Winter Blast. I was expecting more awesome ones like telekenises, or insect swarm. The weapons, well i did like the weapons, they did felt like i was in bioshock. Also, i was expecting more big daddys. But i can't really expect a big thing from a DLC =P

The enviroments were good (just a little od to have skylines under the sea), the collectibles are satisfatoryand for moments i actually felt i was playing bioshock.

The story is also intersting,didn't got bored during playing this DLC, and the enemys have funny hats.

Also i was expecting to consume some Addam =P

The ending just made me, when i finally understood infinite ending, make my mind even more confused. But i guess it comes in episode 2. What do you guys think?


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I am not yet finished with the DLC (so please don't spoil the ending for me!) but I do enjoy it! It has the same mysterious, alien atmosphere of Bioshock Infinite and you get absolutely caught up in the game. It is not one of those DLC that are just thrown out there to make money, it actually adds to the game and is sufficiently different from the main game.

Even though I can't tell how much longer it takes to the ending I already feel that it was worth the money..

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It's worth the money if you got it with the Season Pass. I was dumb and forgot about the pass and paid $15 for Ep1. I personally thought it was too short. Loved the story and all, but it made me feel like I was missing something. I mean, for $15 Blood Dragon gave you a ton of content. I was also expecting to be using adam rather than vigors. I prefered the old powers over the new,(not including bucking bronco :D  ). Still can't wait for Ep2 though. I am, after all, a story whore.

Edit: That new gun was super cool though. I always love making enemies explode.

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