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As the name suggests, taken from the Star Trek definition of "the guy who dies when going to a planet with the show's stars".


But actually it's both a lovingly crafted satire of social media AND a CIV-level addictive strategy!


The goal is to use SPACEBOOK (yes, cheesy but semi-clever), Inventory and other tools to juggle your life, from learning new skills to going out and maintaining a social life. You begin on the bottom rung of the social and career ladder and have to climb up rung by rung, how, is up to you!


You have a limited number of Action Points to use per day (more on weekends), your friends may be busy on shift, you may be randomly chosen to go on an Away Mission where half the Away Team die from sentient rock psi powers, you may become a gelatinous cube's romantic interest, you may become enemies with a superior officer - all of this is up to your strategies!

(And from what I can tell, you have about 160 days until a mysterious event occurs! Best to hurry up and crawl up to the coveted "Commander's Assistant" job!)


I clocked in 3 hours without thought on my first try, so be careful! Like I said! CIV LEVELS of addictive strategic gameplay!

(And lots of sci-fi puns, wordplay and references to LOTS AND LOTS of sci-fi pop culture! BTTF, Battlestar, Soylent Green, Star Trek and MORE!)


For a $20 indie, value for money indeed!


STEAM page here!   http://store.steampowered.com/app/247870/

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Its Facebook - the game. 

If I wanted to play a game about facebook? I'd probably PLAY A FACEBOOK GAME. Its not quite as disappointing as grand ages, but I still found it pretty lack luster, and I'm a guy who likes strategic game play. 

Spend your $20 on Expeditions Conquistador or Universalis or Crusaders Kings or something. Your milage may vary, but I found this one being a better buy at like, $5, maybe. 

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I am a Star Trek fan and I might look into this when its cheaper. It sounds like a dating sim though. XD

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Haha, at least since the game costs money it will deter most levels of trolldom.

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