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The Might and Magic rpg games

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Good day fellow AJSA members


When people mention the might and magic games people usually automatically think of the great Hero's strategic games.

But i see very few people mention the old rpg games.

For a little back story: Many of the might and magic games was set in the same universe as the heroes games, were you meet creatures and characters from those games, while some had individual stories.

There are a total of 9 games in the franchise ranging from when pc gaming in itself was magic too the early 2000 years, with a 10th coming out in 2014 (early access came on steam earlier this year)

The fan base is mostly split though with the game with one part loving the early games 1-5 which was tile based and set in the dos program. while the slightly younger generation preferred the later 6-8 games (no one liked 9). Though both contains some amazing pc games for its age. 5 (Swords of Xeen) and 7 (Blood and honor) are considered some of the best out of this series. I myself was born in 1991 so when i came around to pc gaming i played 7 and the others later in life. Might and magic 7 is hands down one of my favorite rpg's through the years. 


Though there are some significant changes in each game, they all had the same core mechanic. The game gave us or you created your own party of adventures and from 1-5 the game was turn based combat and 6-8 was real time but you had the choice to use turn based combat if you wanted to.


All in all they were all extremely great rpg games. But after 3DO went bankrupt and Ubisoft got the rights they never did anything with the title uintil recently. The reason for this i think, is because the 9th game was extremely bad and did very bad in general at the sales. But then the awesome Legend of Grimrock was made, which was a throw back to these good old rpg style games which was a great enjoyment to many of the old school games (me included) and many others liked it to and got an interest in these types of games. I suspect this was what triggered ubisoft to make a new Might and magic game, with this one set after the events of Heroes 6.

I have played the early access version of the game and closely followed the game at the official web page. And besides some minor things that annoy me, so far this game looks very promising.



So i would ask you if you are a rpg lover like me to pick it up at steam and support the game, but at the same time give back constructive feedback to improve the game before launch. I really want this game to be a success so it doesn't become a new 9th, so we have to wait another decade for a new title in this franchise. Though i should warn you that the game is tile based and turn based combat, just in case you aren't into that. 

Or you could try picking up some of the good old games at GOG.com and support their good work and at the same get a taste of the M&M games  ;)


So, to the other old school gamers here's some questions  ;)

Which M&M game was your favorite?

Why was it you favorite?

Best memory from that game?


Thanks once again for reading my Thread  :D


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Personally this my own answers  :)

1: Might and magic 7

2: Much more freedom when creating you party

3: Actually from earlier this year. Finally managed to kill that damn dragon on Emerald Island after years of taunting me  :P

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No one liked 9?  I liked 9. :(  I think the biggest problem with 9 was no one PLAYED 9.


Sure, it was by far the weakest game in the series, but it was still alright.


You forgot to mention the best part about 5 though.  If you also own 4 (Clouds of Xeen,) the two combined together forming World of Xeen, allowing you to play both games as well as giving you exclusive stuff for Worlds.  Also, 5 is called "Darkside of Xeen", not "Swords of Xeen."  Swords of Xeen was a small little mini bonus adventure included with the original Might & Magic Trilogy set.

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So many years have passed.I remember so little from M&M...I recently reinstalled Wizardry 8 :)  .I guess i will have to do the same with M&M.There are simply no RPGs of late that are any good so i end up replaying old classics.

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