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Does anyone play the board game Axis and Allies

4 posts in this topic

My favorite board game of all time and i'm always having trouble finding people to play with. Anyone else have a love for this game, or any board game, really.

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I love board games! Dont really play this one though. I am more of a Risk guy myself

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Risk is awesome. In Axis, you have multiple types of units, like tanks, infantry, fighter planes, bombers, battle ships, submarines. And each one does their own specific amount of damage. Like infantry will attack at a dice roll of 1 and defend a territory with a dice roll of 2. So if you roll a 1, you kill a guy, but the defending units still get to roll before they're removed. Fighters attack at 4 or less and defend at 2 or less so there's a level of strategy as to what units you want to have defending an area. And you have fake money to buy units. so infantry is like 3 dollars, or whatever the unit of money is, but they're attack sucks, so as Russia for example, you can try to steam roll Germany with as many Infantry as possible before they can get ready early in the game.

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No, never played that. I wanted to try Conflict of Heroes. The only things I've played recently have been Star Trek Fleet Captains, Memoir 44, Mage Knight, and a few different card games.

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