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Happiness isn't good enough for me, I demand euphoria!

3 posts in this topic

Hey everyone, the new pad looks great! It's great seeing some new and familiar faces around here already!

I'm mainly a PC gamer, although I have a 360 in case I get drunk and want to pretend I'm Joe Satriani or Eric Clapton and terrorize the populace (neighbours) at 3 am.

I play anything and everything. I co-ran a BF2 clan back in the day as well as a WoW guild (needless to say I no longer play either! ha) and prefer sticking to single player, Coop and multiplayer strategy/shooters now (Civ 5, Xcom, Shogun 2, Borderlands, Chivalry,Project Reality and so on) and would rather watch linoleum curl than play mmorpg's again! Other than that I like Mixed Martial Arts, Crosswords, online content creation and Molson Canadian.

I like sticking up for the little guy and calling out "crap" when I see it. I also OCD when it comes to research and details, so I tend to post walls of text. Oh and I like using "quotations" a lot.

See you all on teh Internets!

P.S. Soooo what was that thing AJ said about possibly getting shiny new rank shield thingys *cough* for past time served in the Army??


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Mainly a PC gamer, that's the way to do it. I also enjoy some Civ 5, XCom and Shogun.

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