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DotA2 Playing Issues

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I've an issue that I'm curious about: I always end up playing with folks who can't speak English (and I only have the English-preference) and this is causing me a great deal of pain. Enough to have me set off to not continue playing on my own and none of my friends want to play DotA2 due to the ridiculus learning curve and I have no intention to try and force 'em to play it.


So to my issue: I know that this DotA2 guild I guess one could call it, is supposed to make it so that one can play with premade folks - making the experience better for all. But I don't know how to simply know who to ask or know how to get started really... I'm a bit of a shy person and prefer to go and find folks to play with rather than ask folks to play with me. Is there a good way to 'passively'-search for people? Like a place one could just go like a chat room or similar where folks who wanna play can hang out until they found a bunch of folks to play with! That would be awesome.


Thanks! ^^'

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Join this group and follow the instructions to join the guild.


Once you're in there you'll be able to find guild groups so that will make things easier.

Some of us want people to go on teamspeak to play with us, so you should get it if you don't have it. No need to talk, if you're hear to listen it's already good ;)

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Feel free to add me on steam and play with me anytime!

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Hmm the idea of a real-time chat room would be great if most people cared about it.

Steam Group pages already have an open chat room you're free to hop into but no one uses that sadly and getting people to try something new is difficult.

Most people only care about playing the game rather than socializing with the guild, which is something I hope to change. Other than that...all I can say is try not to be so shy, hop on our Teamspeak server, make a forum post like this one to try and meet people to play with.

I have no issues with playing with anyone from the guild, so if you wanna play with me sometime (I always play with my friends, we usually have an open slot) just add me on steam at =AJSA= mrfool.



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The guild system in dota 2 has a party finder system which can allow people to simply join parties that people have opened to the guild. It isnt without its own issues though. Ive had it not let me join parties, its sometimes very unreliable, you can join parties that are already ingame(which is absolutely a dumb design decision btw valve), and occasionally bugs out and doesnt let me look for parties but lets me open my party to guild. Also doesnt let a mix party of people from different guilds open the party to any guild not shared by the entire group(which can be ok in some cases but wished there were options to change it)

That and because it doesnt work sometimes or that it doesnt let people who come in when the majority of party is in game that the party is ingame, there are less people using it. So it is its own vicious cycle kind of like the WiiU dilemna of not having games because their isnt an established customer base but there isnt a customer base since there arent any games being made for it. 


Argentium since ive seen you talk abit occasionally in the guild chat i would recommend being on the Teamspeak 3 server. its usually the best place to get people who will communicate with you very easily and play with you :) . though occasionally its empty when i come on so hoping we can try and bring more of the guild into actually using the teamspeak servers. 


tbh ive got alot of improvements id love to see in  the dota 2 social side of things(why not filters within channels(like filter out people who arent in game for example)), a better party finding system that doesnt screw up or show when parties are ingame, maybe offer incentives for people being actually in a guild and playing with guild mates for example?

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