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I need a little help with the witcher.

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Hello angry army! I heard joe talking about how awesome the witcher 2 was, and I REALLY want to play it. However, i am the kind of person who has to play the games in order. And I get a really long error the says something about an mss32.dll entry point error. Im fairly savvy so I did a little digging and found the .dll file in my system32 folder didn't want to work with the witcher for some reason. No biggie, If i just put a different copy of the .dll file in the witcher folder it should work right? Wrong. It gives me a slightly different but similar entry point error. I think I need a .dll files SPECIFICALLY from someone elses copy of the witcher, since mine didnt come with one. I tried getting a fresh copy of the .dll with nothing changing. Every game I get the .dll file gives a slightly different error. So, I am asking you guys, if one of you could please upload your copy of mss32.dll from your wicher game and allow me to download it? I would be forever in your debt. (note: I had bink32 problems with the same game earlier but I fixed them by putting bink32.dll in the SYSWOW64 folder, doing that with mss32.dll didnt help.

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This has a number of different ways to try and fix it (http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerrormessage/a/mss32-dll-not-found-missing-error.htm) but, honestly, it just sounds to me like your install fucked up somewhere. I didn't have any issue that sounds like that and I've played both the normal and enhanced versions, and the versions on steam (I kept losing copies so kept buying more)

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