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Search Function Stickie

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Greetings AJSA Council, 


    I come to present a suggestion for a possibly growing issue: re-posts and re-threads!!! I am seeing alot of reposting of threads that pop up, a no-no in forum etiquette. Some may not see it as a big deal, which is why I propose a *very* simple and small solution of posting a stickie or adding on to the forum rules to let people know to ***USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION*** (that should probably be the title XD) before you post! So that those pesky reposts won't appear on our beloved forums! Again, not a huge problem atm, but I think I can see it being on as the website and forums grow.


(Slightly) Relevant (excuse the language if you will, sorry) 


Cheers and Best,






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Mods don't seem to look into this at all, except maybe TonsoFun. Actually I don't blame them, with nearly 30,000 members it's impossible to keep up with everything, and to immefiately spot a repost. Otherwise it's simply time consuming to look for older threads, because the search function is crap. Not once have I found what I was looking for with that...

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Hmm, well, we could always do good with more mods *wink wink* 


EDIT: *wink wink wink wink wink*

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