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Dump your gifs here ;D

106 posts in this topic

sorry only have one gif so far xD so help! me expand my gif collection!



Edit: Thank you all for making this such a wonderfull thread!!!! and for increasing my Gif collection to over 150mb! 

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and I'm out of ammo


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***gif removed by moderator for inappropriate language***


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This gif was has been fun for ow but I need to get up in 3 hours let have another at a different time

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This is is not how you use a katana

The secret to using a katana is, counter-intuitively, to swing the sword like a fishing rod, keeping your wrist so flaccid you want to offer red-faced apologies about how this usually never happens.
There's a whole book's worth of rules for wielding one properly. In fact, just swinging one of these swords as hard as you can will undoubtedly end in your sweet Hanzo shattering to pieces like the dude in the gif

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