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best MMORPG game

best MMORPG   138 members have voted

  1. 1. which one do you think is the best

    • Guild Wars 2
    • The Elder Scrolls online
    • Final Fantasy XIV online
    • World of Warcraft
    • Aion
    • Lineage 2
    • Tera
    • Rift
    • Star wars the old republic

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60 posts in this topic

I had to vote ESO it being new and all.as far as lore and rpg typed and combat mmo i would have definatly voted SWTOR as the pvp is really fun and the fully voiced storyline is really great.The game is way underrated i think.tera would be my 3rd choise as the characters.boss monsters look really good and i like the armour aswell as the aiming in that game,havent played GW2 but thats mainly course i dont like it the way it looks in general

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I vote BatMud and Sindome

They are much more complex, versatile and mature than the graphical MUDs (MMORPG) today. The games has great atmosphere and especially in Sindome players takes the story and roleplaying seriously which makes Sindome a great Cyberpunk RPG experience.

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Well I've only played 3 MMORPGS (unless you count MUDs, which i don't) <EDIT: when I say MUDs I am refering to the old text based games I played on dial up connections> WOW, SWTOR, and ESO (currently in beta) Had to go with ESO despite the fact it's not even released yet. WOW is dead to me, as they changed my class around so much during Cata that is was no longer enjoyable to play my class. Foolishly I had only focused on 1 character in that game (I was a bit of a pet collector at the time, i think i had somewhere between 153-160).


Learning my my mistake when I joined SWTOR I vowed to focus on more characters to prevent myself from getting in the same situation. Now I like to heal so I set up a Merc, Agent and Sorc healer to lvl cap and got all of them geared out for heroics/ops groups. Things were going pretty damn great as far as I was concerned 'till My guild fell apart over a single night. Never really did learn why everyone stopped playing at the exact same moment.... We had been doing OPS groups and other activities as a group for at least a year, yet one day I was the only one logging into the guild. It was never really a big guild only about 10 members and a bunch of alts, yet It angered me all the same. After MONTHS of trying to find another imp guild on my server and only meeting with people who....


A. Didn't understand the game well enough to complete a 4 man heroic instance despite the fact everyone had good enough gear to do it with, AND we were in TS3 (or possibly mumble or vent, i don't recall) and I was telling everyone EXACTLY how the mechanics worked.

or B. Wouldn't let me into their guild unless I could make a unreasonable raid schedule (I have a job so I can't just come anytime guys)


Eventually I cut my losses and attempted to get a fresh start on the republic side. Never really found a guild that worked for both me and it, so once I started getting beta invites for ESO I cut my SWTOR subscription. (Although I will say this, I did enjoy space pvp for the last month or 2 I was playing.)


Which brings us to the here and now: ESO. At 1st I was unimpressed with the game but after they removed the ND agreement and I got to see some clips of PVP. In with these clips I found Angry Joe's  and I was hooked. Signed up with AJSA same day and now I am waiting to rip into the 1st MMORPG that I had a chance to get a nice amount of time testing during the beta.

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I love WoW, and I play it constantly off and on(been thinking about getting back into it.) although, I think it was best in it's BC/Wrath days.(I can't say for Vanilla because I started in BC.) In Cata Blizz dumbed it down too much and I think I'm scarred from my Raiding days back in Dragon Soul... Grinding for so long on that raid..(So much so that I don't even PvE in WoW anymore..)


And I remember how much I completely hated how the talent system got dumbed down so much, even though It's understandable why it happened; It was pretty complex and if you did something wrong you were totally missing out, but It was customizable! I don't care if I look like a moron with my Pathfinding talents or not! :P


Not to mention in Cata leaning towards MoP, WoW just attracted a bunch of Trolls and general rude idiots. And it completely stopped being friendly towards new people. I mean hell, In Mid MoP(Tyrannical Season) I flawlessed people, and completely locked them down, Actually -wearing- my transmog (Full blood-fang with elite tyrannical daggers(In duels)) and I wasn't a jerk for any reason... unless in retaliation. 


And to be entirely honest, I don't even think ESO should be on this list, since it's in beta... well, It's pretty much realeased but it's kinda unfair considering that MMOs are -always- buggy right out the door. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my time playing ESO on the beta, even after getting use to the fact that we AJSA are predominantly playing Aldmeri Dominion(I hate elves... So much... BUT Khajiits!) Although, The Dominion had really enjoyable quests, and a great NPC, Rayzum-dar. <3

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Moved from WoW to Final Fantasy 14. I don't think I will be moving back when the new WoW expansion comes out. Played Guild Wars 2 but couldn't really get into it. Just seemed like a cluster f**k when fighting in dungeons with the lack of a trinity (Healer Tank DPS).

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I just wrote a beatiful and long thing describing why but instead, I will just say, if you ever played it...and studied games deeply especially MMO type RPG's I still have to say SWG (Star Wars Galaxies). If anyone wants to know why just ask, but if you have to ask, you weren't there. It had freedom, it had, epic scale and lore built on an ever expanding controlled universe. It had... -+Tears up a bit+- It had soo much...why Sony why did you butcher it? WHYYYYY??? >.<! But I still play the EMU (SWG Emulator Project). Simply the best that had soo much potential in more content but even without the content....the community made content...they were the content...all you needed was a diverse set of people and...the world became so much more...I used to roleplay and do combat with the rebel scu....ermm bring law and order to the universe...those were the days... -+sniffle+-

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I've played several MMOs and I have to say that of those that I've played, DCUO gets my vote despite it not being on this list. To me, it's the most fun I had with a MMO in ages and that's after playing World of Warcraft for a year and a half (I stopped at Wrath of the Lich King). The account set up is pretty logical to me and offers accessibility with more rewards to spending money on the game. 

The mechanics and character creation are amazing and I really enjoy the different powers plus weapon styles that exist. Sure the game has it flaws and I'm not negating those whatsoever (I do however contend that the game is NOT pay to win and I've yet to see any examples as such), but for my money the game is excellent and well worth the time to seek out and play.

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voted for Lineage 2, only because Runes of Magic wasnt on the list.

L2 was one of my first MMORPGs that I actually stuck around to play a ton of.

I dont believe a BEST MMORPG exists, you either choose the one you played most of or the one that you have more memories with.

I played L2 way back when I was younger and quiet new to the MMO scene and L2's grind seemed "normal" to me and everything about its mechanics was just so interesting and I compare many current day mechs to L2. like farming a mob to get its weapon that it uses, farming certain mobs for crafting mats...etc.

Runes of Magic happens to be the one I played the longest before Real Life took over and I had to quit RoM, I made the most friends in RoM and just a bountiful of great memories that even though the economy and many things were broken, I consider it MY best mmorpg.

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I was late to the WOW party and when I got the're, they was out of punch, broken Chips and empty beer cans everywhere, people ragdolled all over the place, the speakers were blown out and i got vomited on (meaning for me was pretty much S*T for me aka I don't like it) I pretty much played a ton of MMOs but the one i stayed the longest on was Mabinogi. Well i say the best one for me is mabinogi.

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I'd have to say WoW. It's the first of the genre I've played and it's what got me hooked. I haven't played WoW since Cataclysm and even then my interest in the game faded. I've played various other MMOs but nothing has ever come close to reigniting that spark that vanilla WoW created. Even ESO hasn't really kept my interest. It's too buggy for my liking. Was in Banished Cells the other night, held down my mouse button for a heavy attack with a bow. I turned to face the wall behind me and let go.....somehow my arrow had a self guiding system and pulled a pack of trash mobs. Really?! That's just lame. Hopefullly, WildStar will turn out better.

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