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Dr. Xeno Pootis

Planetside 2: The GAME and YOU

7 posts in this topic

Unfortunately, It has come to my attention that AJA is getting known for being a giant cert and xp farming victim and usually die a lot. Literally, a lot. AJA is getting more and more members that are completely new and do not intend to learn what is going on and what to do in the game. I have made this guide for any future members of the AJA outfit, so sit back and enjoy.


PART 1: Introduction:


Planetside 2 is a giant, vast, and michael bay free to play first person shooter that allows complete cooperation and teamwork skills. It is a game where you can not get a lot of kills, unfortunately. It is a game where you have to work together and capture/defend a certain base. There are a total of 3 factions you can play on:

  • Vanu Sovereignty - Most notable for its advanced laser technology and alien influence. The Purple guys. 
  • New Conglomerate - Most notable for its hard hitting weapons and sweet ass music. The Blue guys.
  • Terran Republic - Most notable for its fantastic technology and where the AJSA people play on. The Red guys.​ 

These 3 factions fight on 3 different continents and may consist of giant battlefields of 48+ players against 48+ players. Planetside 2 is a very excellent game.


PART 2: Knowing what to do:


When you start off the game, you get to pick your faction and then create your character. Then, you have to pick a server that best fits your location. (Watterson is where AJSA plays on and is NA East) After that, you are set in a tutorial type training that explains the basic mechanics of the game. Next, you are deployed in a VR training that allows you to practice combat and learn a bit more knowledge of the game. If you get satisfied and feel comfortable about getting into a actual battlefield, then warp to a another continent. You can warp by using a terminal that has a globe on its screen. Now, the 3 continents that you can warp to are:

  • Indar - A most desert type continent filled with flora and some grass. It is usually conquered by the Vanu Sovereignty and in my opinion where most action is.
  • Esamir - A snowy continent that is filled with rock spikes that glow and obviously snow. It is usually conquered by either the Terran Republic or the New Conglomerate. This is where a bit action happens at.
  • Amerish - A grassy continent that is a land of vast plains and grasslands. It is usually conquered by either the Terran Republic. There is barely any action here, but it depends on what happens.

When deployed in a continent, you start off in a warpgate which is like the command base of each faction on a continent. Warpgates are enemy free and usually where the air support comes from. Warpgate can also allow you to warp to other continents as well. You can deploy from the warpgate to a battlefield that is happening by using transport or redeploying to another location. The giant and most heavily fought battlefields can be found on the map by its explosions popping everywhere on the certain Hex on the map. Battlefields depend on the structure itself, like Bio Labs, Tech Plants, Amp Stations, Outposts, etc.


Part 3: The Controls: 


WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement

LMB - Shoot

RMB - Aim down Sights

Shift - Run

Ctrl - Duck

Enter - Chat

Alt - Enable Cursor

M - Map

P - Squad/Platoon/Outfit

ESC - Menu

Tab - View Scoreboard/Alert

Q - Tag

E - Interact

F - Melee

B - Change Fire Modes


Part 4: Playstyles and Gameplay:


You are then set in a battlefield, correct? Then, you are now dead. So why? Well, either you picked a bad class you do not like or just simply died. This part explains what best suits your playstyle and how you can benefit to the battlefield. Here are the 5 classes:

Infiltrator (aka Sniper or Sabotager) - A class where you snipe out highly threatening targets and sabotage enemy equipment and bases. Your arsenal is a sniper rifle, a pistol, and a special gun that has bullets that detect enemy activity 25m unless upgraded. This class is most used in the outskirts of a battlefield or in a empty base that will get attacked later on. Your main goal as a Infiltrator is to support your Faction in succeeding to conquer a base. 

Light Assault (aka Soldiers) - A class where you are the frontline soldiers and deal some intense damage. Your arsenal is a assault rifle and a pistol. This class can be used in any situation and any location of a battlefield. This class can also allow you to maneuver across battles quickly by using a jetpack and you can also flank enemy positions. Your main goal as a Light Assault is to fight the enemy head on to capture a base.

Combat Medic (aka Medics) - A class where you heal and revive soldiers to fulfill complete assaults on a base. Your arsenal is a assault rifle, a pistol, and a healing gun. This class is best used in the back of a assaulting group against a base, in the outskirts of a battle, or inside the base to keep up the pressure of attacks. Your healing gun is most used to heal friendly soldiers and revive dead ones. Your main goal as a Combat Medic is to support your allies and be concerned about their survival.

Engineer (aka Mechanical Engineers) - A class where you repair vehicles, equipment, and maxes. Your arsenal is the same as the light assault, except you have a repair gun. This class can support rushing groups of maxes, armies of tanks, and fleets of aircraft. Your main goal is to repair the vehicles and maxes to fulfill their survival of winning over the battlefield.

Heavy Assault (aka Massive Damage) - A class where you can take out vehicles or aircraft and flush out a enemy's position. Your arsenal is a light machine gun, a pistol, and a rocket launcher. This class is best used in the battlefields like Light Assault people and intentionally used to attack enemy vehicles. Your rocket launcher is most lethal and can deal a massive amount of damage if used correctly. Your main goal as a Heavy Assault is to deal the most damage as possible.

Max (aka Mech robot) - A class where you are a big mech and usually tank against the enemy. Your arsenal is 2 hand weapons that can be either machine guns or launchers. This class can be used to tank against the enemy during a assault or to charge forward a group to capture a base. Your main goal as a Max is to tank and deal some intense damage.


Part 5: Upgrading:


You have the ability to upgrade your equipment, weapons, and vehicles by using certs. Certs are the game's currency that allows you to buy weapons, attachments, abilities, suit additions, grenades, and utilities. Unfortunately, all of these things come with a hefty cert price so you are going to pay wisely. Upgrading stuff is adding addons such as zoom functions on a vehicle's machine gun turret. Upgrades can turn the tide of the battlefield a bit and can end in a win. Each class has its own special ability and special equipment to be used in the battle. Almost everything can have addons and upgrades in the game. Useful utilities such as medical kits and C4 can help maintain your survival or take out a whole group of enemy infantry.


Part 6: Tips:


After reading a hefty guide full of information, you probably have the urge to play Planetside 2 right now. Guess what, stay the fuck here until I finish telling you the guide. Here are some lovely tips:


Q Every enemy related stuff, you will tag them and hopefully other friendly soldiers will take them out so you can get XP for tagging.

If you get shot at, immediately get out or get in cover.

Do not underestimate a class/vehicle.

Communicate and cooperate with your team more often.

If a medic, revive anyone as soon as possible unless you are getting attacked by a army.

If a max, shoot and get in cover. You will die if you stay in the open for too long.

Travel to hexes on the map that are flashing and have explosions everywhere.

Buy essential upgrades that will benefit to your class that you play the most and vehicles that you would like to upgrade often.

Do not go rambo.

Rocket physics matter in this game, no straight shots. To avoid this, shoot upwards a bit upon a enemy.

Press V to open up a voice menu for some game communication such as (I need Repair, I need a medic, etc)

Press P for your squad/platoon/outfit and M for the map.

Press U to redeploy onto another battlefield.

Use ALT to use your cursor for chat types (General, Squad, Platoon, Outfit)

Do not kill someone that is on your side that killed you.

Max your Flight Sensitivity for easy dogfight and flying.

Upgrade all vehicle weapons that have zoom optics and ammo (both cost 1 cert)

Do not jerk off in the spawn.

Do not go idle for so long.

If your scope on a weapon has a steady shot functionality, shift.

Do not attempt to be a dream ace fighter in your plane.

If you hipfire, do it when the enemy is bigger than your crosshairs (credit to Weynard's genius guide)

Aim down the sights often at long to med to close ranges unless enemy is so close.

Use your special ability often.

Use PgDown to open up vehicle permissions for other people. (Open, Squad/Platoon only, Locked)

Seek a medic as soon as possible if you have your health almost depleted.

Duck if a enemy is engaging you in combat.

If a Infiltrator, Cloak before and after a sniper shot.

If a Light Assault, use your jetpack wisely.

If a Heavy Assault, attempt to shoot out strong enemy nests, turrets, and vehicles.

If a engineer, repair every ally stuff.

Run away if a army is approaching.



Part 7: Video Guide:





Well, that is the end of my guide. All AJSA members can be found on Watterson (NA east) or the european server that is listed in another forum post.


If you need a invite to the outfit of AJA, feel free to join a squad and ask. 

I know Weynard has made a guide for this game, I made a guide to explain it a little bit.

Don't forget, AJSA is on Terran Republic. Server is Watterson NA East.

See you on the battlefield, Soldier.

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don't forget, the AJSA are the TERRAN REPUBLIC!

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Thank you, i was actually just playing with you earlier. In the last week or so, there have been a ton of new players that are very inexperienced. This guide is very much needed, and i implore the new players to watch all the videos on PS2's website that include all kinds of different tutorials which add on to what is explained in this guide. 

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Added several things and edited.

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Hello there, thank you for this. 

I am an inexperienced player (just started 2 days ago) but fear not I haven't yet joined the AJA but I wanted to post to say I am LOVING this game. Been playing Combat Medic - I dearly want that Shotgun but I'm still upgrading my Med Tool - and last night I joined my first Airborne Platoon. We were jumping out of Galaxies and assaulting bases. It was epic to use the parlance of our times.

g x

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Moderators need to move this to PS2 guides please.

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