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Aion anyone?

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I have recently started playing Aion & am having a lot of fun with it. It's a solid mmo that i have described as, "WoW with combos". I would love to part of, or start if there isnt already, a guild in this game. I havent been polaying for more than a few days now, so i havent gotten a chance to try pvp, instances, or raiding yet so I cant comment on them but the solo experience & gameplay have really drawn me in. I am playing on the Tiamat server, my faction is the Asmodiians & my character in game is Angeledge, templar bc I always tank or heal in mmo's (in this case currently tanking) & am pretty good at both. Working on leveling at a pretty fast pace but not too fast so as to lose out on learning the tricks of the class >:) Just hit me up in game if interested.

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I'm on the same server as you are! Though my character has been collecting dust for a while since I've been waiting for a friend to find some time to play with me! I had a high level Templar on the EU servers, but their free2play system is total crap so we decided to give the US servers a try so my best character is a level 9 muse at the moment!

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Hell if I can remember my login for that game. Or even the e-mail it's linked to. I had that game on launch and played for couple of months. Think I got to lvl25 or something. And then I just got bored. It's a grindfest. At least it used to be. Quests are very sparse, so you pretty much have to go out and kill stuff in order to level up which is totally unappealing to me. Combat is probably the only decent thing in that game. The story is pretty much pointless to indulge yourself in. What I will give the credit for, tho is that you pick a class and then at lvl10 (or maybe 11, I don't remember) you get a class change that's based on the class you picked. Basically you get a subclass is what I'm saying. Everything else just wasn't worth it back then.

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