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Please Help! Game-Ruining Skyrim bug (Resolved)

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Okay I recently wanted to start playing Skyrim again, but I had some issues last time I played so I deleted the local content on Steam and reinstalled the game. When I tried to play this morning, for some reason, the game thinks that I'm using an old Logitech wired controller that I haven't used in years. But, when I plugged the controller in to try and access the in game menu and change the control settings, it didn't even detect it.

Now I'm stuck, and I can't even do anything. I can get into the game, but the only keys that react are the Enter key and Arrow keys. I can use the to start up the game, but once I'm in game, nothing responds.

Oddly enough, I CAN still activate console commands via the ` key, and when I do so, my mouse is detected. But the moment I exit console command, the mouse disappears again.

Please help me, Skyrim is one of my all time favorite games and I hate being unable to play it again. :(


This has been fixed, can anyone tell me how to delete this? ^^;

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