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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Join us again this Saturday, April 18th for another Strategy triple-feature! This week it's Crusader Kings II warhammer and Starcraft 2 and Sid Meier's Civilization®: Beyond Earth!

    By commanderbeef, in Articles,

    April 18th there will be a Civilization: Beyond Earth event at 5pm GMT.
    The event will begin once all the players are in-game. The game will complete at 6:50 GMT regardless of turn count or victory status.
    April 18th there will be a Crusader Kings II war hammer event at 7pm GMT.
    Show up for the event in teamspeak and be ready for a great time. We will play the game till 8:50 GMT or a decisive victory is had; whichever is first.
    April 18th there will be a Starcraft 2 event at 9pm GMT.
    The event will be hosted by a new Gamemaster- Zavaira.
    This event will take place on teamspeak. The game itself will involve free-for-all, team battles, and after that custom games in arcade mode. Show up for a great time.
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Lets be honest, what says Victory more than leaving your opponent in a puddle of their own blood and guts.

    Until Mortal Kombat X’s region lock issue is addressed and fixed this tournament will be North America exclusive.

    By WITHASTICK, in Articles,

    Victory, Mortal Kombat X North America Tournament begins April 26th. We call upon the PlayStation 4 Community to enter into Kombat. We’ll accept your entries for ONE WEEK. Only 8 Fighters will be accepted to Klaim Victory. 4 Other Fighters will be accepted as fillers in case any of the 8 are unworthy.

    April 21st, entry submissions will be no longer taken.
    April 24th, the Brackets will be announced.
    April 26th, Klaim Victory!

    Below are Key points to have within your Reply Entry. The Reply Entry can be within this Article or the Main Thread @ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/28080-victory-mkx-tournament-sign-upsinformation/

    Explain how you’ll stand above the rest and Klaim Victory
    Have the phrase “I’ll Klaim Victory”
    Understand the rules and times of Victory Tournament

    These are the times Victory Tournament will begin. Understand Victory Tournament will go on throughout all of Sunday. It ends when the last fighter is left standing and Klaims Victory.

    EST - 3:00 pm
    CST - 2:00 pm
    PST - 12:00 pm

    8 Fighters will be guaranteed to enter, with 4 standby Fighters to cover any Fighter’s unforeseen circumstances. These Fighters will be decide by the answers given on how each Fighter explains why they’ll stand above the rest and Klaim Victory!
    The Character you first choose will be the Character you’ll use for the entirety of Victory. A Fighter who tries to change their Character during Victory, gets two strikes before a force forfeit is applied.
    Fighters between matches will be allowed to changed their Characters Variant. When a Fighter wants to changed their Variant the opponent must be respectful and allow them too.
    In Kombat all bets are off in how the Fighters fight. The Fighter’s Victory only matters. Just know if the Fighter’s Victory is acquired by dirty tactics, the Fighter will be remember forever as such.
    Kombats will be 1v1. Winning a Match will gain you 1 win. Winner of Kombat is first to 3 wins.
    Maps for each Kombat will be decided beforehand. Fighters will not be allowed to changed these decided maps.
    Fighters will be invited to their Kombat. If a Fighter doesn't join their Kombat after 10 minutes from the first Invite sent, that Fighter forfeits.
    DLC characters will not be allowed in this tournament. This includes Goro and any currently unannounced characters.

    In the Mortal Kombat X Victory Tournament there can only be one Victor. None but the Victor will be left standing in the end, and all others will lie dead at his feet. As is befitting of triumphing over all opponents, the Victor will receive the one and only Mortal Kombat X Angry Army Ribbon and the prestige which comes with it. They, and only they, will Klaim Victory!

    Teaser Paragraph:

    Shocking news people GTA V HAS LAUNCHED ON PC ........... AND HAS NOT SET ALL THE SERVERS ON FIRE!

    By Craigr910, in Articles,

    Due to this miraculous event why don't you celebrate by joining the Official AJSA Crew for GTA V where you can find fellow people to level up with, do heists with and "accidentally blow up"? Yes this is a different crew than those veterans of GTA may remember. All previous versions of AJSA crews have been dissolved and as such all GTA V Playstation, Xbox and PC players now all share the same crew the ANGRYGRANDTHIEFARMY Crew!
    So come on and join in on the fun............ until some asshole turns up with a tank and blows everyone up cause he can

    LInk to crew is here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/angrygrandtheftarmy
    Crew is open to all so there is no need to wait for an invite from someone higher up. Just sign up and enjoy the benefits.

    GTA V for PC has been a highly anticipated addition to the AJSA supported games list and as such we hope we will see lobbies filled with AJSA members just enjoying themselves and finding other members to rob banks, make drugs, steal drugs, deal drugs you know usual stuff for GTA.
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Began the attack upon enemy fortification!

    By crazykidsbite, in Articles,

    When: Saturday 4/18/2015 at 4pm CST (10pm GMT)
    Where: Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars channels in teamspeak ip: ts3.ajsagaming.com.
    In this event the Prussian army shall attack the British in the name of the Kaiser! There will be ten rounds and only one map, the event will last one hour! The factions fighting against each other will be the Prussia and British Empire.
    To join the AJSA siege event you will need the proper tags:
    [AJSA]"Your Name"
    To join the server you’ll have to follow these easy steps:
    Now go to the Server listing in Napoleonic Wars, make sure your server filter is on at the top.
    Select the game type siege.
    Now look for the server “AJSA_EVENT” (add it to your favorites at the bottom)

    If you have any questions regarding Mount&Blade: Napoleonic Wars, please PM the game leader.
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Attention all soldiers! It's time for the another FPS Sunday event!

    By AverageSpacePope, in Articles,

    This Sunday 4/12/15 from 2PM EST (7PM GMT) to 6PM EST (11PM GMT), the AJSA will be playing 2 FPS games, "Insurgency" and "Heroes and Generals".
    The event will start off with Insurgency and we’ll be talking in the Insurgency channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak. First we’ll start playing Insurgency at 2PM EST for 2 hours on the AJSA PVP server before hopping over to Heroes and Generals at 4PM EST. We’ll be switching from the Insurgency TS channel to the Heroes and Generals channel at the same time.
    Even if you don’t have Insurgency, don’t fear because you can still take part as Heroes and Generals is free to play. Both games are a ton of fun to play and any AJSA members that are FPS fans should definitely try out at least one of these games.
    If you have any questions about Heroes and Generals, please contact Tigerjack. If you have any questions about Insurgency, please contact, AverageSpacePope.
    See you all on the Battlefield!
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Do not deny the inevitable. Follow me to the underworld!

    By VonRyan, in Articles,

    Sunday April 12th
    11:30 PM PST, 1:30 PM CST, 2:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM GMT
    If you wish to participate please be on TeamSpeak. (You don't have to talk just listen.)
    The event will be chosen by majority vote.
    I will be hosting this event with Burbles. (If you have any issues contact us on SMITE, or on TeamSpeak.)