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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    By Humorousone, in Articles,

    September 6th 2025
    Five years after the NATO withdrawal from the region - five years of relative peace - large scale war is once again taking place on Afghan soil.
    At 9am last friday, a coalition of southern rebels and CSAT forces began advancing north through Afghanistan, encountering only light resistance from guerilla local forces. Since then, they've annexed almost the whole country, leaving behind a wake of destruction.
    Afghanistan is one of the few remaining countries still under NATO's shrinking influence.
    As a result, these developments have not gone unnoticed:
    You are part of a special forces team being deployed into the Kunduz region, an area captured by CSAT and rebel forces almost a week ago. The area has been almost entirely abandoned by it's civilian population, except for the stubborn few who remain.
    While your presence has not yet been officially announced (or approved through the UN), you are the first NATO soldiers to enter the region. Your mission is to disrupt the operation of CSAT and rebel forces, and ultimately force the enemy out of the region.
    To put it simply – you are here to blow sh*t up.
    This will give NATO forces a foothold, allowing them to mount a larger campaign later on.
    We plan to come in with a bang:
    Your mission on Sunday will be simple.
    - Breach the town of Anbar Teppeh, destroy the small Rebel barracks and the radio tower using satchel charges.
    - Intercept and destroy an enemy supply convoy which will head past the town later on.
    - and establish a new camp for the night.
    As usual, we will meet in teamspeak on Sunday 6th September 2015, at 8PM GMT / 2:20PM CST
    Our mission will last approximately 1 hour 45 minutes
    In order to play the mission, you MUST have the modpack installed.
    You can download it through the workshop through the link below.
    Modpack download Join our steam group!

    Lock and load, angry army!

    Teaser Paragraph:

    We're back baby! Kept you waiting, huh?

    By WITHASTICK, in Articles,

    Game Nights Rocket League ,on 09/05/2015, Hosted by WITHASTICK, Flame_aGc, and Recon_avwf!
    PlayStation 4 Game Nights are community events where AJSA members gather every Saturday, and conquer a single game. Games can span from old popular titles, to new upcoming releases. Join the mayhem, make new friends, laugh all night, destroy the world or destroy each other!
    Spots are limited, save a spot, reply with ‘GNRL’
    How To Join Game Nights
    Reply with the phrase(You’ll be added to our Attendance List).
    Remember your start time.
    Remember who the Host/Hosts.
    On the day and start time of Game Nights keep an eye out for an invite from the Host/Hosts(either an In-Game invite or Party Chat invite).

    Game Nights Start Times
    6:00 PM EST
    5:00 PM CST
    3:00 PM PST
    11:00 PM GMT

    *INTRODUCING* Game Nights Attendance Bronze Rewards
    Game Nights Highlight Video

    To learn details of Game Nights and other PlayStation 4 Events visit @ PS4 Community Events
    *Game Nights are ever changing and are open to change. Always stay up-to-date in case a Game Night changes.*
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Time to get back behind the wheel!

    By Sargefan19, in Articles,

    After 2 weeks off due to personal issues and giving people time to start school

    It is time to back on the road and have some fun

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a game where you can just relax and forget about things as you haul stuff across Europe... Or blaze down the road not caring that you are travel 150+ KPH while hauling explosives.

    Every Friday members of the AJSA uses a popular mod to do convoys

    We will be meeting in Amsterdam at 5pm EST/10pm BST and will decide which way to take our convoy

    The ETS2 Multiplayer mod can be downloaded

    Don't forget to join the
    steam group

    If you have any questions, comment down below or message one of the members of the leadership position




    Second in Commander





    Here is to hoping to see you on the road and in the convoys soon

    Teaser Paragraph:

    Front rank fire! Rear rank fire!

    By crazykidsbite, in Articles,

    When: Saturday 8/29/2015 at 4pm CST (10pm GMT)
    Where: Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars channels in teamspeak ip: ts3.ajsagaming.com.
    In this event we will try to survive an onslaught of mighty Zulu warriors!
    To join the AJSA siege event you will need the proper tags:
    [AJSA]"Your Name"
    To join the server you’ll have to follow these easy steps:
    Go to this link and download the Anglo Zulu mod: Link!
    Now go to the Server listing in Anglo Zulu, make sure your server filter is on at the top.
    Select the game type battle.
    Now look for the server “AJSA_EVENT” (add it to your favorites at the bottom)
    If you have any questions regarding Mount&Blade: Napoleonic Wars, please PM the game leader.
    other news:
    Also In the competitive regiment of the AJSA the Nr52 is still looking for more recruits to fill the ranks, we have been moving up among with other regiments in the NA competitive scene of Mount&Blade! With our recent victories or draws over great regiments we want more members of the AJSA to share our experiences! If you wish to join add =AJSA=Crazykidsbite over steam.
    Teaser Paragraph:

    We march on for Victory!

    By crazykidsbite, in Articles,

    When: Sunday 8/30/2015 at 12PM CST (6PM GMT)
    Where: PlanetSide2 channels on teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com
    Server: Emerald
    Operation Details:
    To commence this operation, we will gather at the warp gate discuss our plan of attack then pile into a galaxy and drop in from above and destroy any and all opposition, then the operation will proceed as normal squad tactics and communication with other players. This operation will conclude with a race.
    Whoever wins the race will win a little badge for their profile called a racing ribbon!

    Teaser Paragraph:

    This Saturday (29th) 6 PM BST Highlander Try-outs are happening again !

    By Tons0fun, in Articles,

    To participate download Team Speak 3 and Sign in here [sign in not required].
    People who Signed up are going to have priority to pick their class.
    We are going to be using www.tf2center.com, so make sure you meet minimum requirement 100h on TF2 and you are logged in.
    Rules of the event
    Purpose of the Highlander Try-outs even is to form the AJSA comptetetive Highlander team.
    Interested and dedicated players will have opportunity to show their skills, and a Team Captain will be chosen.
    Those who have sign in and will not show up will be removed from the official post.
    You will need Team speak 3 to participate in the try-outs. Watch this Tutorial.
    How to become a Team Captain
    Team Captain will be chosen by Doctor_GLaDOS.
    Captain's responsibility is to form the Official Highlander team, and to lead it.
    Also as a team captain you will become a sergeant of Team Fortress 2.
    You will have to host trainings and help your members.
    There will be 1 Team Captain per region.
    What is Highlander
    THERE CAN BE! ONLY ONE!! Of each class! That's right, no teams that consist of 3 snipers, 2 spies, 2 scouts, 3 engineers, and one
    Soldier. It's all of one class only making up a team of 9 mercs! Each member of their team must use their strengths to help each other out in order to cap points faster, push the cart faster than the other, defend harder, and win together! Each group consists of one of these classes, and ONLY ONE, no more and no less( 1 player for region):