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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    The AJSA Starcraft 2 Team begins it's first foray into Competitive Tournament Play! Keep reading below about when you can check out our team members and how to get involved!

    By Eiousx, in Articles,

    Our Starcraft 2 team has officially begun!

    For the past few months our team has practiced and gotten ready for this summers ASL tournament.

    Below are some recent screenshots of our team battling it out.


    If you would like to play Starcraft 2 with the AJSA we hold an event for it every Saturday afternoon.


    Our current team roster:

    Crimson (master/grand master)
    Gunter (diamond)
    AffroKrull (diamond)
    Prodigy (silver/gold)
    Orpo (gold)
    Zavaira (platinum) [Team Leader]


    Our starcraft 2 team will be participating in two different tiers of ASL season 5 this summer.

    Below is the schedule for the various tiers.


    Crimson will be playing in Challenger Tier.

    Zavaira will be playing in Defender Tier.


    The matches will be broadcast on the service linked below.


    From the information I have at this time Crimson will start in Group C of the Round 32 of Challenger which is on June 3rd.


    I will update this post with Zavaira's group once he is informed closer to his tier.


    Come and support your fellow AJSA members in their endeavor!

    Teaser Paragraph:

    For those of you whom are unaware, we have a Community Channel for the AJSA on YouTube. Go there to see event footage, community news, and other AJSA related items. After quite a bit of inactivity, life has been breathed back into it and content will now be coming weekly at the very least!

    By Jayson's Rage, in Articles,

    Recently, I was put in charge of the YouTube Channel. I want nothing more than to see this channel grow and flourish, but I need your help to do that. Whether you, yourself, are a content creator, or you just participate in events that the AJSA holds, you can help me see that become a reality. How, you ask? Easily. I need a combination of things to make this channel more complete:

    Event recap videos
    Fan Art/Music
    Voice Overs
    Many other things!

    Event Recap Videos: I need footage of your events! Here is a good example of what the event video will become once I get my mitts on it. I have a few guidelines that need to be followed in order to keep a high quality among the channel's videos, and they are:

    Obviously, you are representing the AJSA, so be sure to follow the Code of Conduct
    No copyrighted music. PERIOD. Find something under the Monstercat label, anything under Creative Commons copyright, or I can add music after arranging the clips, if music is wanted.
    The quality of your video MUST be 720P or higher. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis
    I need an open line of communication to the event’s supervisor to ensure the video turns out as expected. This can be achieved either by PMing here on the forums, on Skype, or at my email (Jaysons.Rage@gmail.com).

    Fan Art/Music: While, of course, these are not videos, I want to show of the creative abilities of this community. These, I’d like to incorporate into other videos, like I did with the music in this event video for the PS4 Game Night. Again, there are standards that this channel will be upholding, such as:

    Again, Code of Conduct.
    You must be or represent the creator of the art/music that is submitted.
    Quality is key. High-Resolution images in either .png or .jpg format.
    At the very least, 256kbps for music, in .mp3/.flac only. Other files will be reviewed individually.
    If your art/music isn’t used right away, do not take it as a personal offense. I may just be waiting for the right time to use them.
    Don’t think I won’t check to make sure you actually own the proper rights. If you created it, there is no issue.

    Voice Overs/etc.: Do you have a talent with Voice Overs or any ideas for the channel you’d like to propose? Get a hold of me via PM, Skype, or email (jaysons.rage@gmail.com) so we can talk further.
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Another day in the land of Los Santos. Another Game Night to destroy that land. At least we look stylish and hip doing so. Oh, wait? That's not hip anymore? SON OF A B#TCH!

    By WITHASTICK, in Articles,

    Game Night Grand Theft Auto Online, Hosted by Recon_avwf.
    PlayStation 4 Game Nights are community events where we party up every Saturday, and conquer a game. These span between old popular titles and new upcoming releases. So c’mon over and join the mayhem. Make new friends, laugh all night, and destroy the world together or destroy each other!
    Save a spot, reply with ‘GNGTA’
    Game Night How To Join
    Reply with the phrase. You’ll be added to a list.
    Keep in mind the times, and your time.
    Remember the who the host is.
    On the day of Game Night keep an eye out for an invite from the Host (either an In-Game invite or Party Chat invite.)

    Game Night Times
    6:00 PM EST
    5:00 PM CST
    3:00 PM PST
    11:00 PM GMT

    Last Game Nights Video Highlight

    To learn more or keep up with the changes of Game Night, Game Night Monthly Games List, or details of Game Night and other PS4 events visit @ PS4 Community Events
    *Game Nights are ever changing and are open to change. Always stay up-to-date in case a Game Night changes.*
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Here's hoping you lot had a good weekend! I know I did, but the show must go on as they say! So back to it with another spotlight! -DR

    By DamionRayne, in Articles,

    Nothing of note announcements wise for today's spotlight folks, but we do have some internal news, so let's just get straight to it shall we? -DR

    AverageSpacePope wanted me to give you guys a heads up on a UK-centric gaming Event coming up in June, so here's some of the base info from Pope for ya...


    Here's a link for more info regarding this event if your'e interested:

    Remember folks, this is a UK event only! -DR

    As always, Commander Withastcik comes through with some more event goodness for the PS4 crowd!

    Veteran SamuraiRabit has a Project Cars review for you to take a look at this week, so, give it a watch and be sure to leave him some feedback! -DR

    Thread Link -

    Apex does it again.....

    That's it for this week! Little lighter than last week, but we're picking up speed and steam, so there's no where but up from here! Keep sending stuff in if you want it on the spotlight! -DR

    Teaser Paragraph:

    It's Here! After kicking off our Fundraising Campaign in October, the AJSA Imperial Guild successfully funded the 50 Million Credit Guild Flagship! Keep reading below for details and what the Flagship means for the AJSA in SWTOR! (and give some love to our Republic Auxiliary Guild!) Both Guilds can be found on the Jedi Covenant Server!

    By Arreyanne, in Articles,

    Tonight May the 24th AJSA completed a milestone in our quest to dominate the galaxy, Kuat Drive Yards has delivered our Flagship.
    Thanks to Eiousx, for delivering the final contribution to the Drive Yards that completed the vessel. (He personally donated the last 18 Million, if you're a member give him a kudo's either in game, here on the forums, or anyways you feel works for you)
    Also a big thanks goes to all members who donated any amount to finalized the purchase of our Dreadnaught .
    What does this mean for the guild?
    Simply put we can now launch conquest of planets. These events change on a weekly and Bi-weekly bases. It will require many hours of preparation for the guild to take a planet. We will need crafter's, people to run FP's, WZ's, Op's, and Herioc's depending on which planet we wish to take.
    News concerning Planetary contest will be coming shortly.
    Thanks again to all guild members who have donated and made this possible.