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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Time for another one!

    By DamionRayne, in Articles,

    We had a very successful Smite event this past week, and to give you an idea of how close the fight was Lord Magus has sent me a screenshot, let's take a look shall we?

    As an aside, I also hear tale from Agosparti that the last Path of Exile event went really well. They seem to have bum rushed their way in to Act 2.

    I also hear tale that the BF4 Event we had this last weekend hosted by AverageSpacePope went rather well also! Looks like we've got a great deal of successful events!

    Eye on Up and Coming AJSA Youtubers, today's Eye is on Veteran Wade D McGinnis, here's his channel intro below, give him a looksee...

    Want a kickass forum sig? Then I'd suggest bugging the crap out of one of our Most Awesome forum Mods:

    Why? Well take a look...

    See? Kickass right? Now go bug him for signatures while I run and hide from him for telling people to bug him for signatures >.>

    Remember to join us every day on AJSAGaming for content from your officers, commanders, and select community members! Want to know our schedule? Take a look below:

    Stay tuned as the schedule may very well change as we add new team members to AJSATV!

    That's it for today folks, we'll see ya next week! -DR

    Teaser Paragraph:

    Attention soldiers of the AJSA! We need you to play your part in Battlefield 4!

    By DoctorEvil, in Articles,

    Original Post by AverageSpacePope
    Now everyone knows how broken BF4 was at launch, however, after the recent patches to the game, BF4 is now in a functional state. As a result of this, we are planning to start more BF4 op nights/events in the future. The first op night will take place on Saturday 5/3/2014 at 9pm GMT (3pm CST).
    We’ll be playing on the naval strike maps so if you don’t have that content you won’t be able to attend. However, the maps used on the server in future events will be put to a vote on the forums.
    Also, if you didn't know, the AJSA also has a BF4 platoon set up. You can apply to join the platoon by sending us an invite here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/8023530856864984373/
    Being a member of the platoon means that you will be able to partner up with other AJSA platoon members in order to build up the platoons score and increase your chances to attain victory. If you do become a part of the AJSA BF4 platoon we encourage you to support the AJSA by playing on the AJSA BF4 server in order to help the community.
    All future AJSA BF4 events will take place on the AJSA server. Here is the address to the server: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/090a5d49-3bd2-461a-bc58-efbe143b004e/AJSA-24-7-US-Conquest-High-Ticket-AutoBalance-GGC/
    We need to show people that the AJSA are a force to be reckoned with! Hooah!
    PM our Mod/BF4 Officer AverageSpacePope for any other questions!
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Time for another one!

    By DamionRayne, in Articles,

    The AJSA Gaming Stream has more Streamers going live every day for your viewing pleasure than ever before! Interested in our schedule? Look below:

    Be sure to come on by and give all of us a looksee!

    Several in fact, or about 18 to be specific... 18 people to see the Bad Ass Seal of Approval:

    Why? Because these badasses managed an entire 24 hours of Planetside 2. Holy shitake mushrooms batman that's a lot of dude shooting.. Here's a quote from Field Commander Doctorevil about the whole thing,

    Jumping jimmy crickets that must have been rough playing PS2 for that long, let alone any game for that long, give these guys a round of applause! Well done soldiers!

    Something for our Lord Commander by Maro Bot,

    NEligahn has a nice retrospective series for us all to enjoy, forum post here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/2535-knee-deep-in-the-dead-fps-retrospective-series/

    Be sure and remember the Mission Statement in all your dealings with other clans, and in other games Soliders!

    That's it for today, we'll see you next monday. Oh and remeber, if you've got something you want to see up on these spotlights be sure and PM me! -Damion Rayne
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Time for more ground pounding and dog-fighting boys and girls!

    By DamionRayne, in Articles,

    When: Tuesday the 29th of April @ 7pm EST (6PM Central) (4pm Pacific)
    Where: www.twitch.tv/ajsagaming
    For how long: 7-10 (6-9) (4-7) or 3 Hours Total
    Can we join you? Yes, we'll have two spots that we'll rotate out those who wish to play. It'll be on a case by case basis.

    How do we join the War Thunder Clan?
    The Squadron is currently full, if there's enough interest we'll open a second squadron up, so stay tuned!

    Who is this Jingles Guy?

    Teaser Paragraph:

    By Angry Joe, in Articles,


    The KUFII Closed Beta Keys we were given will NOT work for NA or EU!

    Apparently an overly enthusastic PR representative who was a fan of the AngryJoeShow & Angry Army issued us codes for the Closed Beta Launch in the Philippines. Originally NA & EU ip address were not going to be blocked so that we may access the game but BLUESIDE has stepped in last minute and decided to disallow all IP addresses outside of the Philippines. I'm as frustrated and upset as you are, having had our hopes built up and broken down for no reason.

    BLUESIDE has personally apologized and assured us that the Angry Army will be among the first in the North American and EU Closed Beta Tests which are due to take place "very soon".

    See the below email from BLUESIDE for the official response:

    Join me in the Kingdom Under Fire II Beta this weekend! Kingdom Under Fire II would like the ANGRY ARMY to check out its new upcoming Strategy/RPG MMO and provide them feedback! So Grab your Key on the left sidebar! Suit up, and Move out!

    To grab a beta key Visit the *CLOSED*

    Teaser Paragraph:

    Time for another one Soldiers!

    By DamionRayne, in Articles,

    So, time yet again for another Community Spotlight!

    Elder Scrolls online EU Event coming this week!

    Here's a word from Ninjagaming Bear in regards to this event,

    Next up, AJSAGaming Twitch now has more content! Take a look below for our current Live Stream Schedule..
    DamionRayne - Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat - 7PM to 10PM EST | War Thunder & FFXIV:ARR + Random Indies
    Angerbeard - Thu/Fri/Sun - 3PM to 6PM EST | ESO
    Burbles - Thu/Fri - Noon to 3PM EST | Smite

    Like to become an AJSA Gaming Streamer? Contact Field Commander Damion Rayne directly on the Forums!

    Be sure to check the following on the Front page! We've got tons of Events coming up guys!

    24 Hours of Planetside 2 -

    Here's a quote from the Article and a video for your viewing pleasure!

    Path of Exile had a community event not but a few days ago and Agosparti, the guild leader wanted to share a quick bit of news with us about it...


    If you've not seen this yet...you are wrong sir!

    Curious who your commanders are? Look here..

    DoctorEvil - Oversight of Planetside 2-Path of Exile-GW2-SWTOR-DCUO | Articles | GCD
    littlemowgli - League of Legends | GCD
    Craigr910 - DOTA 2 | Console Community Officer PoC | GCD
    Ledger - Hex TCG | General Command Duties
    DamionRayne - WarThunder | News | Spotlight | CCO-PoC | GCD
    Dogfish - Moderation Team Officer in Charge | GCD