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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    The latest event in the Cross-Platform for Destiny has arrived.

    By Craigr910, in Articles,

    Greetings brothers and sisters of the AJSA. As you know, we had our first event for the Cross-Platform Competition in Destiny. Which console could show proof of hitting level 20 first? Who would score first blood in our console rivalry?

    Congratulations to SIR BIGGLES 520 for being our first official level 20 member!

    The Xbox One has gained the lead, but it could still be tied up for September in our next event!

    The Crucible Challenge

    Our next event will be PvP oriented within the Crucible! Each team will consist of six players lead by Doshka17 on Xbox One and WithAStick on the PS4. For three hours, those chosen to lead the charge will battle it out. At the end, the percentage of wins/losses will be calculated for both teams. The team with the highest percentage will be declared the winner, and score the next point in the competition!

    Join The Fight

    As of this moment, we are accepting volunteers to be apart of each of these teams. To do so, you must send a message to the following Officers:
    Doshka17 for Xbox One
    WithAStick for PS4

    All names will be put into a pool, and be chosen by lottery. We will be accepting names until the end of FRIDAY THE 26TH. Saturday we will announce those who have been chosen.

    When Is the Event?

    The event will take place on SUNDAY THE 28TH at 3:00 PM CENTRAL. Please do not volunteer if you can not make it for the entire event!
    Will the Xbox One secure the lead for September? Or will the Playstation 4 tie it up? Join the fight, and secure victory for your console!
    Teaser Paragraph:

    This Saturday, it's Time for the AJSA to learn about harassment! Ride or Die with us on teamspeak!

    By Dark Templar, in Articles,

    When: Saturday 27th of September, operation will commence at 2pm EDT (8pm GMT)
    Where: Emerald server, AJSA teamspeak ts3.ajsagaming.com
    How: Platoon and squad leaders will create specific squad channels in the teamspeak to match the name of the in-game squad in PS2.
    join the teamspeak channel that matches the squad you join in-game, so you can hear your squad leader!
    New members read the "READ HERE" forum post to see a list of sergeants/officers to send in-game messages to so you can join the outfit.
    What: Our objective during the Ops is to play together as a large team and cooperatively fight as a unit semi-seriously, while still having a fun time. squad members are expected to listen to their squad leaders to ensure the AJSA is victorious in battle.
    Event outline:
    Kick-off phase: Vehicular Harassment
    To get everyone in the mood and announce that the AJSA is here, we will begin with a major harasser offensive attacking anything and everything hostile, before normal combat operations begin.
    After we wreck everything in our path (or more likely after we all flip over and die horribly) we will proceed with normal operations.
    Combat phase: we will then break off to our platoon and squad assignments. if an alert has started, we will play the objectives of the alert, otherwise we will go to hotspots where we are needed(splitting continents if called for)

    During the combat phase sergeants/officers will be on the lookout for the individual who best represents the AJSA During the Operation.
    Racing phase: AJSA Racing League #14: Sundies, Seriously!?
    Once the combat phase starts to wind down, we will have another exciting edition of the AJSA Racing league. This time we will be racing Sunderers! Winner(s) will receive:

    In order to race this time you will need the GSD or gate shield diffuser so make sure you have one ready for use!

    Teaser Paragraph:

    Soldiers of the AJSA, listen up! Get ready for INSANITY Saturday in Guns of Icarus!

    This Saturday the AJSA will be jumping into Guns of Icarus to kick some ass! This op night/event will take place this Saturday 09/20/2014 4pm EST (9pm GMT).

    By DoctorEvil, in Articles,

    We are going to be using harpoons, rockets, flamethrowers and every other weapon in our arsenal to destroy our enemies. Be sure to join the AJSA Guns of Icarus TeamSpeak channel too so that you can communicate with everyone who is taking part in the event.

    Also, if you’re not already a member of the AJSA GOI clan then you can join by searching “AJSA” in the clan browser, which is within the game’s main menu. By joining the AJSA GOI clan you will be able to keep up-to-date with things such as event times and AJSA GOI related news. You'll also be able to see whenever any other AJSA clan member is online, which will make partying up for events much easier.

    See you in the skies soldiers!
    Teaser Paragraph:

    It's Saturday afternoon, you're all settled in to stare at the ArcheAge Queue for the next 3 hours, so why not fill in your wait time with some Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and the AJSA! On our very own server no less! See below for details!

    By DoctorEvil, in Articles,

    WHEN: September 20th, 2014. At 4:00 PM EDT. Check the Calendar or the Official AJSA Steam Group's Event list for a conversion to your timezone!
    WHAT: Test your sword play in a battle of wits and cunning between you and your formidable opponent!
    It's the Chivalry DUEL Event, complete with 12 maps of dueling fun!
    WHERE: Available at the official AJSA Server. Search for "AJSA" in the server list!
    Server will house 32 players max.
    Hear the lamentations of your slain foes on the AJSA Teamspeak! ts3.ajas.gaming in the Chivary channel found all the way down in the Unofficial Games Section!
    Please PM event organizer Demonscolt for more information!
    Teaser Paragraph:

    TUESDAY September 16th ArcheAge officially launches and the AJSA wants you to join them in this Free to Play "Sandbox" MMORPG. We will be on the Kyros Server, in the East Faction (Harani/Firrans) Continue reading below on how to get an invite to the guild once you get out of the Queue!

    By DoctorEvil, in Articles,

    ArcheAge is a Korean-made MMO from Trion (publishers of other MMOs such as RIFT) and after being in Alpha and Beta during the summer is launching this Tuesday! AJSA Head Start members have already established a Guild in-game and we are ready for you to join us in-game!

    Here are the important details about the guild:
    WHERE: Server is Kyros, all NA servers are located in Texas, EU and Pacific players can play fine on these.
    WHO: The AJSA will be playing as the East Faction, which means you have to select either the Harani (Asian), or Firran (Cat-people) races.
    WHEN: Launch will be in the AM Pacific (US West Coast time, so afternoon US East, evening EU) Expect significant delays from the launch, and a fairly hefty queue for new players, after all it is a MMO Launch!
    WHY: While the leveling process is fairly standard as MMOs go, the End Game is very unique for most Western MMOs, players and Guilds can build Houses, Farms, and even Ships! Pick your crafting area here! Game areas are open-world PvP, and even criminal elements of your own Faction can murder you!
    HOW: Find out more about the game by checking out our sub-forums. Below you will find the leadership structure for the ArcheAge Chapter, any of these players can get you an invite to the guild, you both have to be online for an invite to be sent, the best way to see if the Officer or Sergeant is around is to check on the AJSA Teamspeak! (ts3.ajsagaming.com)
    In-game Name (ign) same unless specified.
    Guild Leader:
    commanderbeef (ign: mrbeef)
    Commander: (AJSA Forum Officer Rank)
    Officer: (AJSA Forum Sergeant Rank)
    J_Papa (ign: riplaw)
    Additional Guild Inviters
    Councilman SgtRoss (ign: Rossdaboss)
    Councilman DoctorEvil (ign: Doctorevil)
    Councilman Delrith (ign: Deltron)
    Commander Craigr910 (ign: Ferguson)
    Hope to see you in game!
    Or if you are still undecided, many of our AJSA streamers regularly stream their progress in-game! Check them out below:
    SgtRoss: http://www.twitch.tv/sgtross_usmc
    Delrith: http://www.twitch.tv/angryjoeshow
    Angerbeard: http://www.twitch.tv/angerbeard
    image credits: Officer MoVe (taken during Beta)
    PS- Want to have the AJSA logo on your cloak? Or even make your own design? Read here
    Teaser Paragraph:

    The first of objective is randomness and it could be saving a civilian for valuable intelligence, attack a enemy positions, ambush a convoy, defend the position. Even if we were to fail one objective it would decide if the AJSA wins or loses, any choice you make as a single person will affect the outcome of our mission. You'll have one life per round so be careful with the choices you make along the way!

    By Seph, in Articles,

    On Saturday the 13th, 8 pm EST. We will be playing with Derp Squad on their server & teamspeak for a campaign match, with the ACE mod! The campaign will be considerable a fast pace match with helicopters, vehicles, and weapons of the sort! AJSA vs Derp Squad (player vs player). We are expecting at least 25+ players to show up to this event!

    Date: Saturday the 13th
    Time: 8 PM EST
    Teamspeak Ip:
    ACE mod needed!
    ACRE mod needed!

    ​The original post of the invitation to the event:
    Mods setup:
    You will need a older version of teamspeak to be compatible with their version of ACRE, which is one of their mods:
    http://derp-squad.co...php?f=24&t=4� �