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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Roma Victor!

    By Conan, in Articles,

    When: Saturday 6/27/2015 at 4pm CST (10pm GMT)
    Where: Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars channels in teamspeak ip: ts3.ajsagaming.com.
    In this event Caesar & Pompey will fight for power! There will be ten rounds and only one map, the event will last one hour! The factions fighting against each other will be the Caesar and Pompey Armies.
    To join the AJSA siege event you will need the proper tags:
    [AJSA]"Your Name"
    To join the server you’ll have to follow these easy steps:
    Go to this link and download the Bello Civili mod: Link!
    Now go to the Server listing in Bello Civili, make sure your server filter is on at the top.
    Select the game type battle.
    Now look for the server “AJSA_EVENT” (add it to your favorites at the bottom)

    If you have any questions regarding Mount&Blade: Napoleonic Wars, please PM the game leader.

    other news:
    Also In the competitive regiment of the AJSA the Nr52 is still looking for more recruits to fill the ranks, we have been moving up among with other regiments in the NA competitive scene of Mount&Blade! With our recent victories or draws over great regiments we want more members of the AJSA to share our experiences! If you wish to join add =AJSA=Crazykidsbite over steam.
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Have you ever wondered how all the supplies reach our forces fighting against the evils of the Corporate Commander?

    By Conan, in Articles,

    AJSA Logistics Corps is looking for members who like having fun and enjoy hauling loads

    This week is going the be the 4th official convoy

    where the goal is to haul money for Nintendo in order to compensate for the times Joe has brought up their name

    When to meet up

    Every Friday we do a convoy starting at 5pm EST/10pm BST at the repair station in the city of Rotterdam

    to a destination that will be selected at that time

    What to do to join us

    1. You need to download and install the Euro Truck Multiplayer mod from this website

    2. You need have a profile that has bought its very own truck so you can free roam

    3. Have your truck with the Sade paint job but the gray middle stripe needs to be white. All truck types are accepted

    4. Must be in Teamspeak as well as steam name has to have =AJSA= infront of it

    How does it work

    Once we are all in Team Speak and assemble in Rotterdam one of the convoy leaders selects an overall end route destination while other members try to match the direction/location that route is heading.

    Once jobs are selected our group breaks off to get the cargo to reform on the highway that will lead us to our destination

    The order of the trucks goes from the one that has the closest drop off point to the one with the farthest

    The lead truck is the one the others follows while it gives directions of which way the convoy will go.

    One the lead truck reaches it's destination and delivers its cargo it will rejoin the convoy in the back while the next person takes their turn giving driving directions

    A truck that has already been lead has the option to get a job that fits the requirements to be in the convoy if it desires

    Once the final destination is met the remaining members of the convoy have the option to do another or call it a day

    Chance to win 2 copies of ETS2/Going East DLC

    We are giving away 2 copies of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the going east DLC to anyone who wants to play this awesome game.

    All you have to do to enter is say in the comments if you want to have a chance in either winning the game or DLC.

    On Friday 26th June the competition will stop, and those people who have won, will have a message sent via the AJSA.

    Have any questions, comment down below.




    Second in Commander





    Here is to hoping to see you guys on the road soon

    Also check out the AJSA Logistics Corps Steam Group here
    Teaser Paragraph:

    The EF has selected its game for the month of July!

    By Conan, in Articles,

    After a fun campaign in Battlefront 2, the EF is now preparing to move into its next game in July, namely Bad Company 2! The game is currently on sale until the 22nd of June, so I strongly recommend anyone interested in joining the EF for the month of July to buy the game before that, unless they already own it of course.
    We will be focussing on the vanilla game, so you do not have to buy the Vietnam expansion.

    What is Bad Company 2?
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is among the best - if not the best - Battlefield game released to date. Launched in 2010, it received widespread positive reviews.
    The game itself is a squad-based first-person shooter in a contemporary modern warfare setting. Using the Frostbite 1.5 engine, this game also allows for destructible environments.
    With the game having received such a positive reception upon its release and with its multiplayer still holding up to this date, we here at the EC deemed this game more than suitable to serve as the second game for the EF.
    Temporary Sergeants

    Those of you who are interested in taking up a leadership position for the second game of the Expeditionary Force should fill out this Google Form. It will enable us to easier shortlist all applicants.
    Before applying, please make sure to familiarise yourself with our rules and guidelines on temporary Sergeants:

    Teaser Paragraph:

    It's the last day of Spring, tomorrow it will be Summer. So in honor of Spring going away lets bring those wonderful Spring showers. By that I mean... BULLETS AND BOMBS!

    By WITHASTICK, in Articles,

    Game Night Battlefield 4, Hosted by Recon_avwf.
    PlayStation 4 Game Nights are community events where we party up every Saturday, and conquer a game. These span between old popular titles and new upcoming releases. So c’mon over and join the mayhem. Make new friends, laugh all night, and destroy the world together or destroy each other!
    Save a spot, reply with ‘GNBF4’
    Game Night How To Join
    Reply with the phrase. You’ll be added to a list.
    Keep in mind the times, and your time.
    Remember the who the host is.
    On the day of Game Night keep an eye out for an invite from the Host (either an In-Game invite or Party Chat invite.)

    Game Night Times
    6:00 PM EST
    5:00 PM CST
    3:00 PM PST
    11:00 PM GMT

    Last Game Nights Highlight Video
    To learn more or keep up with the changes of Game Night, Game Night Monthly Games List, or details of Game Night and other PS4 events visit @ PS4 Community Events
    *Game Nights are ever changing and are open to change. Always stay up-to-date in case a Game Night changes.*
    Teaser Paragraph:

    We will announce the game for July soon!

    By Conan, in Articles,

    This Battlefront 2 event of the EF will be held this Saturday, the 20th of June from 4PM EDT (9PM BST) onwards. We'll be using the Expeditionary Forces TS channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak to communicate for the duration of the event. Also we will use the AJSA Battlefront 2 server. Please note that Gameranger does not work to access our server, instead follow this link.
    We will fight across different planets, gamemodes and eras during this event, among them:
    • Capture the flag
    • Conquest
    • Space Battles
    • Hunt
    If you want to suggest further gamemodes, discuss the game or make other recommendations, then feel free to do so in the EF forum. Also if you have any specific requests for specific maps/gamemodes, then please make sure to post a request here!
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the EF leaders, namely Agosparti, AverageSpacePope, Conan, Crazykidsbite and/or Ysnar.
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Get your Tank on this Friday with some World of Tanks and the AJSA Clan! What's more, the clan needs your help is coming up with a new in-game clan emblem! Learn more by checking out this post in the World of Tanks sub-forum.

    By Griever, in Articles,

    Stronghold Battles
    Come join us Friday June 19th at 9:00 pm CST – 12:00 am CST for stronghold battles.
    We will be focusing on the first level of stronghold battles max group size is 7. You will need to have a tier VI tank and be in TeamSpeak.
    The engagement rules for this event are as follows.
    No more than one heavy tank per match.
    No SPG’s.
    No more than two tier V tanks per match.
    No more than one Tank Destroyer per match.

    This level of stronghold battles is better suited to tier VI light & medium tanks.
    If we have enough people we will run multiple groups, but if we do not have enough people to run multiple groups we will rotate through our ranks.
    I would also like to direct everyone to our forums ask all of our active members to follow it.