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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    You've been running your Online character's little feet to max out your stamina, killing indiscriminately to drive up your Mental State; now it's time for the PC crew to roll out together!

    By AverageSpacePope, in Articles,

    This is gonna be CRAZY!
    Hi everyone! As one of the new commissioners (game officers) in the AGTA (AngryGrandTheftArmy) crew, I’m excited to host as many awesome AJSA events in GTA V (PC) as possible.
    Our first AJSA GTA V PC event will be held this Sunday 5/10/15 from 10AM EST (3PM GMT) to 12PM EST (5PM GMT). We'll be using the GTA V TS channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak to communicate for the duration of the event.
    In the event we’ll be playing through a 12 activity long playlist. This playlist is comprised of the following game modes:
    • Tank vs. Tank TDM
    • A few wall ride and GTA (weapons enabled) races
    • A melee only DM
    • Snipers vs. Racers TDM
    • A GTA Jet race
    • A raid match (TDM mixed with CTF)
    • A few standard DM’s and TDM’s.
    To take part in the event, you must be part of the AJSA GTA V crew, the AGTA, in order to recieve an invite to the event lobby. Here is a link to the AJSA crew: http://socialclub.ro...ygrandtheftarmy
    There's a lot of game modes to choose from so I’d like your input. If there’s any game modes/activities that you’d like to see in any upcoming GTA V events, please post a comment here: http://angryjoeshow....g-gta-v-events/
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, AverageSpacePope.
    Teaser Paragraph:

    The First Person Shoot Rotation continues! This week is Insurgency, hosted on our very own AJSA Insurgency Servers!

    By SpecAgtHUNK, in Articles,

    Attention all soldiers! It's time for another FPS Sunday event!

    This Sunday 5/10/15 from 12PM EST (5PM GMT) to 2PM EST (7PM GMT), the AJSA will be playing Insurgency. We'll be using the Insurgency TS channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak to communicate for the duration of the event.

    Insurgency is a FPS shooter. However, unlike most FPS games, Insurgency adds a flare of realism to the well-known FPS formula. Insurgency is a very fast and competitive game that manages to strike a balance between one-life gameplay (Rainbow Six) and prolonged action (CS:GO).

    If you have any questions about Insurgency, please contact AverageSpacePope or the newly appointed Insurgency sergeant, SpecAgtHUNK.

    See you all on the Battlefield!
    Teaser Paragraph:

    The dead have risen and began to WALK! Can anyone stop these horrible creatur-... are those Plants?

    By WITHASTICK, in Articles,

    Game Night Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Hosted by Recon_avwf.
    PlayStation 4 Game Nights are community events where we party up every Saturday, and conquer a game. These span between old popular titles and new upcoming releases. So c’mon over and join the mayhem. Make new friends, laugh all night, and destroy the world together or destroy each other!
    Save a spot, reply with ‘GNPVZ’
    Game Night How To Join
    Reply with the phrase. You’ll be added to a list.
    Keep in mind the times, and your time.
    Remember the who the host is.
    On the day of Game Night keep an eye out for an invite from the Host (either an In-Game invite or Party Chat invite.)

    Game Night Times
    6:00 PM EST
    5:00 PM CST
    3:00 PM PST
    11:00 PM GMT

    To learn more or keep up with the changes of Game Night, Game Night Monthly Games List, or details of Game Night and other PS4 events visit @ PS4 Community Events
    Last Game Nights Highlight Video


    *Game Nights are ever changing and are open to change. Always stay up-to-date in case a Game Night changes.*

    Teaser Paragraph:

    Time to shine, Suku! *growl* ...Noo! We don't have time for a nap!

    By VonRyan, in Articles,

    Sunday May 10th

    11:30 AM PST, 1:30 PM CST, 2:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM GMT

    We will be playing. {Assault, Siege, Arena, Joust, or Conquest.}
    All are welcome. {TeamSpeak isn't required but it is encouraged to make sure people get invited.}
    Myself, Burbles, and Diehard will be hosting this event. {If you have any issues contact us on SMITE, or on TeamSpeak.}
    Teaser Paragraph:

    It's May! The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, so what better way to celebrate than to stay inside and watch some Twitch Streams! Last week saw Team Streamer Bast_50 make it to 5,500 Followers, and Team Streamer Angerbeard reach the center of the Galaxy in Elite: Dangerous after a 16 day journey!

    By DoctorEvil, in Articles,

    AJSA Stream Team Activity For Week of May 4th to May 10th, 2015

    Bast_50 (www.twitch.tv/bast_50)
    In the deep cold north of Canada lies a cave… a cave filled with loot… a Loot Cave! In this haven of glittering gold, trinkets and baubles, resides Bast_50 and his band of merry Looters...
    Bast_50 streams a variety of games, from FPS to MMOs and the latest releases in video games. Bast_50 loves to discuss games with his viewers and provide the goods and the bads in games. If hoarding magical loot and bathing in gold and riches, then you should definitely join the Loot Cave!
    Weekly Schedule (all times EST)
    Monday 5/04 - 9PM to 6AM - GTA V / Mortal Kombat X / GW2 / ESO / FFXIV / Bastion
    Tuesday 5/05 - 9PM to 6AM - GTA V / Mortal Kombat X / GW2 / ESO / FFXIV / Bastion
    Wednesday 5/06 - 9PM to 6AM - GTA V / Mortal Kombat X / GW2 / ESO / FFXIV / Bastion
    Thursday 5/07 - 9PM to 6AM - GTA V / Mortal Kombat X / GW2 / ESO / FFXIV / Bastion
    Friday 5/08 - 9PM to 6AM - GTA V / Mortal Kombat X / GW2 / ESO / FFXIV / Bastion
    Saturday 5/09 - 9PM to 6AM - GTA V / Mortal Kombat X / GW2 / ESO / FFXIV /Bastion
    Sunday 5/10 - 9PM to 6AM - GTA V / Mortal Kombat X / GW2 / ESO / FFXIV / Bastion
    Grimno (http://www.twitch.tv/grimno)
    Keeping his sanity on the East Coast, Grimno plays games both old and new, but loves to show off an old gem or two to make folks aware these great games exist!.His mind has no filter and no brakes, so what he speaks of can be of the utmost randomness as he plays on. So if you want to have an interesting conversation, come sit back, relax, slap a pancake, and enjoy!
    Weekly Schedule (all times EST)
    Monday 5/4 - 11PM-2AM (War Thunder)
    Wednesday 5/6 - 11PM-2AM (Skyrim)
    Thursday 5/7 - 11PM-2AM (Warframe)
    Friday 5/8 - 11PM-2AM (War Thunder)
    Saturday 5/9 - 11PM+ (Random Gaming)
    TheTitan18 (www.twitch.tv/thetitan18)
    Titan is the Official Death Counter of the AJSA, but when he’s not counting Joe’s deaths or beating Other Joe in Mortal Kombat, he’s streams a lot of the DC MOBA, Infinite Crisis!
    Weekly Schedule (all times EST)
    Tuesday 5/5 - 6:30 PM - 10 PM Xcom: Enemy Within
    Thursday 5/7 - 6:30 PM- 10 PM Guild Wars 2/Swtor/Infinite Crisis
    Friday 5/8 - 7PM - 10PM TBD
    Tons0fun (www.twitch.tv/the_tons0fun)
    Tons0fun is a Council Member for the AJSA and is often on stream with Joe. He generally has a running Single Player game he is running through, throwing in a fun multiplayer game from time to time. He tends to get a bit more technical and analytical so if that is your thing swing by and see what is happening!
    Weekly Schedule (all times CST)
    Tuesday 5/5 - 5 PM - GTA V PC
    Thursday 5/7 - 5 PM - GTA V PC
    Sunday 5/10 - 10 AM - GTA V PC
    Teaser Paragraph:

    May the 4th be with you! Join the Empire on the Jedi Covenant server this Monday let's get your toons leveled!

    By Arreyanne, in Articles,

    Monday the 4th is the start of something given to subscribers and will end sometime in November, 12x XP for class Missions
    Monday night at 7PM CST (8PM EST) till 10PM, and later if there is enough interest, AJSA Will be doing Leveling groups.
    These groups will consist of 2 members per group, the bonus xp is best in two members group, the bonus for grouping diminishes with each added person.
    Of course we can do larger groups if need be.
    If you're interested in this event post below with toon name and level on Monday.
    Also non subscribers can join and will be provided the 3 hour XP boost, WHILE SUPPLY'S LAST.
    So even if you're not a subscriber come join us and lets get more of us to endgame.