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  • By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    The making of Final Fantasy 12, critiques and comparisons of the 3D Mario games, Battlefront 2 hero leak and beta, Game Score Fanfare on the story in the score of Journey, hbomberguy looks at cases of Youtube plagiarism and at how his own Bloodoborne video was ripped off, Icewind Dale 2 source code missing, best runs from SGDQ, why everyone still loves Sega, Total War Saga, Warframe gets an open world area, why a gamer was duct-taped to a ceiling, Writing on Games on how The New Order is about more than just killing Nazis, oral history of NBA Jam, Doomfist added to Overwatch, Extra Credits on getting started as a freelance game journalist, Joseph Anderson finds the villain of Edith Finch, Steam UI overhaul, BAFTA Young Game Designers and Games For Change awards, and more.
    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC, game updates, company and developer news, country news, mods)
    Steam UI overhaul incoming, Valve presentation confirms

    More than 40,000 Steam users were banned the day after the Summer Sale
    Total War Saga is a spin-off series that will 'follow-on from previous games'

    Sea of Thieves teases its terrifying and mesmerizing storm system
    Destiny 2 will have locked loadouts and public event timers
    Destiny 2: Tour of the New Social Space "The Farm" - IGN First
    Destiny 2: A Tour of the New Crucible Map Endless Vale - IGN First
    Destiny 2: A Tour of the New Control and Its Changes - IGN First
    5 Minutes of Destiny 2 Sentinel Titan Gameplay on Endless Vale - IGN First
    4 Minutes of Destiny 2 Void Warlock Gameplay on Endless Vale - IGN First
    Destiny 2: Creating the Story of a Lightless World - IGN First
    Star Citizen shows off procedural planets with unique weather and atmospheres
    Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy Official Trailer
    Kentucky Route Zero continues string of weird videos, promises 'busy summer yet'

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 leak hints at hero roster

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta is coming in October
    Agents of Mayhem - Magnum Sized Action
    XCOM 2 Expansion - Inside Look: The Skirmisher
    XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Inside Look: The Warlock
    How Assassin's Creed Origins Is Recreating Egypt's Greatest Wonders
    Ubisoft’s Quest To Make Assassin’s Creed Origins’ World Their Most Dynamic
    Difficulties with the CryEngine may kill TimeSplitters Rewind

    Hell Let Loose reveal trailer promises 100-player WW2 battles
    David Cage's Message Is That David Cage Is a Bad Writer

    Sonic Forces recruits Hoobastank for its perfectly on-brand theme song
    Super Mario Odyssey ditches the ‘game over’ screen completely
    Touring Super Mario Odyssey's New Donk City
    You Can Import Your Old Shadow of Mordor Nemesis Into The Sequel
    I can bring back the one guy who killed me while I was glitched into a wall.
    Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Voice Cast And SDCC Panel Announced
    23 Minutes of Monster Hunter World Single-Player Gameplay
    Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux second trailer
    Watch a Phoenix rain fire on warrior lizards in new Total War: Warhammer II gameplay
    Mineko's Night Market is a gorgeous adventure inspired by Japanese folklore

    Splatoon 2 is getting a multiplayer demo on July 15

    Splatoon 2 Looks Noticeably Richer In Head-To-Head Comparison With The First Game
    Splatoon's Creepy Boss Sounds Are Back In The Sequel
    Blue Reflection looks a bit Sailor Moon and a lot Persona
    Redeemer, the top-down brawler about a murderer-turned-monk, will be out in August
    Fallen Legion moved up to July 18 in the Americas
    Here’s when we’ll get to break out of The Escapists 2
    Warframe is getting an open world, MMO-like area, here's everything you need to know
    Get a flavour of Fortnite with this cinematic short
    Vampire ’em up Dead of Night looks specdracula
    City of Brass is a BioShock-inspired Arabian Nights-meets-Indiana Jones rogue-lite
    The Bard's Tale 4 first look: Reinventing the dungeon crawler

    Nobody Can Find The Source Code For Icewind Dale II

    Shakedown: Hawaii full reveal trailer, PS4 and PS Vita physical editions announced
    An Open World Game About Building The Best Workshop

    Wild West Online showcases bounties, saloons, forested base-camps
    Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth ‘New Features’ trailer
    Growbot gets a new trailer, looks as charming as ever
    Barbaric First-Look Gameplay: Its Like Diablo + a Roguelike
    Tikipod’s twin-stick shooter Iron Crypticle out next week
    Watch 23 minutes of West of Loathing in 37 seconds
    Fire Emblem Warriors trailer adds magic and axes to the fray
    Studio Wildcard doubles Ark price “to ensure retail parity”

    Dean Hall criticizes Ark's price increase as "****ing OUTRAGEOUS"
    Project Cars 2 reveals all 180 of its fully-licensed vehicles

    Project Cars 2 reveals all 60 'live' tracks and 139 layouts
    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 'guaranteed' to leave Early Access by October
    PUBG announces weekly Facebook livestream series to 'bring fan base closer to development team'
    Doomfist, the legendary Overwatch bad guy, is now live on the PTR
    Overwatch update reduces loot crate duplicates, adds improved Highlight features
    Jeff Kaplan says Overwatch is balanced, and he likes the "dive meta" just fine
    Doomfist's rocket punch is the target of one of Overwatch's quickest nerfs
    Blizzard may have just leaked the location of World of Warcraft's next expansion

    Hearthstone's Next Expansion Is All About The Lich King
    Hearthstone update suggests 'Appear Offline' mode is finally on its way
    Mass Effect: Andromeda teases Batarians and a new 'Platinum' Apex mission difficulty
    Mass Effect Andromeda’s latest patch sheds DRM
    Crypt of the NecroDancer's prequel DLC is coming out of Early Access on July 12
    Conan Exiles update adds climbing mechanics
    The Elder Scrolls Online’s Horns of the Reach DLC is out next month

    Hitman outlines monthly roadmap, appears to hint at continued episodic release format

    Mafia III's DLC Wraps Up With A Cult-Fueled Adventure
    Horizon Zero Dawn adds New Game Plus mode and ‘Ultra Hard’ difficulty

    Rainbow Six Siege's loot boxes start rolling out today

    Sony’s shutting down The Tomorrow Children

    How THQ Nordic will build a successful brand out of a failed one

    Paradox offers free games to compensate for bungled price increase

    Firewatch fan ordered a fake novel from an in-game prop, so the studio made him one

    Ubisoft's Jason VandenBerghe joins ArenaNet

    Fallout 4 under fire for ‘repugnant’ ads as ‘The Wanderer’ singer files suit

    Psyonix: "We see Rocket League as a platform, not as a franchise"

    Duelyst developer partners with Bandai Namco

    Nintendo dismisses idea of entering resurgent PC market

    You can now play God of War III and Killzone Shadow Fall on PC

    Riot Games sues mobile game developer for producing alleged League of Legends knockoffs

    Sega embraces "grassroots" games-as-a-service

    Crecente out!
    A Bunch of Dicks Ruined This Wonderfully Creepy Indie Game

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is being removed from Steam

    Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is over, having raised over $1.7 million for charity
    One Titanfall 2 developer shared secrets of how enemies spawn to help out speedrunners
    The Best Speedruns From SGDQ 2017
    Games Done Quick Is a Modern Day Olympics
    The BAFTA Young Game Designers Awards 2017

    14th Annual Games for Change Award Finalists Announced

    You can get a two thousand dollar scholarship just by writing about Minecraft

    ‘Mario Maker’ Player Has Spent 1,500 Hours Trying to Beat His Own Level
    Mega Maker is a neat looking, unofficial Mega Man level editor
    A mod that promises to be the "definitive Deus Ex experience" just released its final version
    Top Fallout 4 and Skyrim modders weigh in on Bethesda's Creation Club

    This Japanese XCOM-like mecha strategy game has been translated to English after 23 years
    Esports News
    The Weekend In Esports: ESL One Cologne, Dota 2, And ARMS

    Plan your next weekend now, as the Evo 2017 schedule is out

    Angela Merkel’s Party Offers Support for Esports

    Matcherino Raises $1.5 Million Investment for Tournament Crowdfunding Platform

    For Honor Gains ‘Hero Series’ Esports Tournament Following Ubisoft and ESL Partnership

    University of California Irvine will soon offer Overwatch scholarships

    ESPN reports Blizzard has six Overwatch League teams lined up
    The Coolest Techniques From Arms' First Major Tournament

    An Australian Quake Player with 200+ ping beat out the competition to qualify for US tournament

    Top Pro Dominates Tournament With Street Fighter V’s Newest Character

    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)
    ARCANA HEART 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! | 2D fighting game
    Dress to kill
    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)
    The making of Final Fantasy 12

    Final Fantasy XII Is Way Better Than I Remembered
    Final Fantasy XII’s New Fast-Forward Feature Is A Godsend
    NBA Jam Oral History

    Blue Sky Thinking: Why Everybody Still Loves Sega

    Why former Sega president Bernie Stolar is still proud of the Dreamcast

    10 Years Ago, I Almost Got Someone Fired While Reporting a Story

    Why PUBG’s rickety deathtraps are among the best vehicles in gaming

    Five Years Later, 'Spec Ops: The Line' Still Hates Military Bullshit

    Ghosts of Neoliberalism | The Signal From Tölva

    Why people are still making NES games

    Austin Wintory on composing Absolver, a game about 'friendship through fighting'

    Composer and director of Rakuen on crafting an evocative soundtrack

    My 5-year-old has learned more from playing video games than from watching ‘Sesame Street’

    Despite a Cold Shoulder at E3, Sony Isn't Turning Its Back on Indies

    Designing each of the 50 weapons in Dead Cells to feel distinctive

    Opinion: A requiem for Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Discover the Creators: Yoko Taro’s Favorite PS4 Games

    The history and future of Fire Pro Wrestling, as told by Tomoyuki Matsumoto

    How A Designer Accidentally Opened Every Door In The Witcher 3

    Naughty Dog
    What developers are saying about the design of Nintendo's Arms

    Japanese game translations honored in new book

    Spinning beats with Yuzo Koshiro
    Convince This Giant Eyeball Of Your Own Self-Worth

    A New Game That Captures The Cringe Of Middle School Romance

    Nina Freeman’s Games Really Get Millennial Romance
    Killer Goat Man Chases You In This Puzzle Based Visual Novel

    Here's Three Stories About YouTube Plagiarism
      3D Mario Games: Critique and Comparison
    Journey: The Story in the Score | Game Score Fanfare
    Superposition: The Genre of Life is Strange
    The Villain of Edith Finch
    Wolfenstein: The New Order Is About More Than Defeating the Nazis
    4 Good Game Design INNOVATIONS of 2017
    Miyamoto REALLY Likes Pikmin | Mini Mortem [SSFF]
    Level up Screens: Design by Division
    How To Write A Song From The Mega Man 2 Soundtrack
    Getting Started as a Game Journalist - Practice, Prepare, and Pitch - Extra Credits
    One Million Subs - Thank YOU for Supporting Extra Credits!
    The 2017 Failure Workshop
    The Sound of No Man's Sky
    Crush the Norm: Diversity Rules (At King)
    A Study of Creature Animation in Film and Games
    You Look Smashing: The Procedural Art Direction of We Happy Few
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies
    15 Years Later, Here's Why A Gamer Was Duct-Taped To A Ceiling

    Devs Conspire With Twitch Viewers To Troll Clustertruck Speedrun

    Platinum's Hideki Kamiya Just "Confirmed" Okami 2, Viewtiful Joe 3
    Ubisoft Removes Fourth Of July Fireworks From Watch Dogs 2 After 'Noise Complaints'

    50 Battlegrounds Players Band Together To Test The Game's Limits
    Watch a 'SUPERHOT VR' Speedrunner Demolish the Game In 8 Minutes
    Things I Missed From Previous Weeks
    Metro Exodus and the developer that won’t stop fighting

    Kotaro Uchikoshi VS Kazutaka Kodaka: Adventure Game Courtroom Battle

    By Brandykins1982, in Frontpage,

    Hello, everyone! We are back on the bimonthly Stream Team article schedule! You will see a new article every second and fourth Monday of every month. 
    This month is a new feature for the Stream Team articles. Once a month, a member of the AJSA Stream Team will be featured in what is called the Streamer Showcase!
    The featured AJSA Stream Team member for the month of July is Torozor. You can find his Twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/torozor and his Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/torozor and in his own words:  "Don't forget to leave a like and why not follow my Twitch channel and Twitter at the same time." 
    How long have you been streaming?:  I've been streaming for two years.  How did you find the AJSA community?:  I can't really remember, but I think it was one of AJ's videos about the relaunch of the AJSA. After checking out the forums, I decided to take part in the weekly events of Planetside 2.  How did you become a member of the AJSA Stream Team?:  I first started streaming with a bunch of other lads but that failed after a couple of weeks. Then, while watching Tons0Fun's stream, I noticed an AJSA Gaming group, so I did some research on the forums and found a section to send in an application to join the team.  What's your style of streaming? What types of games do you typically like to play/stream?:  I am the most Mediocre Video Gamer. The games I tend to play--anything from FPS, RPGs, Strategy, Horror (when I have the balls!), to Action/Adventure.  What is your favorite game--that one game you always end up going back to--and why?:  Well, a guilty pleasure of mine would have to be Football Manager 2016. Sometimes, I love playing it, and then suddenly it turns upside down and I hate everything about it! Last, but not least, what clips/highlights best sums you up as a streamer?:  Don't trust me with a 'nade, or a car. 

    By RuneX, in Frontpage,

    News and Highlights
    First I want to thank everyone who came out to the Xbox events in June, it was a ton of fun. Really excited to see us pumped up and ready to play during the summer. Last month was just the start and we're not looking to stop anytime soon. In July, the AJSA Xbox One Division is rolling out several new initiatives aimed at showcasing new event series and strengthening our existing supported titles. In this article we will highlight the projects we have lined up, as well as providing updates on the status of some games in our schedule this week. Enjoy!
    Xbox One Gamertag List - After a very long time on the sidelines, the Xbox One Gamertag List is returning new and improved. Now you can easily post your own Gamertag and view Gamertags other Angry Army members right off the bat. This is an easy and effective way for you to meet new friends in the Xbox One Division. Adding your Gamertag to this list is also a good first step to get yourself involved in the community. Feel free to share your Gamertag and games you list you play here.
    Gigantic - This Saturday night we will be holding a special event for Gigantic.We're taking a week break from Overwatch to do squad up and play this free to play third-person MOBA. Gigantic focuses on team based combat with 'Heroes' (each Hero has their own style and set of abilities) going up against each other. Each team has a 'Guardian' (a "gigantic" magical creature) and you must protect your Guardian while trying to take down the enemy Heroes and their own Guardian.
    Gigantic is available to download and play from the Xbox Store. Simply look in the 'Free Games' category to find it. This event I'm sure will be very exciting and I look forward see the AJSA group up and tackle this game together. Event and host details are included in further down this article.
    'Flashback' Events Every Tuesday - Starting this Tuesday, we will be starting a new event series for July here in the Xbox One Division. Every Tuesday night this month we will be featuring an Xbox 360 game available through the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program. As a community, we can get to experience these games together when in the past we may have missed out playing multiplayer on some of these games, didn't have a large group to play with, or simply didn't have the game.
    For the past few months we've dabbled with some Backward Compatible titles as events such as Battlefield 3, Black Ops II, and Halo: Reach but we're going to put more focus and scheduling more of these sort of events in July.
    Additionally, what's also awesome about this initiative is that if there are any brothers and sisters of the Angry Army who still play on the Xbox 360 and have the games that we are playing during these events, you can participate! We can access the Xbox 360 servers when playing via backward compatbility, meaning as long as we have your Gamertag...we can add and invite you to our game lobby! Need more details? Don't hesitate to message me on the forums!
    'Old School' Events Every Sunday - While on Tuesday nights we go back in time to revisit old Xbox 360 titles, on Sundays we go back and play some games that helped define and shape the Xbox One Division over the years. Similar to the Flashback events, every Sunday we feature a different game from our past. We kicked off this series with Halo: Master Chief Collection last night and we'll continue on with Battlefield 4 on this coming Sunday.
    Halo: Master Chief Collection events back in the Summer of 2015 reinvigorated our 'Angry' Halo playerbase and helped the lay the foundation for us to enter Halo 5, a game that we would then hold weekly events for over a solid year. Battlefield 4 still stands today as our longest running weekly event in the Xbox One Division, starting in April 2015 and ending in November 2016. We had a great turnout for MCC last night and I expect nothing different for Battlefield 4. Hope to cya there.
    Destiny Update - In July we are taking a month-long break from Destiny events here on Xbox. Stay tuned for our activities and events for August, which will be our last full month of Destiny events. Destiny remains an important game in our Divison's history and in August we have many great things planned to honor our past, close out our current operations, and move over to the sequel. We'll continue to post updates as the weeks go on. Interested in Destiny 2 information? Check out this thread created by our Destiny Sergeant on Xbox, MasterfulJoe.
    Battlefield 1 + Overwatch - Our two biggest games in the Xbox Division will be featured throughout July, with consistent Friday and Saturday night events respectively. Apart from this Saturday night, and July 29th, Overwatch is slated for Saturdays for the rest of the month. On Battlefield 1 we're looking forward to a new map that is going to dropping sometime this month, hopefully sooner rather than later. Also I'm very impressed with the squad work and communications from our members while playing during the events.
    AJSA Gaming Youtube
    Xbox One Events - Halo: Reach - June 25th, 2017 - We're happy to share with you highlights our night of gaming and fun on Halo: Reach! Enjoy.
    If you are passionate about the community, like to make videos and record during events, you are absolutely welcome to create videos such as this shown above and share them with all your fellow AJSA members in the Community Content section of the forums! You can also contact Jayson's Rage and coordinate with him to get footage from your events on the channel.
    AJSA Xbox One Weekly Event Schedule [July 11th to July 16th]
    How Can I Join An Xbox One Event? - For new members/first time event participants, I highly encourage you to add all the hosts as your friend on Xbox Live (Gamertags are listed for every host below). You can also join the AJSA Xbox Club and add hosts/members there.
    All Xbox Live event parties are open and participants can join freely without restriction. Communication is done primarily in the Xbox Live Party system. We accept and make adjustments for people who are shy in large groups and/or for people who have no mics.
    If you do not have the host as a friend, please message the host for an invite to the game/party during the event and then exchange friend requests upon entry to the party.
    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to play, you are free to do so. Otherwise keep note of the event start times and join the host's Xbox Live party to begin. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at "RuneX" on the forums or on Xbox Live.
    Halo: Reach - Xbox One Event - Tues. July 11th, 2017 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    'Flashback' Event [Xbox Backward Compatibility]
    As part of our new Tuesday event series in July, the Xbox One Division will be featuring a different Xbox 360 game part of Backward Compatibility every Tuesday in an event form. This week, to start off the series, we are showcasing Halo: Reach, an Xbox 360 classic. This will be a fun opportunity for members to relive old memories or experience this game for the first time in a group.
    We will gather all participants into one Xbox Live Party, provided by the host, and from there we will designate group activities and form squads. Activities will range from online multiplayer and custom games. Contact the host (info provided below) if you want extra info about the upcoming event.
    For participants playing from their Xbox 360: Please add the hosts to your friends list on your 360 and please send a message letting the host know you want an invite to our game session during the event.
    To learn more about Halo on Xbox One, click below:
    Event Summary:
    Time: July 11th, 2017 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)
    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]
    Click here for the full event schedule for Halo in July
    Battlefield 1 - Xbox One Event - Fri. July 14th, 2017 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    Squad up with the Angry Army on Xbox One this coming Friday night at 7:00pm EST with host RuneX.
    Participants are highly encouraged to join the Xbox Live Party of the host "AScapeRunePlaya" during the event. If the party is full, please message him so room can be made for you. You can message the host before the event to give advance notice of your attendance.
    Squad Leaders will be designated by the hosts to help run the event smoothly and to assist the host in accommodating all players. We'll be playing game modes like Conquest and Rush throughout the evening. Additionally thanks to the introduction of 'Premium Parties', we'll be able to take members into DLC servers even if they don't have Premium or any of the map expansions.
    To learn more about the AJSA Xbox One Battlefield group, click here.
    Event Summary:
    Time: July 14th, 2017 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)
    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]
    Click here for the full event schedule for Battlefield in July
    Gigantic- Xbox One Event - Sat. July 15th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)

    Join the Angry Army this Saturday night at 6:30pm EST for a special Gigantic community event! This game is a new Free to Play third person MOBA title released for the console. Gigantic focuses on team based combat with 'Heroes' (each with their own style and ability) going up against each other alongside their team's 'Guardian' (a massive magical creature!). Members of the Angry Army must protect their Guardian and try to take down the enemy Guardian while eliminating the opposing team.
    Gigantic is available to download from the Xbox Store under the "Free Games" category. The size of the game is a little over 8GB, so the host advises you have the game installed and ready to go before the event starts if you wish to play right away.
    Please contact the host, WookieJedi, on Xbox Live or on the forums if you have any questions regarding this upcoming event.
    Event Summary:
    Time: July 15th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)
    Host: AJSAWookieJedi [Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi]
    Battlefield 4- Xbox One Event - Sun. July 16th, 2017 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    Every Sunday in July we will be featuring a different game from the Xbox One Division's past. In this month long 'Old School' event series this month, we will gather to play some of the games that defined our Division and create new memories by revisiting games of old. This week we're going back to Battlefield 4, the Xbox One Division's longest running weekly event.
    This community event is for fun! Please join us for a night of gaming, good times, laughs and adventures as we play a variety of  game modes and online multiplayer. No DLC is required to play. Bring a good attitude and plenty of bullets.
    Any questions/if you need assistance, please contact the host on the forums or on Xbox Live. Their Gamertag is listed below.
    Event Summary:
    Time: July 16th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (12:00am GMT)
    Host: StraightUpMelon [Gamertag: StraightUpMelon]
    Click here for the full event schedule for Battlefield in July
    Stay Connected With the Xbox One AJSA Community
    Sign Up To Receive Event Notifications On Your Xbox - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/37805-ajsa-xbox-one-message-system-sign-up-to-receive-event-notifications/
    Xbox Section of the Forum - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/32-xbox-one/
    Join the AJSA Club on Xbox One - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/37127-ajsa-xbox-one-club-how-do-i-join/
    Want More AJSA-Wide Community Content?
    AJSA Twitter - https://twitter.com/AJSAgaming
    AJSA Stream Team - https://www.twitch.tv/team/ajsa
    AJSA Gaming Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/AJSAGaming
    AJSA Community Content Section - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/42-community-content/

    By WITHASTICK, in Frontpage,

    Game Nights SMITE (7/8/17), Hosted by DoctorPainMD.
    Spots are limited and time is short, sign-up on the Events posted on the PlayStation 4 Community.

    Game Nights are weekly PlayStation 4 community events where members gather every Saturday to play games together. These games can span from; newly released Triple-A games, old popular games, indie games, free-to-play games, and even PS Plus monthly line-up games that support multiplayer features. Now Game Nights uses the PlayStation Events feature combine with the Community page feature. Simply join the AJSA Community page, and every Wednesday get a notification from the Events feature. This notification alerts you to sign-up for the next Game Nights event. No matter what game it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. So come join the mayhem, make new friends, laugh all night, destroy the world or destroy each other!

    How To Join Game Nights
    Make sure you’re apart of the AJSA’s PlayStation 4 Community Page. Click here to learn more about Community Pages.
    Each host will create an Event for Game Nights on the PlayStation 4 through the Community Page. Accept and join one of the host created Game Nights Events.
    Please DO NOT join more than one of the host created Events.
    Look for and remember Game Nights date and start time for your region/country below.
    On the day and start time of Game Nights the Event feature will auto-create a party chat and auto-invite everyone who signed-up to it.
    If you're having trouble joining Game Nights click here to see a visual guide on how to join.

    Regional/Country Start Times
    Universal Time Coordinated
    10:00 PM UTC
    North America Times
    6:00 PM ET
    5:00 PM CT
    4:00 PM MT
    3:00 PM PT
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    11:00 PM GMT

    *Game Nights are ever changing and are open to change. Always stay up-to-date in case a Game Nights event changes.*

    By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    112 new things in XCOM 2 War of the Chosen, final parts of Noclip's FFXIV documentary and of Brian Fargo's interview with IGN Unfiltered, Persona's symbolism and connections to Jungian psychology, Chris Bratt on video game voice acting and the actor that didn't know that he was a major character in Fallout 4, Cuphead devs rebuilt the game after 2015's E3, Battlefront 2's progression and loot systems, origins and ideology of cyberpunk and cyberspace, Star Fox 2 developers celebrate the game getting a release, Five Nights at Freddy's 6 announced and cancelled, Arkane founder Raphael Colantonio talks about why he's leaving the industry, Errant Signal on why 0451 show up in so many immersive sims and their frequent themes, Level-5's Akihiro Hino on learning from Ghibli, and more.
    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC, game updates, company and developer news, country news, mods)
    Twitch will now allow its Affiliates to offer subscriptions

    112 new things in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen (Yes, seriously)
    Every rat in A Plague Tale: Innocence will behave like 'a filthy little individual creature'

    Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Lets You Travel and Share Stories | E3 2017 Indie Mix
    Charting the Folkways of America in Videogame Form
    Here’s the epic Battlestar Galactica strategy game you always wanted
    Black the Fall and Eastern Europe's Communist Past
    Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Aims To Prevent Endless Combos

    How the 'Life Is Strange' Prequel Is Giving Queer Fans More Choices

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 outlines how its crates and crafting systems work
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 - FIRST LOOK! Legendary Cards and Star Card Customization! New Gameplay!
    Keep in mind that, while the linked article is PCGamer, the above videos are made by a Star Wars fan channel, and they are sponsored (as they disclose in the video) fanboys.
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes spark pay-to-win fears
    Call of Duty: WW2's supply drops aren't pay-to-win

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel for PC launches in July

    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Backer Update 36 - Deep Dive into the E3 Video
    Fumito Ueda submitted a proposal of changes for the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake

    FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch plays surprisingly well

    StarCraft: Remastered will release this August for $15

    StarCraft Remastered devs unveil price, explain how much is being rebuilt
    How Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord simulates its huge medieval battles

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Hard Medieval Living
    In Kingdom Come: Deliverance I threw fists, dice, and very nearly poo
    Cuphead devs entirely rebuilt the game after E3 2015

    Cuphead won’t be coming to PlayStation 4
    Inside dev Dino Patti reveals more about new game Somerville and why he left Playdead
    Evil Genius 2 in development at Rebellion
    Answering Assassin's Creed Origins' Lingering Questions
    A Stealth Game Where You Can Control The Elements
    15 minutes of English Chaos;Child gameplay
    A new Code Vein trailer shows off a little cave spelunking alongside your murdering
    Run a cursed zoo in The Eldritch Zookeeper
    Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly And Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk Headed To North America in 2018

    Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] coming to North America in late 2017

    7 Minutes of Destructive Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay
    Aztez, a 2D beat-em-up strategy game set in ancient Mexico, is coming in August
    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana ‘Mysteries of the Isle’ trailer
    Gundam Versus launches September 29 in the Americas
    Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Heads Westward In Early 2018 For PS4, Xbox One, And PC
    7’scarlet coming to North America in 2018

    Bad Apple Wars launches September 29 in North America

    Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ coming to North America in 2018

    Horror Exploration Game Creeping Terror Headed Westward In Fall 2017 For PC And 3DS
    Five Nights at Freddy's creator to "step back" from popular series

    Five Nights at Freddy's 6 fans excited for release now that it's cancelled
    Nights of Azure 2 launches for PS4, Switch, and PC on October 24 in North America, October 27 in Europe
    Destiny 2's weapons and armor won't have random rolls

    Destiny 2 starts the ‘housekeeping’ phase for clan migration
    Two other studios will help Bungie make Destiny 2's live content
    Swords of Ditto gets an extended gameplay video
    Walden, the Henry David Thoreau survival game, comes out on July 4
    Drive Girls coming to North America on August 11

    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time coming to the Americas for PS4, PC in early 2018

    Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns launches October 13 in Europe

    Tropico 6 preview: Building bridges to keep everybody happy — whether they like it or not

    SG/ZH School Girl/Zombie Hunter coming to North America in late 2017

    Rain World expansion will usher in difficulty options and multiplayer

    BioWare kiboshes Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC cancellation rumor
    Sources: Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Get Single-Player DLC
    How internet trolls became Mass Effect fans' public enemy number one
    Watch Dogs 2 update adds four player co-op next week
    StarCraft's Stukov is in Heroes of the Storm - here are his skins, sprays, and more
    The next Hearthstone expansion will be announced next week

    Oh no, Doomfist works for the bad guys in Overwatch

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds studio wants to add cross-play between PC and Xbox One

    Battlegrounds Cracks Down On Thousands Of Cheaters
    How PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds went from scrappy mod to one of the games of 2017
    Here's how PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' new desert map looks
    G2A sellers will have to publicly list their names and address from July

    Paradox Interactive acquires Triumph Studios
    RP prices are increasing by 20% in League of Legends in the UK because of Brexit

    Rust has lost over $4 million in refunds, but its developer doesn’t mind
    Valve received more than 205,000 refund requests yesterday
    The Star Fox 2 team is so pumped to see the game come out
    Q&A: Inside the 22-years-late release of Star Fox 2
    Inside 'Star Fox 2', the Stellar SNES Sequel That Sadly Never Was
    Dangen Entertainment, a new Osaka-based publisher, wants to support new indies of all kinds

    What's Phil Harrison up to these days?

    Leaving Arkane: The pressure of "making impossible things"
    IGDA executive director Kate Edwards steps down

    BioWare's Dragon Age team is currently 'hiring a lot of people', says creative director

    Glixel's San Francisco office closed, team laid off

    'Achievement Spam' Games Are Causing Controversy On Steam

    Sony Pulls 'Easiest PS4 Platinum Trophy' Game From Store
    China extends lead as the world's biggest video game market

    Riot Games Owner Tencent Imposes Online Gaming Limit for Minors
    40 indie games to be featured in Smithsonian American Art Museum event

    Women-only gaming event cancelled because of angry internet men

    Indie game leader Rami Ismail condemns harassment that shut down Spanish women’s gaming event
    Fan-Made Halo Game Is Legal And Development Can Continue, 343 Industries Confirms
    Beyond Skyrim - Bruma mod is enormous and out now
    This mod for Diablo 2 steals the best ideas from Path of Exile and makes it feel new again
    A prototype of an abandoned SNES Rayman game is playable on PC
    Esports News
    The Weekend In Esports: Pokémon Championships And Overwatch Contenders

    Layoffs as ESL restructures

    Thai Ministry Denies National Esport Players from Competing in 2017 AIMAG

    Super League Gaming Closes $15 Million Funding, Investors Include Nickelodeon, DMG and aXiomatic

    INTERVIEW: “ReDeYe” on Talent Management and the Rise of South African Esports

    A year on from launch, Overwatch is a struggling eSport

    Evil Geniuses disband their Overwatch team after just two months
    This Year's Dota 2 International Will Be The First Without A Defending Champion

    Valve is eliminating the Dota 2 Majors for the 2017-18 season
    15-Year-Old's Reaction To Winning Her First Street Fighter V Tournament Is Everything
    What Do Esports Players Do After They're Done With Esports?

    Inside The Growing Coaching Industry Supporting League Of Legends Teams

    Meet Brandon 'Seagull' Larned, the World's Most Famous 'Overwatch' Player

    Female Esports Pros Hope To Close The Gender Gap
    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)
    Fight Knight blends dungeon-crawler exploration with first-person fisticuffs
    The Music of Pathfinder: Kingmaker by Inon Zur
    Octavia: Tough Cookie
    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)
    The Cyberspace we Forgot | Neuromancer

    A Post-Modern Ideology Delivery System on Cyberpunk and the function of Genre

    Level-5's Akihiro Hino on the Success of 'Layton' and Learning from Ghibli

    PlayStation Vita's Rebirth as a Boutique Platform

    This Game's Secret Door Has Been A Mystery For 12 Years. Now, It's Solved.

    The making of Prey's Gloo Cannon

    Prey was originally going to let players fly through Talos 1
    Fumito Ueda
    How Identity Politics Nearly Destroyed, But Then United a Small, Online Community

    Why Does Everyone Hate Mercy?

    How Wolfenstein is a tribute to Free Love and the spirit of the Sixties

    Gaming For All: How The industry Is Striving To Accommodate Disabled Gamers

    World of Warcraft's Lesbian Couple Is A Promising Step For Azeroth

    Robert Yang's The Tearoom appeals to censors by swapping cocks for glocks
    Bad Translation Comes Close To Ruining Cult Classic Princess Maker 3

    Mia Khalifa Dove Straight Into Twitch and She Isn't Looking Back

    Dan Abnett: “Story should be the spine of your game”

    So I wrote a letter to Jeff Kaplan, and today in the mail I got a response back…

    Alan Wake's Closed Off Open World Enhances Its Twin Peaks-Style Weirdness

    'Persona 5' Can't Champion Marginalized Underdogs Without Queer Characters

    Why Ditching Procedurally Generated Dungeons Makes Persona Better
    ‘The Town of Light’ Leverages Reality to Portray Survival Horror

    Why Are There So Many Games About Cops This Year?

    Project To Curate A Thousand Small Indie Games Is Finally Complete
    Assassination Plot Discovered By Video Game Forum

    Dev rescues '80s text adventure source code by baking tapes in an oven

    At BitSummit, Castlevania creator gets hands-on with some of the games he inspired

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Documentary Part #3 - "The New World"
    Persona 5 and Jungian Psychology - Masks, Major Arcana, and Meaning - Extra Credits
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver | Forgotten Gems
    Embracing F.E.A.R. [SPOILERS]
    The voice actor who didn't know he was in Fallout 4 - Here's A Thing
    Delay The Game | Feature Creep By Tarmack
    Pushing the SNES to its Limits: Wonder Project J - Region Locked Feat. Greg (Gameplay & Analysis)
    Brian Fargo on Wasteland 3 and InXile's Future (IGN Unfiltered #20, Episode 3)
    toco toco Season Finale: Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Game Creator
    Seven Years in Alpha: The Thumper Postmortem
    The Design of Time: Understanding Human Attention and Economies of Engagement
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies
    Xbox fan with highest Gamerscore goes on honeymoon, loses top spot after 11 years
    IX is the best one
    Hardest Besiege Levels
    Things I Missed From Previous Weeks
    How Did They Do That - Crash Bandicoot's Cartoony Animation

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    After hosting 23 different games within the EF, we've finally decided to take a breather and look at the various concepts which the EF was founded on. This is so we see which concepts are actually working and how we can improve them.
    As such we've decided to take the month of July 2017 off to focus our efforts on restructuring how the EF works. Our aim is to come back swinging in August with this restructured EF. The exact nature of how the EF will work in the future is still being discussed. Rest assured that we'll fully inform you of the new concepts around the end of July/ beginning of August.
    Hosting 23 games in the course of two years is nothing to sneeze at, and we're hoping to ultimately bring a similar kind of diversity to the EF in the future. Below is a list of all the games we've hosted here, in chronological order: