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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Join the AJSA community this Saturday in a Training Operation on Planetside 2's Test Server! Try out the slow-firing NC and the neon-firing Vanu, as you pit wits against your fellow AJSA teammates!

    By DoctorEvil, in Articles,

    In lieu of an normal operation this weekend, we've got a special training operation laid out for our members that should be a nice change of pace, and could be a preview of what we might do for our next big operation (Hint: Op #5 - AJSA Civil War; Smurfs Versus Barnies).
    Our lead for this TRAINING OPERATION is Sergeant Jyk, who along with other officers/sergeants will run this event. I will turn it over to him and his prepared event outline below:

    We are going to do a training operation this Saturday. We're not really focused on what cert does what, how to buy guns, or anything like that. This training operation will be about how to work as a squad, and it will also be about how the other factions play. Therefore, even the most veteran players should show up, I promise you you won't get bored

    We will be doing this operation on the Test Server. We'll be doing it there for three reasons.

    Firstly, The test server gives every new character 100,000 certs, and all weapons on the test server are priced at exactly 1 cert. This means that every character can specialize into exactly what they want to right from the start, and we'll all have a level playing field.

    Secondly, the test server is the only location that is both controlled enough to have a well organized fight in, and it is the only place where we can actually shoot each other. If we were to try this in the VR training room we'd rack up a ton of kills on the hologram dummies, but we wouldn't learn much. If we were to try this on one of the abandoned bases on the live server, somebody somewhere would notice our presence and interfere.

    Finally, parts of Hossin are live on the test server. We will have the opportunity to play around on the new continent and get the general feel for the bases. That will be our post-operation operation, and I'll lead the tour around the swamp continent for any who are interested.

    The general layout of the operation is as follows:

    First hour: characters on all factions are created, certs are spent, and outfits and squads are organized. At the end of the hour, each squad will be assigned to a faction.

    Second hour, first fifteen minutes: Squad Vs Squad games will commence, squads will be matched against another squad of equal force and bases will be assigned.

    Second hour, second fifteen minutes: Combat stops. Victory will be awarded based on which faction has the most control of the base. Both squads meet in the same Teamspeak channel and talk about the fight that just happened, sharing insights, compliments, and/or friendly taunts. If both squad leaders agree they've run out of things to talk about before the fifteen minutes are up, they can go back to killing each other.

    Second hour, second half hour: Squads are rotated so that everyone on one faction will have the opportunity to fight against the other squad. Squads who had just put up a defending action will be assigned to attack, and vice versa. After fifteen minutes, victory will be awarded and the squads will meet in a TS channel to discuss again.

    Third hour: Everyone logs out and logs back in as the other faction. Second hour repeats, but with color changes.

    Fourth hour, first fifteen minutes: Everyone piles in one channel, squad leaders will discuss with each other any insights, or they'll honor any MVPs.
    However long we're interested afterwards: We grab shield diffuser Sunderers and wander around Hossin for a while.

    Click this link
    Go to the bottom of the first post, by the Developer RadarX.
    Click on the linked word, "here," in the final paragraph to begin downloading the Test Server.
    Run the test server, and follow any on screen instructions.
    Expect the download to take slightly longer than the download of the actual Planetside game.

    We would appreciate it if you would create and cert out characters on all three factions before the operation begins. The less of that we need to deal with in the first hour, the more likely we can get started on the second hour earlier.
    We would appreciate it if you checked the test server the day before the operation for any updates. Updates to this server are frequent, though usually small. You should definitely use our Teamspeak to communicate with your teammates.
    Teaser Paragraph: GPurcb2.png

    By DamionRayne, in Articles,

    Welcome back to War Thunder!
    This Saturday starting 6PM EST (2300GMT) is the first official AJSA Gaming War Thunder Live Stream Event. We'll be going live right after the PlanetSide 2 OP Night, so that gives you several more hours worth of AJSA Gaming goodness!
    How Long will we be playing?
    Anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending.
    Will you be able to show off ground forces?
    I wish, but unfortunately no. There's still a ban placed on streaming war thunder ground forces, and unfortunately, I didn't make it in to the CBT for ground forces. But, as soon as I can stream...you better believe I will!
    What modes will you be playing in?
    Arcade at first, for a bit of a warm up, and then transitioning in to Realistic battles for a bit more challenge.
    Can we Join you?
    Of course you can! I'll be picking people from the in-game squadron to fly out with me on a bit of a rotation, and those in the stream who also play war thunder or decide they want to learn it are welcome to join us!
    Can we ask Questions?
    Sure, just keep it on topic and about War Thunder.
    Oh, and because I love you guys...here's some ground forces CBT gameplay from Entak to tide you over until we can start streaming it...

    Yeah, I'm so wanting to play ground forces.....
    We'll see you on Saturday! -DR
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Join the AJSA community this Saturday for our fourth operation in Planetside 2!

    By DoctorEvil, in Articles,

    Prepare yourself for AJSA Planetside 2 Operation No. 4....
    When: Saturday, January 11th, 2014, Operation will commence at 3PM EST (8PM GMT)
    Where: WATERSON Server, AJSA Teamspeak: ts3.ajsagaming.com
    How: Platoon and Squad Leaders will create specific Squad Channels in the Teamspeak to match the name of the in-game Squad in PS2. Join the Teamspeak Channel that matches the squad you join in game, so you can hear your Squad Leader!
    New members read the "READ HERE" forum post to see a list of Sergeants/Officers to send in-game messages to so you can get invited to the outfit.
    What: Our objective during Ops is to play together as a large team and cooperatively fight as an unit semi-seriously, while still having a fun time. Squad members are expected to listen to their Squad Leaders to ensure the AJSA is victorious in battle.
    Event Outline:
    Kick-off Phase: Starting Cheesiness - Hailstorm (High Altitude MAX Drop)
    To get into the mood and to announce that the AJSA is here, we will do something together as one large blob, before normal combat operations begin. For this operation, let's try a High Altitude Galaxy Drop with MAXes (what I'm calling a Hailstorm), our galaxies will fly to the height limit and drop their payload of AJSA MAXes over a hot spot. After we all die horribly, we can begin normal operations.
    Combat Phase:
    We will then break off to our platoon and squad assignments. If an Alert has started, we will play the objectives of the alert, otherwise, we will go to hot spots where we are needed (splitting continents if called for).
    Racing Phase:
    Once the Combat Phase winds down, we will have another exciting edition of the AJSA Racing League. This time we are going back to a classic with a twist, Partner's Flash Death Race. This means in order to win, you and your partner in the backseat have to survive the race together, and since it's a Death Race after crossing the midway point, Friendly Fire is allowed against your fellow racers! In the map I posted below, you can even see the proposed race route for our flashes, with special notes for the way-points. Congrats again to Op #3's Mosquito Race Champion Ysnar!

    PS - Be sure to hang onto your crazy screenshots you take during the event!
    Teaser Paragraph:

    Join the AJSA community on the Jedi Covenant Server and help the Empire obtain "UNLIMITED POWA!"

    By DoctorEvil, in Articles,

    The AJSA voted and we listened, we are opening a small guild for the Empire on the server Jedi Covenant for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a free-to-play MMORPG set 10,000 years before the events of the original trilogy, and follows off of the single-player RPG, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, also made by BioWare. While the free-to-play restrictions have been controversial, the game is free to play up to level 50, which lets you play out the entire original campaign for your character; some of the stories are very well written and expertly voice-acted. Getting "Preferred Access" only requires spending $5 or more in-game, which lifts some of the restricts, allowing you to create up to 6 active characters.
    Check out our launch post by our Guild Leader, TheFantasticFunk (in-game: Aicel), for more details on how to get involved: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/11430-welcome-please-read/
    Teaser Paragraph:

    The first official AJSA tournament for League of Legends

    By littlemowgli, in Articles,

    The field of Justice awaits you. The first AJSA Tournament for League of Legends will be hosted with prizes! "edited" times and pushed back
    So if you have a team and are ready to climb the ladders sign up your team on on the 3rd of January Central time of 8:00 AM
    It will be played on the NA region.
    Registration deadline is on the 16th of January at 11:59 PM so get your team ready
    The tournament will start on the 17th 6:00 PM Central time
    and will continue on to the 18th and 19th at 3:00 PM Central time.
    Max of 8 teams in this tournament.
    These times are set so teams have time to compete durring those days and things don't get postponed into other days.
    This will be a double elimination tournament, so fret not if your team loses one match because you still have one more chance to compete. two losses and you will be knocked out.
    Must have a team to participate
    Must be atleast a recruit of the army including everyone on your team to participate
    Must be connected to Teamspeak durring tournament
    Must take screenshot of end game lobby screen (this is to verify scores)

    If possible i would like to speak to all teams or atleast every team captain on the 16th, the day before the tournament to set up times for the teams to compete.
    So please message littlemowgli about this, I'll also will try to get in contact with each and every one one of you.
    And the prizes, I'm sure thats why most of you guys will be competing for. 20 dollars in RP for every individual member of the team that wins it all, and 5 dollars each to every individual member of the team that almost won it all.
    If you need to know how to use the tournament features we have a guide for that in the AJSA Tutorial Videos & Guides section in our forums.
    Rally your fellow AJSA members, create your team, practice, and most important of all, have fun.
    Here is a rough draft of our coming soon Tutorial Video on how to sign up a team! Wanted to put this here as it does the job perfectly until we get our next one out!

    Teaser Paragraph:


    By DamionRayne, in Articles,

    Welcome to War Thunder Pilots! I'm Damion Rayne, Commander Air Group for the AJSA War Thunder Squadron. With the launch of Patch 1.37 and all the major changes and additions it brings to the game, command decided it was high time we started to officially support this great game. With ground forces and combined arms maps right around the corner, there was no reason not to support the game fully now. Getting in on the ground floor as it were...
    Let's get started with the Chain of Command for War Thunder,
    Commander Air Group: Damion Rayne
    Deputy Commander Air Group: OPEN
    OIC Air Combat Command: OPEN - Responsible for Helping the CAG and DCAG set up events and day to day running of the Air Wing.
    OIC 1st Armored Division: OPEN - Responsible for Helping the CAG and DCAG set up events and day to day running of Ground Forces.
    Flight Training Officer: OPEN - Responsible for Air Combat Training Operations
    Armored Combat Training Officer: OPEN - Responsible for Ground Forces Training Operations
    Squadron Recruitment Status: OPEN
    Events Scheduling: WEEKLY
    Current Events: OPERATIONAL
    Training Operations for Official Tournaments
    Training Operations for Normal Play
    Intra-Squadron Tournaments
    Intra-Squadron Combat Operations and Custom Mission Events
    Epic War Thunder Music Intermission Time!

    Code of Conduct: Abide the AJSA Code of Conduct. Failure to follow the Code of Conduct can result in removal from the squadron. Serious infractions can and will be applied to a members standing with in the greater AJSA Community.
    1. Be respectful to all your fellow Squadron mates, and other pilots at all times.
    2. Do not Cheat, attempt to cheat or otherwise attempt to gain any unfair advantage over another player. Any person found of doing this will be reported to Gaijin and could suffer punitive action within the greater AJSA.
    3. At all times AJSA Pilots and Tankers are required to conduct themselves in a mature manner during gameplay. If you find yourself raging, (we all have) take a step back, relax, and come back later.