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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    By Angry Joe, in Articles,

    We have begun two League of Legends Tournaments to test our new Tournaments Application for upcoming Prize Competitions!
    If you would like to be one of the first teams ever to compete and help us develop a solid process for Tournaments in the Future, please join one of these tournaments now!

    NEED A TEAM? Become a Team Leader or Request to Join a Team in our Forums
    HERE!You must assemble a dedicated 5 man team to participate. Every member of the team must be at least a Recruit Level in the AJSA and each person must then install LOL Recorder in order to help us verify the result of the matches. The winning team must then submit the recorded match file to the Tournament Judge.
    Choose your Type:
    We are testing two types of Tournaments.
    You have your choice between a Ladder System where winning will give you 3 points towards the leaderboards and losing will subtract 1 point. The winner of the tournament will be the top team by the end of the scheduled competition.
    Or you can choose a Double Elimination Bracket system where your team will be put up against another randomly selected team, the winner will then advance to the next round. The final round will be played between the two remaining teams to determine a winner.

    The Registration Deadline is November 20th, 12:00PM Central! Sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!

    This is for NA Servers Only atm.

    The Final Tournaments will Include International Players as well!

    Remember this is the Test Tournament so there will be No Cash Prizes for the Winners, just bragging rights this time! The Official Tournament will have Cash & or RP prizes! Thanks for your help!

    To Accept a Team Invite please go to "
    My Profile" within the Tournaments Section!

    Tournament Rules:

    5 v 5 (Summoners Rift)
    Draft Pick
    Games must be Recorded for Verification

    Teaser Paragraph:

    By DamionRayne, in Articles,

    Join us in celebrating the announcement of the PS4 Beta opportunity for Destiny direct from Bungie!


    If that doesn't get your blood racing for what could be one of the most amazing shooter experiences we've ever had I don't know what will! Here's a quote from the team at Bungie,

    Destiny looks amazing so far, and could be one of the single most amazing experiences we've ever had as gamers. Make no mistake, the Angry Army will be in the world of Destiny in force!
    Teaser Paragraph:

    By Angry Joe, in Articles,

    The Winner Has Been Announced


    **UPDATE - This contest has run for long enough, I had no idea that it would be this successful or that this many people would want to join in. It's the first time we ever ran any contest like this & we've learned much from it. That we have a dedicated group of members here in the AJSA & that support for our initiatives are very strong. In the future there will be limits on joining, the contest will run for a much shorter amount of time, the number of total people that CAN join will be capped and restricted, and it will likely only be for member levels and above. All funds received from this contest event are being put 100% into the community - to send you guys out to competitive events fully paid for, to offer the money back in prize tournaments for the various games we play and to keep the community strong and healthy. None of these funds are being used personally or are being "pocketed" by anyone.**

    Contest Ends Early - End of Day Monday Nov 18th, 2013

    Winner Will be Selected & Announced Nov. 19th, 2013!

    Want your chance to win a Playstation 4 console for only $5?!

    Enter our AJSA community only raffle now!

    Head on over to the
    raffle section, and hit the participate button.

    This will be for one PlayStation 4 console!

    RAFFLE ENDS NOVEMBER 20th at the end of the day!

    Tell everyone you know as this is your chance to win a PlayStation 4 for only $5!

    - You must be an active Recruit member level in the AJSA or above to participate!

    (In the future these raffles will be for Member Level & Above only!)

    - Council and Commanders are not eligible to participate!

    (we will run separate officer Raffles in Future)

    - You must have at least 10 posts and be in good standing in the AJSA to participate!

    (Article Comments do not count towards this!)

    - Other Joe is not eligible to participate (LOLOL).

    - International members are welcome to enter. Shipping will be free of charge for you.

    The winner will be selected on Nov 21st, if there is no response by Nov 24th there will be another winner selected.

    By entering the raffle you agree to not dispute paypal payment if you do not win the prize

    You agree to all local state laws by participating in this raffle

    Teaser Paragraph:

    By Angry Joe, in Articles,

    Great news, guys!
    The folks over at Hi-Rez Studios have noticed our new community! In return, they wanted to congratulate and support us with some free codes for the reworked Chinese God, He Bo!
    Each code will grant you access to He Bo, as well as his alternate skin pack, Cascade! This is a combined 400 Gem value or about $8!
    To participate in the giveaway, check out the raffles section! Entering the raffle is completely free. Just click the button, and you are entered for the chance to win one of the ten codes we have to giveaway!
    AJSA Requirements:
    You must be a registered member of the [AJSA].
    You must be at least a Recruit Level or above.
    You must have at least ten posts on the forums (to ensure you are active).
    You are limited to one raffle ticket only. Anyone found abusing or hacking the system will be banned.
    You must not currently have any strikes or warnings against your account.
    The Council and Angry Joe are not eligible to participate.

    The Raffle Period:
    This raffle will run until Friday, Nov. 15th, 2013. Your Prize/Codes will be sent out to you on the same day. Monday, Nov 18th, 2013 at the latest.

    To show them that The Angry Army appreciates their gift, go download the game right now, or participate in the games discussion with us in our SMITE forums or our SMITE channel on our Teamspeak!
    SMITE may be willing to work with us again in the future with more giveaways and possible prizes! They also currently run their own tournaments for you guys to participate in, check them out here and their Twitch channel here!

    Teaser Paragraph:

    By Angry Joe, in Articles,

    We've gotten many Emails, PM's, and Forum Threads about how to Rank up within the Angry Army, how to request new servers be added, and how to request that the AJSA officially support a previous game!
    We are working hard on new policies for all of these things to help organize and facilitate each! First up is How to Request that the AJSA start playing a game officially.
    All that means is that the Angry Army goes full-into the game with large numbers, official forums, its own teamspeak section, regular streaming events, boot camp training sessions and Weekly Op Nights! Also note that if The AJSA Officially supports a game, Member levels and above are required to wear their tags in the game if the same support a free name change.
    Currently the only Official Game The Angry Army is Supporting is Battlefield 4. Angry Joe himself along with Delrith will be doing regular streaming events for the game (which hopefully gets patched soon). Soon we will select dedicated Game Admins and Game Officers to help run the events and boot camps alongside our regular events!
    If you would like to see a game you love or play often added to the "Official" supported list then please follow the below rules!
    And as always, any member of the Angry Army is free to play whatever game they wish and display their clan tag in any unofficial game. We also provide smaller teamspeak rooms for a few of the more popular unofficial games at this time!

    AJSA Members are free to play any non-official game that The Angry Army may not currently be active in, they may wear their [AJSA] tag and are in fact encouraged to do so. However if the community would like to organize events, gather a larger presence and have forums made out here on the website then they must submit for that game to become and Officially Endorsed game. These are the steps to get a New Game Endorsed by the Angry Army!
    1. Submit Request in Game Request Forums - Any Recruit Level or Above (Member Level & Above Only Starting January 1st, 2014) may submit a Request Thread in the Game Request Forums for the Game Poll to be added to the Official Angry Army Game Support Polling Forum. Please include why you think the Angry Army Should play the game as well as at least 3 PROS and 3 CONS of the Online Features of the Game.
    2. Visit the Polling Forums & Have Others Vote in the Poll - Once the Official Game Polls thread as been created, encourage others to Vote in the poll in order to get more support for the game within The Angry Army! With more recorded support, the better chance the Division will be launched!
    3. Once Poll Reaches Target Level - Game Supported! - After the Poll has reached a Target Vote Level (a Certain percentage of Active AJSA members) The Game will be Officially Supported! If they Angry Army Demands it, Command will answer the call and start the Division Immediately with a Talent search for Officers and/or Commanders who can take OWNERSHIP as Guild Leaders within that particular game and Report to Command on the games needs. They will be responsible for all activities, events, and training programs for that game, see the Division Requirements below.

    After that point AJSA will create a separate thread looking for experienced Guild Leaders to run that particular Game Division for The Angry Army - Those people will be given Game-Specific Officer Rank and will work closely with Commanders to keep the new Divsion Running at Peak Efficiency.

    1. At Least 1 Experienced Officer - In order for the AJSA to run an efficient Division within that new game, there must be at least ONE Experience Game-Specific Officer who is designated as "Guild Leader" (creating the guild in game as the owner). This Game Officer will then have the responsibility to run the game in cooperation with other Officers that he selects (and are approved by Command). He becomes the single point of contact for all AJSA matters related to that Game. Game Specific Officers may not run multiple Game Divisions within the Angry Army - They are in charge and support for only ONE at a time so that it has their FULL Attention.
    2. Training Program Schedule (BOOT CAMP) - Game Officers are responsible for creating a Training Program or Boot Camp so that new members can improve their skills and level quickly within the game. A Training Program is a REQUIRED Responsibility of the Game Officer (he may designate one of his supporting Officers to run this program). At least 2 Boot Camp Sessions are Required a month, and preferably the Game Officer will have 1 Boot Camp a week for members.
    3. Op Night Events - Once a Game has been Official Supported, The AJSA will run regular weekly OP Nights in that game setup and managed by the Game Officer. At least ONE OP Night is required a week, whether that be run by the Game Officer or one of his Supporting Officers. This Op Night will be scheduled by the Game Officer or any Commander on the Official AJSA Calendar. Post Op Debriefing Threads will be Required to be posted on the forums so that members and Command can review how OP Nights are progressing.