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  • By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    Alanah Pearce spent months conducting interviews with developers to learn if they believe if Twitch is having a negative impact on single player games, GVMERS on The Rise and Fall of SOCOM, Mother's Basement on Detroit Become Human being the worst civil rights allegory, Life Is Strange 2 reveal, Michael Futter tells the story of why the Telltale and Stranger Things deal took two years to happen, former Extra Credits founder and narrator launches New Frame Plus YT channel, Colin Campbell on why companies are afraid of the politics in their games, Maddy Myers toured three esports organizations to see how the teams live, James Dator writes about the life of a Grand Theft Auto role-player, Cameron Kunzelman asks Why Are There So Many Apocalyptic Video Games, Video Game Story Time on the broken heart that inspired Hyper Light Drifter, EU approves copyright law, and more.
    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)
    Life Is Strange 2
    'The Last of Us' Developers Discuss Realistic Kissing, Queer Fridging, More

    Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Gameplay Trailer
    Mutant World Zero Marries XCOM With Talking Animals
    Red Dead Redemption 2 existence on PC possibly leaked via LinkedIn

    Unavowed: Wadjet Eye’s next game gets launch trailer
    Resident Evil 2 remake looks very dark and scary in newest trailer
    Neo Cab Puts You on a Cyberpunk Adventure as an Uber Driver | The MIX E3 2018
    SRPG City of the Shroud’s first episode launches August
    The Makers Of Dying Light Are Trying Something Very New For The Sequel: Politics

    Where the Bees Make Honey is an Absolutely Gorgeous Puzzle Game | The MIX E3 2018
    Anthem Dev Answers Gameplay Questions - GameSpot Daily
    Chasm's Combat and World are Very Castlevania | The MIX E3 2018
    Darq Is A Zero-Gravity Psychological Horror Game | The MIX E3 2018
    Orphan Age: 12 Minutes of Gameplay of Kids Left Behind in a Dystopian Cyberpunk War
    This Is The Most Ridiculous Golf Game Ever | The MIX E3 2018
    'It can never be that simple': Designing the quests of Cyberpunk 2077

    CD Projekt Red is making a triple-A multiplayer shooter - and it’s probably Cyberpunk 2077
    CD Projekt RED Won't Commit to Gender Fluidity in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (Yet)
    What Total War: Three Kingdoms is learning from its Warhammer cousins (and Crusader Kings II)

    The Lord of the Rings card game delivers something we don’t have enough of on PC

    Just Cause 4 Dev on Weather, Wingsuits, and Weapons: "Everything You Love is Back, But More"

    Police Stories is coming along nicely, but taking its time

    Mega Man 11’s Dev Team Goes Into Detail On How Stages Are Made

    Mega Man 11 Video Talks About His 3D Model’s Design
    The team behind Alien: Isolation is working on a first-person tactical shooter

    Catherine: Full Body Trailer - E3 2018
    Norse action adventure game Fimbul coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in November
    Tactics Action Meets Tower-Defense Strategy in Bad North | E3 2018
    How We Happy Few was reinvented: "No one believed we even had a story"

    Mechanicus is Warhammer: 40,000 meets XCOM but with unique ideas of its own

    Death’s Gambit gameplay trailer
    Soulcalibur VI producer teases another major single-player mode in addition to Story Mode

    Zanki Zero: Last Beginning ‘Let’s Shine the Light on Humanity’s Bright Future’ gameplay
    London Detective Mysteria Heading West In Fall 2018

    Inazuma Eleven Ares Anime Coming To Europe In 2018, North America In 2019

    The formerly Wipeout-inspired Redout: Space Assault ditches racetracks for tactical space combat
    Shikhondo: Soul Eater coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this summer

    Friday the 13th gets permanently axed

    Final Fantasy XIV's Director Talks Housing Shortage, PS4 Cross-Play, And Much More
    Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition will be a significant, and free, upgrade for PC players
    Riot wants to make "an enormous amount" of new League of Legends champions

    Popular Twitch streamers temporarily banned thanks to DMCA takedowns

    Nintendo And Microsoft Are Rubbing Sony's Face In It

    Summer Games Done Quick 2018: everything you need to know about the first day

    Bethesda sues Warner Bros, calls its Westworld game ‘blatant rip-off’ of Fallout Shelter

    Stardock Responds To Star Control Developers' Claims Over Ownership Of Series

    OpenAI’s Dota 2 bots sets their sights on the big leagues

    Red Shell analytics software causes privacy uproar, over a dozen developers vow to drop it

    Proposed EU Copyright Law Could Cause Problems For Fan Content In Games

    South Korean court sends Overwatch hack creator to jail

    Esports News
    Overwatch League All-Star Game starting lineups revealed

    One Rule For The Dragon Ball FighterZ Championship Is The Most Dragon Ball Thing Ever

    New Rainbow Six Siege tournament aims to find the best players in the US

    Building Overwatch League - Heroes Never Die
    How Pro Gamers Live Now: Curfews, Personal Chefs, And All Of It On Camera

    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)
    XENONAUTS 2 : Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator
    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)
    The life of a Grand Theft Auto role-player

    Prominent Final Fantasy 14 community leader accused of blackmail and sexual harassment by over a dozen women

    Why Are There So Many Apocalyptic Video Games?

    Why are game companies so afraid of the politics in their games?

    If Ubisoft wants to cling on to Clancy, it's time to talk politics
    Ubisoft games are political, says CEO - just not the way you think
    Good and bad at all times: Adriel Wallick on jamming for a year

    Dream Hard as queer brawler defense

    Netflix, Telltale and ‘Stranger Things’: Why the Deal Took Two Years to Happen
    Coping With War: Where Video Games And The Lives Of Soldiers Intersect
    Katamari Damacy was way darker than you thought

    Descending Into Madness with Cultist Simulator

    The Rise and Fall of SOCOM
    Detroit: Become Human - The Worst Civil Rights Allegory
    Designing Elder Scrolls' Dark Brotherhood (Oblivion / Skyrim) - Noclip Short
    Hyper Light Drifter: The Story of Alx Preston
    Finding the Fun in Failure
    "You're Playing It Wrong" - Examining Intention in Games | PostMesmeric
    Primal Rage II from Heartbreak to Resurrection: The Journey After Cancellation
    New Frame Plus - Channel Trailer
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry
    NBA Rookie Also Video Game Marketing Rookie
    Things I Missed From Previous Weeks
    An Animated Storybook Is The Best Way To Learn Dark Souls Lore

    By RuneX, in Frontpage,

    Hello all, hope you are having an amazing day so far! In this article we are showcasing our last week of June events. Don't worry, I can't believe it is already the end of the month either! We want to thank everyone for a great start to our Summer event series. Your support and dedication keeps the community up and running everyday! We have games such as Battlefield 4, Halo: Reach, and Overwatch to help close out June. We hope you can join us as we wrap up our activities for the month.
    Our July events/activities outline will be published on July 9th. Thank you and have a great week!
    AJSA Gaming YouTube
    Check out the latest addition to the AJSA Gaming video library on Youtube! We're excited to to share with you our lighthearted recap from our Fortnite: Battle Royale event we had on Friday June 22nd, 2018. Enjoy!
    Thank you to all the participants and organizers that made this event possible!
    Featured Game Nights [June 27th]
    Xbox Game Nights were introduced back in January of this year. These are local AJSA Xbox Club activities that are normally held during days where we have no events scheduled. These organized play sessions are structured to be more loose and laidback, creating more opportunities for us as a community to reach out to more games and play even more with each other.
    For additional information on Game Nights/Weekly Events, check out our Xbox Community Information thread.
    Wednesday June 27th - Titanfall 2 - 7:00pm EST - Host: Sickshock6 The Game Night for Sunday July 1st remains undetermined so we will not feature a time/game for that date in this article. Keep watch for Club notices/alerts if anything changes within the coming days.
    AJSA Xbox One Weekly Event Schedule [June 28th to June 30th]
    How Can I Join An Xbox One Event? - For new members/first time event participants, I highly encourage you to add all the hosts as your friend on Xbox Live (Gamertags are listed for every host below). You can also join the AJSA Xbox Club and add hosts/members there. All event and game night parties are launched from the Club. Additionally, please review our Code of Conduct.
    Communication during events are done primarily in the Xbox Live Party system. In case of emergency, we will use the AJSA Discord Channel. We accept and make adjustments for people who are shy in large groups and/or for people who have no mics.
    If by chance you do not have the host as a friend, please message the host for an invite to the game/party during the event and then exchange friend requests upon entry to the party. Most, if not all, event parties will be visible to all Xbox Club members. Look under "Looking for Group" at the start/during an event to view the event party and join up.
    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to play, you are free to do so. Otherwise keep note of the event start times and join the host's Xbox Live party to begin. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at "RuneX" on the forums or on Xbox Live. To learn more about the AJSA Xbox One Division, check out our Community Information thread.
    Battlefield 4 - Xbox One Event - Thurs. June 28th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT)

    Squad up with the Angry Army Platoon on Xbox once again this Thursday night for an evening of good ol' Battlefield action! We will be playing across both Conquest and Rush game modes that will have fight across several different environments and teams of enemies.
    Participants are highly encouraged to join the Xbox Live Party of the host "RuneX" during the event. If the party is full, please message him so room can be made for you. You can message the host before the event to give advance notice of your attendance. Gamertag for the host is listed below.
    Squad Leaders will be designated by the hosts to help run the event smoothly and to assist the host in accommodating all players. We'll be playing game modes like Conquest and Rush throughout the evening. DLC is not required to participate in this event!
    Event Summary:
    Time: June 28th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30pm GMT)
    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]
    Halo: Reach - Xbox One Event - Fri. June 29th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT)

    Kick off your gaming weekend with Halo! The 'Angry Spartans' are heading back to planet Reach once more to fight back against the invading Covenant. This event is great/fun opportunity for members to relive old memories or experience this game for the first time.
    We will gather all participants into one Xbox Live Party, provided by the host, and from there we will designate group activities and form squads. Activities will range from online multiplayer and custom games. Contact the host (info provided below) if you'd like extra info about the upcoming event and/or if you want to give advance notice of your attendance!
    For participants playing from their Xbox 360: Please add the hosts to your friends list on your 360 and please send a message letting the host know you want an invite to our game session during the event.
    Event Summary:
    Time: June 29th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am EST)
    Host: AwakeningRager [Gamertag: AwakeningRager1]
    Overwatch - Xbox One Event - Sat. June 30th, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    Welcome to our last Xbox event for the month of June! Thank you all for an amazing month on Overwatch and across the community! Participants will engage in a variety of unique custom modes and online matches. We're meeting up at our normal time this Saturday night at 7:00pm EST.
    Participants are highly encouraged to join the Xbox Live Party of the host "AJSAWookieJedi" during the event. If the party is full, please message him so room can be made for you. You can message the host before the event to give advance notice of your attendance.
    Event Summary:
    Time: June 30th, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)
    Host: AJSAWookieJedi [Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi]
    Connect With the AJSA Xbox One Community
    Xbox Section of the Forums
    Join the AJSA Club on Xbox One
    Xbox One Gamertag List
    Xbox Community Information
    More AJSA Community Content
    AJSA Twitter
    AJSA Stream Team
    AJSA Gaming Youtube
    AJSA Community Content Area

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Greetings soldiers of the Angry Army, Auraxius calls for War once again. Join us as we make for the planetside, to conquer it in the name of our force, factions will be chosen at the start of the event, to give the opportunity to play a different side. 
    This event will be held Wednesday June 27th, 2018, 2pm EDT/7pm BST in the Angry Joe show army Discord.

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Gearheads, gather round and listen up good! This weekend, Saturday June the 23rd at 7pm EDT/ 12pm BST were gonna be hitting the Roads, Dirt, Water, and the Skies in The Crew 2. It'll be in Open Beta. This way folks can get their hands on it and make a decision. We're gonna sample everything we can from it!

    By WITHASTICK, in Frontpage,

    Game Night: Overwatch (06/22/18), Hosted by WITHASTICK, ASObluerose, and Jetsman444
    Spots are limited and time is short, save a spot by replying with ‘GNOW' and your PSN ID!
    Game Nights are weekly PlayStation 4 community events where members gather every Saturday to play games together. These games can span from; newly released Triple-A games, old popular games, indie games, free-to-play games, and even PS Plus monthly line-up games that support multiplayer features. No matter what game it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. So come join the mayhem, make new friends, laugh all night, destroy the world or destroy each other!
    How To Join Game Nights
    Reply below with the Abbreviation you see above and include your PSN ID (You’ll be added to our Attendance List).
    Look for and remember your Game Nights Start Time for your region/country below
    Remember who the Host/Hosts are.
    On the day and start time of Game Nights keep an eye out for an invite from the Host/Hosts (either an In-Game invite and/or a Party Chat Invite)
    Regional/Country Start Times
    Universal Time Coordinated
    10:00 PM UTC
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    11:00 PM BST
    Central European Summer Time
    12:00 PM CEST
    North America Times
    6:00 PM EST
    5:00 PM CST
    4:00 PM MST
    3:00 PM PST

    By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    More E3 gameplay demos and interviews, Grim Fandango cast reunited for a live reading, Telltale being sued by former CEO, Blake Hester on the man behind the parody Kaz Hirai Twitter account, why Ubisoft's partnership with HitRecord for Beyond Good and Evil 2 has upset some industry professionals and union supporters, the best indies of E3, Gameumentary's documentary on Gunfire Games, PUBG developer debunks accusation of maps being "asset flips" and the problems created when a fan-base with no knowledge of development start calling things fake games and "asset flips", Dan Root on how Metroid Fusion creates fear, Jimmy Maher on the creation of Another World, The Psychology of Gaming Disorder, Dan Lowe's animation analysis of The Last of Us 2 E3 demo, Joe Veix's Oral History of Leisure Suit Larry, and more.
    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)
    The Best Indie Games Of E3 2018

    The 20 Best Trailers You Probably Missed from E3 2018
    Why Three Kingdoms? We chat to the devs about Total War's latest journey| E3 2018
    Telltale is working on a Stranger Things game
    We Saw an Hour Demo of Cyberpunk 2077 | E3 2018
    How combat works in Cyberpunk 2077 | E3 2018
    Cyberpunk dev: QA can absolutely help your team prevent offensive moments
    Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have More Diverse Romance Options Than The Witcher 3
    CD Projekt Red Confirms Cyberpunk 2077 Is Targeting Current-Gen Consoles
    You Won't Be Able To Finish Cyberpunk 2077 Without Killing Anyone
    You can steal cars and drive in third-person in Cyberpunk 2077
    Three things Cyberpunk 2077 gets right about the original tabletop RPG
    How Dying Light 2 is Improving on the Game World and Story | E3 2018
    Dying Light 2 vehicles, co-op, and dark zones | E3 2018
    The Witcher 3's 'Bloody Baron' writers are working on Dying Light 2
    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - PS4/XB1/PC - E3 2018 Trailer
    Ghost of Tsushima's Combat and World Explained | E3 2018
    How Ghost of Tsushima Balances Fun and Historical Accuracy | E3 2018
    How Ghost of Tsushima Hopes to Remain Faithful to Japanese Culture
    Ghost Of Tsushima's Director On The Risks Of Making Something New
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's World Takes Cues from Dark Souls | E3 2018
    Sekiro and Prioritized Aesthetics
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will play much differently than Bloodborne
    Kill la Kill The Game - Announcement Trailer
    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 ‘is not making any political statements’

    I feel like trying to talk to Ubisoft about their game's obvious themes and framing is like trying to get Patrick to admit that you found his wallet.
    9 Minutes of Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay | E3 2018
    The Messenger Gameplay Demo - IGN Live E3 2018
    Metro Exodus is the most complex game that 4A has ever attempted
    Jurassic World Evolution Is A Clumsy But Fun Park Builder

    FIFA 19 Features Overview | E3 2018
    Why FIFA 18 players think EA changed gameplay for the World Cup update - despite the fact it didn't
    How Days Gone Separates Itself from Other Zombie Games | E3 2018
    Original Resident Evil 2 Composer Returning for the Remake
    Strange Brigade dev playthrough shows off spooky puzzles
    What Assassin's Creed Odyssey Learned From Witcher 3
    Exclusive Interview On The Story Of Anthem
    Neo Cab’s E3 trailer shows off new game systems
    Warriors Orochi 4 Marching West in October
    A World War I game that humanizes the enemy through pets
    How Forza Horizon 4's Weather and Seasons Affect the Gameplay | E3 2018
    Making the McLaren Senna in Forza Horizon 4 - IGN First
    Dreams Gameplay Demo - IGN Live E3 2018
      Concrete Genie Gameplay Demo - IGN Live E3 2018
    Overkill's The Walking Dead: WE Are The Danger - Gameplay | E3 2018
    My Hero: One's Justice — 18 Minutes of GAMEPLAY! | Polygon @ E3 2018
    Marvel's Spider-Man - 20 Minutes Of Amazing Open World PS4 Gameplay
    Octopath Traveler Gameplay Demo - E3 Live 2018
    Beyond Good And Evil 2's Plan To Crowdsource Art From Fans Prompts Backlash

    Why Hitman 2 isn't going to be episodic | E3 2018
    Hitman 2: Miami Gameplay - Silent Assassin Run | E3 2018
    Battlefield 5: Plane Gameplay! (Battlefield V Multiplayer)
    Battlefield 5 has a Giant Whale in it - NEW Gameplay + Problems
    The Battlefield subreddit is such a mess that mods have banned posts about ‘historical accuracy’
    Dead or Alive 6 tones down female character sexualisation

    Afterparty Gameplay E3 2018
    Yakuza Kiwami 2 - E3 2018 Trailer | PS4
    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries delayed into 2019
    Overcooked 2 — NEW GAMEPLAY! | Polygon @ E3 2018
    Never Alone team returns with Blue Planet collaboration Beyond Blue
    PES 2019 Gameplay Demo - IGN Live E3 2018
    Just Cause 4 Gameplay Interview - IGN Live E3 2018
    GTFO Gameplay: Work as a Team to Survive the Horror | E3 2018
    Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a Great Fit for Switch... With Some Compromises

    Valkyria Chronicles 4 Gets September 25, 2018 Release Date And Launch Editions
    ‘The Surge 2’ Further Refines its Sci-Fi Take on ‘Dark Souls’

    Skull & Bones Pirate Hunting Gameplay - E3 2018
    Control gameplay explained | E3 2018
    Control Director Explains Remedy’s Vision for its Next Big Game | E3 2018
    Eyes-on with Control, Remedy's surreal new shooter
    Command & Conquer Rivals Isn't What Fans Wanted, But It's Fun

    Black Ops 4's Multiplayer Changes Scared the Devs | E3 2018
    Id Software boss says original Rage was 'every shade of brown'

    When I asked about Rage 2’s worst character, I got an unexpected response
    15 Minutes of Code Vein Gameplay | E3 2018
    World War Z Gameplay Demo - E3 Live 2018
    Lego DC Super-Villains Gameplay E3 2018
    Todd Howard on Fallout 76’s Nukes, What Starfield Will Be, and Making Elder Scrolls VI | E3 2018
    Greedfall, A New RPG Where The 17th Century White Man Runs Into Some Problems
    [E3 2018] Insurgency: Sandstorm – E3 Gameplay Trailer
    Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion Gameplay
    Forza Horizon 4's Director Comments On Microsoft Buying Playground Games
    How Obsidian are evolving Pillars of Eternity 2 | E3 2018
    PUBG’s new Sanhok map will launch on June 22

    Steam will restrict achievements to curb ‘fake games’

    Steam now has developer and publisher 'Homepages'
    PUBG developer debunks accusation maps are "asset flips"
    'Gaming Disorder' officially listed in World Health Organization diagnostic doc

    The Psychology of Gaming Disorder
    Former Telltale CEO Sues Telltale Games

    HitRecord’s claim that it’s community collaboration, not spec work for Beyond Good & Evil 2 rings hollow

    HitRecord, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the #nospec backlash
    Editor Roundtable: How does Ubisoft's HitRecord partnership impact devs?
    Sales from Fallout 76 'Country Roads' cover will be donated to charity
    E3 attendance reaches highest point since 2005

    I'm Will and thanks to Extra Credits I had to tell the internet I'm not a Nazi:
    Esports News
    Sudden Dota 2 Update Wreaks Havoc On Qualifier Tournament

    Building Overwatch League - High Stakes
    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)
    Meet Mark Doherty, the man behind the Fake Kaz Hirai Twitter account

    An Oral History of ‘Leisure Suit Larry’

    At E3, Electronic Arts Threw Its Developers Under the Bus Over Loot Boxes

    Sony's Cross-Play Policy is What Happens When One Company Wins the Console War

    Weirdos obsessed with DMC
    Creatives are finally telling manbabies to stay home

    Also The Last of Us 2
    Confessions of a Disk Cracker: the secrets of 4am.

    Common Problems When Translating Games into Japanese

    Narrative Designers
    Another World

    The Casual Inhumanity of How Detroit: Become Human Uses Black Culture

    The Last of Us 2 - E3 Demo - Animation Analysis
    Forging God of War's Leviathan Axe | Game Maker's Toolkit
    Final Fantasy's Prelude is Simply Genius | Game Score Fanfare
    How Metroid Fusion Creates Fear 👽🎮
    How Dark Souls 2 Was Saved From Disaster
    Gunfire Games Documentary | Gameumentary
    Retro Review: Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri
    Communities Are Individuals
    E3 Developer Panel - Hitman 2's Jacob Mikkelsen, Composer Grant Kirkhope, TT Games' Arthur Parsons
    Primal Rage II from Heartbreak to Resurrection: The Journey After Cancellation
    I Love This Disaster Film Made With Cities: Skylines
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry
    E3 Coliseum: Grim Fandango featuring Jack Black