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  • By RuneX, in Frontpage,

    News & Highlights
    Flashback Week of Events [Feb 20th to 26th] - Starting tonight (2.20.2017) the AJSA Xbox One Division will be holding a week long series of community events celebrating games of the past we used to support and honoring our past console generation, the Xbox 360.
    One of the main highlights of the Flashback Week we will be introduction our first ever Xbox One Backwards Compatible event with Battlefield 3. This will be an excellent opportunity for members to relive and/or experience the game for the first time.
    Through backwards compatibility, we will be able to access all online multiplayer features within the game and some functions of the old Xbox 360 dashboard. We are essentially signing in to our Xbox 360 via the Xbox One. Thanks to that, we'll be able to invite any AJSA members on the Xbox 360 as well who wish to participate. Details are provided below in the event schedule.
    Xbox One Overwatch Tournament [March 2017] - To celebrate nearly a year of Overwatch events on Xbox One, we will be holding a special Overwatch Tournament among the AJSA Xbox One members this March. This will be a fun community activity for us to do. I'm happy to see how far the Overwatch group has come since we started to support it with events in May last year. I hope you can join us for the Tournament.
    We are scheduled to hold the tournament on March 25th, 2017 at 6:30pm EST. We'll be having our matches the same day and time we normally hold our Overwatch events on Xbox One. The tournament will see teams made up of three players. To learn more about the tournament, check out our information and sign up thread here:
    If you are trying to find team mates, please contact WookieJedi.
    AJSA Xbox One Weekly Event Schedule [February 20th to February 26th]
    Event Participation Notes - For new members/first time event participants, I highly encourage you to add all the hosts as your friend on Xbox Live (Gamertags are listed for every host below). You can also join the AJSA Xbox Club and add hosts/members there.
    All Xbox Live event parties are open and participants can join freely without restriction. Communication is done primarily in the Xbox Live Party system. We accept and make adjustments for people who are shy in large groups and/or for people who have no mics.
    If you do not have the host as a friend, please message the host for an invite to the game/party during the event and then exchange friend requests upon entry to the party.
    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to play, you are free to do so. Otherwise keep note of the event start times and join the host's party. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at "RuneX" on the forums or on Xbox Live.
    Titanfall - Community Event - Monday Feb. 20th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)

    Titanfall was the first game supported by the Xbox One Division. This event we're going back in to relive the memories and adventures we had during the years in Titanfall. Prepare for titanfall on Monday February 20th, 2017 @6:30pm EST with hosts RuneX and Slade Bogaty.
    We'll be doing various squad activities which will involve online matchmaking and custom games. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to get back into some classic Titanfall and play with your fellow members for a good night of gaming.
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 20th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)
    Hosts: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] & Slade Bogaty [Gamertag: Slade Bogaty]
    COD: Black Ops III - Community Event - Wednesday Feb. 22nd, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)

    Our next game as part of the Flashback Week is Black Ops III. Not since December have we gathered our forces and played the game together during a Black Ops III event. Come join the forces of the Angry Army "Black Ops" division on the Xbox One and enjoy yourself in a night of fun and comfortable gaming. Members of all skill levels are welcome to play and participate.
    We don't look or care about K/D! Play as a team, work together with your fellow AJSA members and enjoy yourself in this unique COD experience. Please contact the event hosts, listed below, if you have any questions or need assistance regarding the upcoming event.
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 22nd, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)
    Hosts: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] & Slade Bogaty [Gamertag: Slade Bogaty] 
    Halo: MCC - Community Event - Thursday Feb. 23rd, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)

    Join the Xbox One Angry Army Spartan Company this Thursday (2/23/17) as we play Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One! Please join us for a night of gaming, fun, laughs and adventures as we play a variety of custom game modes/maps and online multiplayer.
    For more information concerning the Angry Army on Halo, please check out our sub-forum here:
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 23rd, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:00pm GMT)
    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] & Slade Bogaty [Gamertag: Slade Bogaty]
    Battlefield 4 - Community Event - Friday Feb. 24th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)

    Battlefield 4 stands as the Xbox One Division's most popular and successful title. Starting out in April 2015 and lasting until October 2016, it is our longest running weekly event series. As we continue our trek during the Flashback Week of Events, it is only fitting that Battlefield 4, a game that helped us as a community bond and play together, is featured in the event schedule this week. 
    Squad up with the AJSA Xbox One Platoon on Battlefield 4 this Friday night at 6:30pm EST hosted by RuneX and Slade Bogaty. Join in for a night of good gaming and fun as we kick off the weekend.
    DLC not required to participate.
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 24th, 2016 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)
    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] & Slade Bogaty [Gamertag: Slade Bogaty]
    Battlefield 3 - Community Event - Saturday Feb. 25th, 2017 @4:00pm EST (9:00pm GMT)
    Welcome to our first ever Xbox One Backwards Compatible Event. The Flashback Week is all about the Angry Army on Xbox One revisiting old games and classic event series. This Saturday night we are taking it one step...backwards. Join us for our first ever Xbox 360/Xbox One Backwards Compatible Event with Battlefield 3!
    This will be a great/fun opportunity for members, old and young, to relive and/or experience this game for the first time. Should this event go well, it will open the doors for the Xbox One Division to do more backwards compatible events in the future! Other games like GTA IV and Left for Dead could be featured.
    We will gather all participants into one Xbox Live Party, provided by the hosts, and from there will be select a server for all participants to game in. Contact the hosts (info provided below) if you want extra info about the upcoming event
    For participants playing from their Xbox 360: Please add the hosts to your friends list on your 360 and please send a message letting us know you want an invite to our game sessions during the event. This will ensure that you will be fully able to participate and squad up with us.
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 25th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (9:00pm GMT)
    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] & Slade Bogaty [Gamertag: Slade Bogaty]
    GTA Online - Community Event - Sunday Feb. 26th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)

    We're ending the Flashback Week with a bang!
    Join up and play with members of the Angry Grand Theft Army on Xbox One us Sunday for a GTA Online event! Help us cap off the Flashback Week as we venture off to Los Santos. Members of all skill levels are welcome to play with fellow members in a night of racing, missions, custom matches and general chaos.
    Participants are highly encouraged to join the Xbox Live Party of the host "RuneX"/"Slade Bogaty" during the event. If the party is full, please message them so room can be made for you. You can add the host to your friends list if you yet to do so and/or you can message them in advance to let him know you'd like to play.
    Join the "Angry Grand Theft Army" GTA V Crew today! Link to join below:
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 26th, 2017 @6:30pm EST (11:30pm GMT)
    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] Slade Bogaty [Gamertag: Slade Bogaty]
    Stay Connected With the Xbox One AJSA Community
    Sign Up To Receive Event Notifications On Your Console - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/37805-ajsa-xbox-one-message-system-sign-up-to-receive-event-notifications/
    Xbox Section of the Forum - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/32-xbox-one/
    Join the AJSA Club on Xbox One - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/37127-ajsa-xbox-one-club-how-do-i-join/
    Want More AJSA-Wide Community Content?
    AJSA Twitter - https://twitter.com/AJSAgaming
    AJSA Stream Team - https://www.twitch.tv/team/ajsa
    AJSA Gaming Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/AJSAGaming
    AJSA Community Content Section - http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/42-community-content/

    By WITHASTICK, in Frontpage,

    Game Nights Battlefield 1 (2/18/17), Hosted by Recon_avwf, BleedingChaos23 and Syrupy_wolf..
    Spots are limited and time is short, so save a spot by replying with ‘GNB’ and your PSN ID.
    Game Nights are weekly PlayStation 4 community events where members gather every Saturday to play games together. These games can span from new released Triple-A games, old popular games, indie games, free to play games, and even PS Plus monthly line-up games that support multiplayer features. No matter what game it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. So come join the mayhem, make new friends, laugh all night, destroy the world or destroy each other!
    How To Join Game Nights
    Reply below with the Abbreviation you see above and include your PSN ID (you’ll be added to our Attendance List).
    Look for and remember your Game Nights Start Time for your region/country below.
    Remember who the Host/Hosts are.
    On the day and start time of Game Nights keep an eye out for an invite from the Host/Hosts (either an In-Game invite and/or a Party Chat invite).
    Game Nights Start Times
    Universal Time Coordinated
    10:00 PM UTC
    North America Times
    6:00 PM ET
    5:00 PM CT
    4:00 PM MT
    3:00 PM PT
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    11:00 PM GMT
    *Game Nights are ever changing and are open to change. Always stay up-to-date in case a Game Nights change

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Behold the Angry Army, Warriors of the Inner Sphere!
    Mission: This is a casual drop mission. We will group up and proceed with Quick Drops for the duration of the Event. This is an open event, all are invited.
    Enemy: Each other or public pilots.
    Terrain: To be determined.
    Time: 2pm EDT, 02/18/2017. Duration: 2 hours
    Location: AJSA Discord-> MWO Dropship 1
    Command/Signal: BATCMDR BlackopsElf will lead the event. RSVP by commenting below. Questions may be asked here as well. Please come ready to use your mic and communicate respectfully/effectively.
    See you there.

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Fractured Space
    Designed by members of the Strike Suit Zero developer team, Fractured Space is a capital ship space combat game, offering PvE, Co-Op and PvP. Within the game, players choose a ship class and customize its loadout further to specialize the ship, with teams being able to exploit synergies between different ship specializations. Given the vast potential of the game and the fact that it is free2play, we deemed this game to be an excellent choice to host for the EF.
    As such we will host the second Fractured Space event this Saturday, the 18th of Febuary at 4pm EST/ 9 pm GMT.
    Dedicated Players

    We encourage commitment and attendance within the EF, thus we offer attendance pips for those players who register themselves as dedicated players (You can still attend all events without making this commitment). As such dedicated players promise to attend at least 50% of the events, for which they will receive said attendance pip at the end of the month.
    If you want to suggest ideas, discuss the game or make other recommendations, then feel free to do so in the EF forum here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/31185-future-ef-games-post-your-suggestions-here/   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the EF leaders, namely Acepilot666, ArisingFlame, Brandykins1982, Conan or Digs.

    By Angry Joe, in Frontpage,

    Its MORPHIN' TIME when we take on one of the Worst Games of 2017 (so far)! AngryJoe and Crew review the latest Power Rangers game, that's hoping to cash in on the franchise's nostalgia right before the reboot film. A perfect plan that only Joe's arch nemesis Corporate Commander could've devised! Is this game that brings Joe to near defeat!

    By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    E3 selling tickets this year, Overwatch director desire to remove input conversation devices raises concerns from fans with disabilities, Greenlight to be replaced by Steam Direct and bringing back paid mods, Noah Caldwell-Gervais compares Deserts of Kharak to previous Homeworld titles and talks about his current life as a video game critic traveling in a Volkswagen Bus, Breath of the Wild gets season pass, the difficulty of making games in China, the price of indie games, Ron Gilbert talks about his new game and crowdfunding, finding a mom to identify with in video games, Humble Bundle launches publishing and funding program, Overwatch's D.Va is seen as a symbol of hope for some Korean gamers, Super Bunnyhop and Tim Poon explain Oculus Trial, inXile releases trailers and information on three current projects, and more.
    Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods)
    E3 Opens To The Public For The First Time Ever

    Valve to Axe Steam Greenlight, Move Closer to Direct Distribution with ‘Steam Direct’ this Spring

    Steam’s upcoming pay structure won’t help devs or players
    Indie devs aren’t happy with Steam Greenlight replacement
    Steam Greenlight had to go, but its replacement might just work
    Steam Direct is better than Greenlight, but the size of its fee will make or break it
    itch.io direct
    itch,io responds to Steams $100-$5000 submission fee.
    Valve: Modders 'absolutely' need to be paid

    Nintendo drops big hint toward GameCube games on Virtual Console

    Mass Effect: Andromeda director Mac Walters explains the dialogue system replacing Paragon / Renegade

    Mass Effect: Andromeda has over a dozen hub areas, will learn from The Witcher 3
    Fans really want to have sex with Mass Effect's new alien
    Old Man's Journey Gameplay Teaser
    Syberia 3 release date set, new trailer teases puzzles and snow ostriches
    Now Even Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Getting DLC And A Season Pass
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been delayed again

    The Bard's Tale IV - Combat First Look
    Work on remastered Bard's Tale trilogy has reportedly stopped
    Techland and InXile release new cinematic story trailer for Torment: Tides of Numenera
    Wasteland 3 studio lays out its "vision for the apocalypse"

    Star Trek: Bridge Crew gets a May launch date and adds the original Enterprise

    Ni No Kuni 2 flaunts its flashy combat in latest trailer
    Zero Escape: The Nonary Games ‘New Features in 999’ gameplay
    Hollow Knight, a beautifully animated 2D platformer, releases this month
    Senran Kagura: Estival Versus coming to PC in March, ‘Battle Vixens’ DLC launches simultaneously

    Is Prey the BioShock successor we've been waiting for?

    FTL devs return with Into the Breach, turn-based kaiju defence with giant robots
    Injustice 2: Swamp Thing Gameplay Reveal Trailer (1080 60fps) – IGN First
    Injustice 2 - Here Come The Girls
    Greedfall teaser reveals a Baroque-inspired RPG about the perils of colonization
    Procedural cop RPG No Truce with the Furies sounds so very odd and exciting

    Halo Wars 2 physical releases canceled in North America

    Two hours with Thimbleweed Park, the new adventure game from the creator of Monkey Island

    Shiness is Nice: On the French Anime-Influenced Fighting RPG

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands: The Cartel [US]
    Ghost Recon Wildlands scores top Hollywood script-writing talent
    Sniper Elite 4 - "Timing is Everything" Launch Trailer
    'Sniper Elite 4' Aims for Triple-A, But Has An Indie Heart
    For Honor Features: Progression and Customization [US]
    For Honor Gameplay: Celebrity Match with Jason Momoa, Lauren Cohan, Alfie Allen & Demetrious Johnson
    For Honor: Launch Trailer (Gameplay) [US]
    BattleTech beta slated for March 15, and there’s room for you

    Phantom Halls is a stylish squad-based shooter that combines Worms with Spelunky
    Toukiden 2 trailers reveal the Chain Whip and the Sword & Shield
    Destiny 2 is coming this year

    How '29' Paints A Personal, Yet Surreal Picture Of London

    Frigid survival game Impact Winter is coming in April
    How a mysterious drawing helped create Pillars of Eternity 2

    Pillars of Eternity 2's Josh Sawyer on crowdfunding, isometric RPGs, and storytelling
    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Twitch Live Q&A Chat 2 - Featuring Josh Sawyer and Adam Brennecke
    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Backer Update 13 - Companion Relationships
    'The story we're telling is only the tip of the iceberg,' says Stoic Studio of The Banner Saga trilogy

    Dark Souls 3's final DLC is a descent through time and space

    VA-11 HALL-A now includes "redux" prologue chapters

    Elite Dangerous standalone Arena removed from sale, still available to existing players

    The historical strategy-RPG Expeditions: Viking will be out in April

    Newell: Valve in development on 3 new VR games

    Valve explains why we'll never see the full history of Half-Life's development
    Battlefield 1 New DLC Details

    Battlefield 1 Winter Update Launches Next Week
    After years of rejections, U-turns, and player requests, League of Legends is about to get a sandbox mode

    A New Patch Tweaked Watch Dogs 2's Ending, And Fans Are Wondering Why

    Starbound to go proper interplanetary in spacey update

    Obsidian is no longer working on Armored Warfare

    "We might not tackle a game like this again"
    Humble Bundle launches multi-platform publishing and funding program

    Twitch launches Communities to push interest-specific content

    Activision Blizzard posts big sales, but Call of Duty fails to connect with fans

    Activision Has Big Layoffs Despite Surpassing Financial Targets
    Ubisoft's 3rd quarter saw a rise in engagement, but a decrease in sales

    CD Projekt's market cap breaks $1.6 billion, making it one of Poland's biggest companies

    Konami's Profits Increase By Almost 230 Percent

    Mafia 3 has now sold in "approximately 5 million units"

    Forza Horizon 3 hits 2.5M copies sold, pushing Forza series above $1B

    Judge Dredd and other 2000 AD characters can now be licensed by new developers

    ResistJam brings game devs together against authoritarianism

    Rumour NES Mini Production Now Ending
    Disney Drops Pewdiepie Over Anti-Semitic Jokes

    YouTube cans PewDiePie reality show, drops him from premium ads after anti-Semitic stunt
    Overwatch mouse-keyboard support is vital for players with disabilities
    The Fight Over How To Play Overwatch On Consoles
    Blizzard swing the Banghammer: Overwatch hackers blocked from Korean internet cafes
    Overwatch – more Doomfist hints have popped up on the PTR
    Despite Outcry, Blizzard Says Overwatch Loot Box Drop Rates Haven't Changed
    Unity takes stand against Trumpian immigration ban
    Gabe Newell on US travel ban: 'We have people at Valve who can't go home'
    SNES preservation project "dead" after $10k of games lost in the post

    Esports News
    Riot will be taking the League of Legends World Championships to China
    NBA 2K maker teaming up with NBA for esports league

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Pulls Through For 9th EVO 2017 Slot
    America’s greatest rhythm gamer is now Dance Dance Revolution’s world champion
    Meet Hungrybox, the Most Resilient 'Smash Bros.' Champion
    It turns out Kripp really is the best Hearthstone Arena player in America

    EA fines Madden Bowl winner $3K for ‘inappropriate’ tweets

    Nevada Esports Alliance Forms, Includes Betting Companies and Industry Groups

    Esports Revenue Set to Skyrocket in 2017

    Crowdfunding News
    Kimochi Red Light is like a Kickstarter purely for sex games

    Thaumistry: In Charm's Way. A New Comedy Text Adventure Game
    Bob Bates' Thaumistry is an experiment in reviving text-based games
    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc)
    Company Of Heroes Was The Perfect RTS

    Side Quest Syndrome: Designing The Road Less Traveled

    Why It's So Hard To Make Games In China

    The fallen price of indie games

    How I Finally Found A Mom I Can Identify With—In A Videogame

    The Story Behind YouTube's Strangely Compelling 'Hot Pepper Gaming' Channel

    How a guild of deaf players conquered World of Warcraft's toughest raids



    Ron Gilbert Talks ‘Thimbleweed Park’, Crowd Funding and Funny Bones

    The voice behind Symmetra on working with Blizzard, Overwatch dream couples, and D&D

    The People Keeping 'Battleborn' Alive

    A Narrative Designer's Approach to NPCs

    When Game Jam Design Goes Wrong: The DLC of Fallout 4

    Game Design Deep Dive: Creating an adaptive narrative in Reigns

    When A Company Makes Consoles For Girls And Also Cute Toys

    On the Simple Pleasure of Just Entertaining Yourself in ‘Yakuza 0’

    D.va From Overwatch Has Become A Symbol of Hope In Real Life

    One Of Nioh’s Best Fights Is The Most Realistic

    'Nioh' Suggests That 'Dark Souls' Actually Invented a New Genre
    Revisiting Alpha Protocol, Obsidian's flawed but fascinating spy RPG

    The Difficulty Of Making A Game Where Players Are Other Players' Parents

    A Q&A With the Creator of an 'Oblivion' Mod That Ditched Boob Armor

    The Sad Truth of the 'Overwatch' Plateau

    Road to the IGF: Tobias Zarges' Close
    Road to the IGF: Broken Rules' Old Man's Journey
    Road to the IGF: Carl Burton's Islands: Non-Places
    How Rockstar's Vision of America in 'Grand Theft Auto IV' is More Relevant Than Ever
    A Tribute to Donnel, a Sweet Boy Capable of Terrible Violence in 'Fire Emblem'

    Playtesting Adventure
    How Does Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Compare to Previous Homeworlds?
    Why Yakuza 0 is a Masterclass in Managing Tone - Writing on Games
    The Art of Video Game Title Screens
    Explaining the Oculus Trial
    Documentary: The Life of a Street Fighter Pro
    Inside (Addendum) (All The Spoilers)
    Basic Game Literacy - Why It's Hard to Learn How to Play - Extra Credits
    'The Yawhg' Is a Party Game That Is Actually Good
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games
    Didn't find anything to include here this week.
    Things I Missed From Previous Weeks
    Shinya Takahashi Is the 'Conductor' Taking Nintendo into the Future

    The unique shame of the video game critic