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  • By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    The cancelled Prey 2's plot twist and link to the original, Brenda Romero on unity between developers, the early games of an independent Interplay, Divinity Original Sin 2 and Ys VIII get release dates, Xbox game subscription service launches, interviews and research into the games military veterans play and why, the history of the Halo franchise told by the creators, how Gone Home influenced Prey, how Dr. J and Larry Bird helped build EA, player choice and the illusion of choice, Noclip talks to DOOM designers Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin about what inspires them, games from Resist Jam and Japan’s Bit Summit, a look at a free-roaming VR installation, Far Cry 5 reveal, questioning the authenticity of video games and hip hop, the music of Kid Icarus, and more.
    Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods)
    Xbox game subscription service launches June 1

    Xbox One video store begins rolling out 4K HDR content
    The best and brightest indie games from Japan’s Bit Summit

    Divinity: Original Sin 2 will leave Early Access in September
    Kickstarter Update #37 - Release the… … ...Kraken!
    Remnants Of Naezith Shows Gaming Needs More Grappling Hooks

    Tannenberg is a 'realistic' WW1 shooter from the makers of Verdun
    Far Cry 5 first look: Taking on doomsday preppers in backwater Montana
    'Far Cry 5' Is About Living Under Fear in America
    Far Cry 5’s campaign is playable entirely in co-op
    Far Cry 5: Official The Resistance: Mary May Trailer | Ubisoft [US]
    Far Cry 5: Official The Resistance: Nick Rye Trailer | Ubisoft [US]
    Far Cry 5: Official The Resistance: Pastor Jerome Jeffries Trailer | Ubisoft [US]
    Far Cry 5 : First Details : Surviving in Hope County, Montana | Interview |Ubisoft [US]
    Sonic Mania's release date may have been revealed by its European Steam page
    White Paper Games on Developing Ambitious Dynamic AI For The Occupation

    Bungie explains the lack of Destiny 2 dedicated servers; addresses PC cheating

    Monster Hunter XX On The Nintendo Switch Gets Its First Trailer
    There's FIFA 18 - and there's EA Sports FIFA on the Nintendo Switch
    Some Thoughts On Arms After Playing This Weekend's Open Beta

    Arms shows that Nintendo Switch motion controls hold promise
    Golf Story Is Another Twee Indie Game Headed To The Switch
    There's More To Phantom Trigger Than Just Another Beautiful Pixel Brawler

    Raiden 5: Director's Cut is coming to PS4 and Steam this autumn
    Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls for PC launches June 12

    Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni for PC launches June 20

    Neil deGrasse Tyson will show off his space strategy game at E3
    Middle-earth: Shadow of War New 88 Minute Long Gameplay Video Showcases Fortress Captures, Nemesis System And More

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 won't be at E3

    Urban legend Polybius is no longer a myth, as it's being ported to PC
    Finding Paradise, the sequel to To the Moon, has been delayed

    Ashes of Creation: The Art of War Gameplay
    There's something strange about Kickstarter's most successful MMO
    Making of Call of Duty WWII Livestream (Facebook Livestream by Sledgehammer on WWII) Episode 1
    Call of Duty: WWII will not have a single-player Axis campaign
    Total War WARHAMMER 2 - Introducing... Saurus Oldblood
    Bloody brawler/RTS hybrid Aztez launches this summer
    Fire Emblem Warriors: Pair of original characters revealed; Marth is also playable

    Last Day of June promises a 'poignant' tale of love and loss
    Square Enix just assumed full control of the FF7 Remake

    Agents of Mayhem teases supercharged vehicles in Knight Rider-inspired trailer
    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana launches September 12 in North America, September 15 in Europe

    Assassin's Creed: Origins gets leaked via a t-shirt

    I Am Setsuna studio reveals its next project, Lost Sphear
    Super Mega Baseball 2 is coming this September, and its new art style looks rad
    Neon Chrome devs announce Dredd ’em up Jydge
    Immortal Planet trailer shows off Souls-inspired action
    The lizard-like Sorlag takes center stage in a new Quake Champions teaser
    Gwent: The Witcher Card Game - Cinematic Trailer
    Soon you’ll be able to get into the Crossout beta without paying its upfront cost

    Exo One’s opening has you bouncing between storm clouds to sand dunes
    Seaman creator hints that a new Seaman is in the works
    Shenmue 3 won't be at this year's E3
    River City: Knights of Justice coming west this summer
    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 shows off its supermen
    The past, present and future of Fire Emblem

    What's keeping Nintendo from making a new Advance Wars?
    Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy episode 2, 'Under Pressure,' is coming in June
    Disgaea 5 Complete Edition appears to be coming to PC

    Project IGI: We're Going In is in development

    Mass Effect Andromeda fans excited by new hint at quarian DLC


    Titanfall 2's Monarch's Reign DLC releases next week, so here's a trailer
    Mafia 3 Official Stones Unturned DLC Launch Trailer
    Injustice 2 - Introducing Red Hood Trailer
    Killer Instinct's next character Eagle will join the roster post-E3
    Heroes of the Storm's second anniversary is giving out extra loot chests

    Battlefield 1's May Update Nerfs Bayonets, Tweaks AA, And More

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds to spend next month 'focused on server performance' to fix lag
    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds will have 2D and 3D replay systems in the coming months
    The Silver Case remaster adds 2 free chapters that 'link the story to its upcoming sequel'

    Counter-Strike: GO 'Operation Hydra' events have just been detailed

    'I feel like we have barely scratched the surface.' Blizzard on hero design, balance, and the future of Overwatch

    Once Again, Overwatch Isn't Very Good At Picking Kanji Characters
    Watch every Overwatch dance emote in action — and learn what they’re referencing
    Jeff Kaplan acknowledges Overwatch Anniversary Event loot box complaints
    Planet destroyers and diplomacy: the expanding universe of Stellaris

    The Signal From Tölva is getting a free expansion this year

    A Vanquish bug punishes you for playing at 60 fps

    Vanquish beta patch promises to correct damage-boosting framerate glitch
    Shadow Warrior 2, Bound and Superhot honoured at Digital Dragons

    Oculus Rift now has full room-scale tracking

    Microsoft rebrands Beam streaming service and adds co-streaming support
    PlayStation 3 production ended in Japan

    Twitch embraces diversity today with TwitchUnity
    Humble Bundle has raised over $95 million for charity

    Sega announces publishing partnership with Lionhead and Bullfrog veterans

    The Art of Hyper Light Drifter
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack on vinyl is coming soon

    Rime Dev Says It Will Drop Denuvo DRM Once The Game Is Cracked

    Jurgen Post: “The Sega brand will come back and start to flourish again”

    Square Enix willing to give up Hitman rights to ensure series future

    Sony’s E3 press conference returns to movie theaters in 2017

    Earnings report roundup: Game industry winners and losers in Q1 2017

    Uzbekistan bans WooHoo - The Sims 4 is outlawed alongside Manhunt and Hatred

    Fan game The Lecarde Chronicles 2 plays like a lost '90s Castlevania
    Popular Smash Bros Flash Game Gets Huge Update, New Characters
    It's 2017 And Modders Are Still Making Diablo II Better
    Mod turns Fallout 4 into a dread-soaked horror experience
    Esports News
    The Weekend In Esports: The Manila Masters, Combo Breaker, And More

    Brave Players Who Entered Combo Breaker Mystery Game Tournament Had To Play Some Weird Stuff

    Is SKT T1's dominance good for League of Legends?

    Twitch Named League Organiser for Tekken World Tour

    Intel Extreme Masters Is Dropping League of Legends, Possibly Forever

    Riot Adds Regional Showcase Event “Rift Rivals”

    Sandbox Esports Opens Training Facility Doors to Pro and Amateur Players

    Golden Tee World Champion Claims $10,000 Prize, Good For 234th Place On PGA Tour

    Report: Korean League Players Say Team Isn't Paying Them

    Double KO Leads To Do-Over In Tekken 7 Match

    Last-Second Comeback Highlights USA Vs UK Killer Instinct Finals

    Punk Wins Street Fighter V Eleague Invitational In Climactic Runback

    SonicFox Wins Inaugural Injustice 2 Premier Event At Combo Breaker

    Nevada Governor Signs Bill That Permits Betting on Esports Events

    Crowdfunding News
    Blasphemous: Dark and brutal 2D non linear platformer
    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc)
    The Complete, Untold History of Halo

    How Dr. J and Larry Bird Helped Build a Video Game Empire

    More Fantasy, Less War: the Games the Military Plays

    Resist Jam: The Role of Games Under Authoritarianism

    Watch People Break Classic RPGs

    Videogames, hip-hop, and the value of saying yes

    How the Queer Indie Game 'Gone Home' Influenced 'Prey'

    “Prey Uses People as Items,” by Ed Smith
    From modders to mimics: a people's history of the "prop hunt" genre
    Horizon Zero Dawn and the Morality of Playing God

    Q&A: Creating Horizon: Zero Dawn's neo-prehistoric soundtrack
    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Part 1

    Brenda Romero's plea for unity among game developers

    After Eight Years, One Developer's Dream Project Is Finally on Steam

    An Independent Interplay Takes on Tolkien

    Are video games harming your kids?

    The great American summer vacation now includes VR
    Game Design Deep Dive: Creating tension in Card Thief

    Remedy on life after Xbox exclusivity

    'Civilization VI' Shows How Small Things Can Sabotage a Big Game

    'Endless Space 2' Makes Everyone Feel Like a Winner, Even Losers

    Inside the Quest to Make 'The Elder Scrolls Online' Truly Great

    Katsuhiro Harada's Fight To Keep Tekken Relevant

    'Life Is Unfair': A Q&A With Nier: Automata's Director

    The Plot Twist In Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Is A Lot More Believable Today

    Illusion of choice is better than choice: choices and illusions as narrative mechanics

    Wii U was the most profitable for Rain Games' Teslagrad

    Overwatch Training Apps Gave Me A Way To Obsess But Not Improve

    Overwatch's First Year: Many Successes, but a Few Stumbles

    Why PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Violence is Important - Writing on Games
    The Movies & Games That Inspire id Software (Hugo & Marty) - Noclip Sessions
    These Five Americans Moved To Japan For Street Fighter 3, Which Is 20 Years Old
    The cancelled Prey 2 had an incredible plot twist
    Sleeping Giants: the Lost RPG by Warren Spector | Unseen64 Ft. Ludodrome
    A Rare Video Tour Of Peak Sega
    Everything You Wanted To Know About Super Mario 64's Surfaces
    Scoring the Action in Kid Icarus: Uprising [Patron Request]
    Breath of the Wild Soundtrack Analysis PART 4 of 4: Hyrule Castle Theme
    Analysis: The Consequences of Reducing the Skill Gap
    Indie Advice - Fire Early - Extra Credits
    Banjo-Kazooie vs. Yooka-Laylee
    Matt Chat 377: Tim Lang on the Tragic Tale of Might and Magic 9
    Games as Lit. 101 - Player Choice in Cave Story
    PDXCON 2017: Games are like Sausages...
    PDXCON 2017: Parks and Wreck - The Evolution of Cities: Skylines
    PDXCON 2017: Stellaris - The Penultimate Frontier in Sci-fi Strategy
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies
    The best plays from Overwatch's first year

    How an EVE Online con artist tricked a ruthless pirate into giving him his priceless ship

    Cliffy B Eagerly Explains LawBreakers To Man In Next Toilet Stall
    Proud Mother
    Guy And His Dad Are The Ultimate Battlegrounds Team
    Dota 2 Tournament Holds Rage-Quit Competition For Fans

    Things I Missed From Previous Weeks
    "Banging On Weird Shit In The Desert": Exploring Game Audio with Cory Davis


    By WITHASTICK, in Frontpage,

    This article is an update giving you a sneak peek of what games are coming to this month of Game Nights. Game Nights are weekly PlayStation 4 community events where members gather every Saturday to play games together. Now members in the PlayStation 4 Divisions will get an idea of what’s to come for this month. Whether those games be; Triple-A games, old popular games, indie games, free to play games, and even PS Plus monthly line-up games that support multiplayer features. Please understand right now we’re not giving the dates of when each game may appear in the month. Game Nights are always ever changing, and the games could get shifted around. Also understand that these games you see below have a chance of changing due to a number of reasons like; Network issues, broken patches, broken games, lost of support and interest, etc. However no matter what game it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. So come join the mayhem, make new friends, laugh all night, destroy the world or destroy each other!
    Game Nights June Games
    *Do not sign up for any of these Game Nights. Wait until the proper Game Nights announcement featuring the game you’re interested in.*

    *Game Nights are ever changing and are open to change. Always stay up-to-date in case a Game Nights changes.

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Dungeons and Dragons
    Well we finally decided to do some DnD campaigns here in the EF. Now if you don't know what DnD is, then just know that it is a tabletop RPG and is commonly recognized to be the game that launched the modern RPG games industry.
    Given that campaigns in DnD can drag on for weeks, regular attendance is always an issues, hampering a consitent story line. As such we will host 3 one-off campaigns, using the DnD 5.0 system of rules. The characters will be pregenerated to allow for fun 2-4 hour sessions.
    We will host the third DnD event this Sunday, the 28th of May at 3pm EDT/ 8 pm BST, however people wishing to play are asked to attend 30 min early for the briefing about the session. 
    Dedicated Players

    We encourage commitment and attendance within the EF, thus we offer attendance pips for those players who register themselves as dedicated players (You can still attend all events without making this commitment). As such dedicated players promise to attend at least 50% of the events, for which they will receive said attendance pip at the end of the month.
    If you want to suggest ideas, discuss the game or make other recommendations, then feel free to do so in the EF forum here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/31185-future-ef-games-post-your-suggestions-here/   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the EF leaders, namely Acepilot666, ArisingFlame, Brandykins1982, Conan or Digs.

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Behold the Angry Army, Warriors of the Inner Sphere!
    Mission: This is a casual drop mission. We will group up and proceed with Quick Drops for the duration of the Event. This is an open event, all are invited.
    Enemy: Each other or public pilots.
    Terrain: To be determined.
    Time: 2pm EDT, 05/27/2017. Duration: 2 hours
    Location: AJSA Discord-> MWO Dropship 1
    Command/Signal:  Leadership TBD. RSVP by commenting below. Questions may be asked here as well. Please come ready to use your mic and communicate respectfully/effectively.
    See you there.

    By RuneX, in Frontpage,

    Join the Angry Army on May 27th, 2017 for a special Community wide Overwatch event in celebration of Overwatch’s 1 Year Anniversary across all three of our gaming Divisions; PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!
    Teams from Special Operations on PC, Game Nights on PlayStation 4, and Weekly Events on Xbox One are ready to deliver you a heroic power filled night of Overwatch. Always remember Heroes, never accept the world for what it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be. Never give up, never surrender, victory or death, HEROES NEVER DIE!
    Angry Army Heroes across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will answer the call of “Heroes Never Die!” as members gather on their respective gaming platforms for a night of good gaming and fun. Full event details (start times, hosts, etc) for PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One respectively are listed below.
    Additionally, Overwatch will be FREE for the weekend of May 26th-29th across all platforms; PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. To learn more and how to download Overwatch FREE for the weekend and join the “Heroes Never Die!” event, click on the link provided: https://playoverwatch.com/en-gb/blog/20793052
    ---- 'Heros Never Die!' Event Information ----

    PC Division - Special Operations
    Host: Legolas Katarn
    Start Times:
    Universal Time Coordinated
    10:00 PM UTC
    North America Times
    6:00 PM ET
    5:00 PM CT
    4:00 PM MT
    3:00 PM PT
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    11:00 PM GMT
    How To Participate:
    This event will take place in the Official AJSA Discord Server, and participants are asked to join the ‘Special Operations’ voice channel. If you’re not yet a member of the Official AJSA Discord Server, click on this link to join: https://discordapp.com/invite/0iHbkwYao3Pl1zdj

    Playstation 4 Division - Game Nights
    Hosts: WITHASTICK, DoctorPainMD, Inticari, and Syrupywolf
    Start Times:
    Universal Time Coordinated
    10:00 PM UTC
    North America Times
    6:00 PM ET
    5:00 PM CT
    4:00 PM MT
    3:00 PM PT
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    11:00 PM GMT
    How To Participate:
    Make sure you’re apart of the AJSA’s PlayStation 4 Community Page. Click here to learn more about Community Pages. Each host will create an Event for Game Nights on the PlayStation 4 through the Community Page. Accept and join one of the host created Game Nights Events. Please DO NOT join more than one of the host created Events. Look for and remember Game Nights date and start time for your region/country below. On the day and start time of Game Nights the Event feature will auto-create a party chat and auto-invite everyone who signed-up to it. Event Outline: Each of the hosts and all attendees will be split up into teams, each host and their team taking on a different part of Overwatch. Teams may face off in; Quick-Play, Eliminations, Capture the Flag, Total Mayhem, Custom Games, etc. Whatever it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy!

    Xbox One Division - Weekly Events
    Host: AJSAWookieJedi
    Start Times:
    Universal Time Coordinated
    10:30 PM UTC
    North America Times
    6:30 PM ET
    5:30 PM CT
    4:30 PM MT
    3:30 PM PT
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    11:30 PM GMT
    How To Participate:
    Please add the host of the event, WookieJedi [Xbox Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi] as a friend on Xbox Live and be a member of the AJSA Xbox One Club (learn how to join the Club here).
    During the event, please join the ‘Official AJSA Xbox One Community’ Xbox Live Party that the host creates from the Club. If the party is full, or on invite only, please contact the host for an invite. Room will be made for every member who wishes to participate. If need be, 'Squad Leaders' will be designated by the host to accommodate all participants.
    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to play, you are free to do so. Otherwise keep note of the event start times and join the Xbox Live party of the host to begin playing. If you have any questions, please contact the host directly at "AJSAWookieJedi" on the forums or on Xbox Live at AJSAWookieJedi.
    Event Outline: The Xbox One Division itself is celebrating its One Year Anniversary of Overwatch events. We began on May 27th, 2016 and have been going ever since! We'll be gathering everyone together for a series of custom games specifically crafted for this coming event. When our custom games are finished, the host will break up the event group to allow participants to play online with their fellow Angry Army members. After this, the full event group will again rendezvous in a single lobby for additional custom games.
    ---- Additional Information ----
    Code of Conduct: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/9-ajsa-code-of-conduct/
    PC: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/176-pc-gaming/
    PS4: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/31-playstation-4-vita/
    Xbox One: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/32-xbox-one/
    AJSA Discord Invite Link: https://discordapp.com/invite/0iHbkwYao3Pl1zdj
    AJSA Gaming Events Calendar: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/calendar/