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  • By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    GAMESD on How Breath of the Wild Builds a Better Future, Amr Al-Aaser on how the reaction to Doki Doki Literature Club dismissed the genre's history, James Howell's essay on the meta-narrative of The Evil Within 2, System Shock reboot put on hiatus, ESA opposes change that will help preserve old games, PC Gamer Weekender developer interviews and gameplay, Snoman Gaming on How Celeste Teaches You Its Mechanics, EA SPORTS Accessibility Lead talks about her job, Writing on Games on how the music tells the story of Shadow of the Colossus, what it's like to kill a game, Eugen Systems employees strike claiming labor law violations, Mark Brown on The Rise of the Systemic Game, Jupiter Hadley gives a view of Bucharest's game development scene, A Game Exhibition Where Everything Is Destroyed, and more.
    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)
    Vampyr is a game torn between character and combat

    Where The Water Tastes Like Wine - Available February 28
    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 brings the rat pack back in March
    Warhammer Vermintide 2: Kerillian Hero Spotlight - Careers, Abilities, and More
    Total War: Thrones of Britannia Developer Interview - PC Gamer Weekender Live Stream
    A Plague Tale: Innocence wants to be The Last of Us with rats

    Valkyria Chronicles 4’s New Trailer Highlights The Bad Guys From The Empire
    Sea of Thieves devs will "treat PC players with respect" and offer more than a port

    85 minutes of NEW 4K Sea of Thieves gameplay with Rare Ltd.
    Sea of Thieves Developer Presentation - PCG Weekender 2018
    Let's Play Cultist Simulator OH NO, STARVATION
    Cultist Simulator Pre-Sales: Why, What, and How Much
    Code Vein has distress signal multiplayer
    5 Hidden Indie Gems of 2018
    Phoenix Point Developer Interview - PC Gamer Weekender Live Stream
    Phoenix Point Pre-Alpha Demo Gameplay (PC Gamer Weekender).
    Stay And Platago Developer Interview - PC Gamer Weekender Live Stream
    Spellforce 3 - PC Gamer Weekender 2018 Live Stream
    The Ballad Singer's story promises 40 endings and 1,700 unique paths
    Fade to Silence - PC Gamer Weekender 2018 Live Stream
    Close Combat was nearly done when the developer changed game engines

    Monster Prom is a competitive dating sim in which you hook up with sexy freaks
    Orwell’s second season to kick off later this month
    Full-Scale Development of Shin Megami Tensei V Has Started

    Mavericks: Proving Grounds Developer Talk - PC Gamer Weekender 2018
    Rend - PC Gamer Weekender 2018 Live Stream
    Burnout Paradise Remastered Official Reveal Trailer
    ONRUSH | The Stampede is Coming | PS4
    Soulcalibur VI Mitsurugi character breakdown
    System Shock reboot that raised $1.3M on Kickstarter is now on ‘hiatus’

    System Shock’s massive setback proves everything in crowdfunding is a gamble
    Hard Drinking, Rabble Rousing Bards

    Ni no Kuni II’s Latest Gameplay Video Shows How King Evan Starts Building His New Kingdom
    Biomutant Developer Interview - PC Gamer Weekender 2018 Live Stream
    Biomutant Shows Off Its Character Creator
    One Piece: World Seeker’s anime piracy goes open-world
    Four years later, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is finally coming out
    God Wars: The Complete Legend Heading To The Nintendo Switch
    Deadly Premonition director Swery making a new game called The Missing for 2018
    Frozen Synapse 2 Developer Interview - PC Gamer Weekender Live Stream
    Super Robot Wars X’s Second Trailer Features New Original Characters And Robot-On-Robot Action
    Insurgency: Sandstorm is a harrowing depiction of combat

    Far Cry 5: Why John Seed Is Your Charmingly Deadly Enemy - IGN First

    Attack on Titan 2’s New Trailer Shows Off A Custom Character, Events, And Titan-Slaying Action
    Pendula Swing is an adventure game set in a fantasy version of the Roaring '20s

    World War II Turn-Based Wargame Klotzen! Panzer Battles Announced
    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle’s pricing & first DLC announced
    The Evil Within 2: First-Person Mode Trailer
    Sombra, Mei, and Doomfist changes being tested on the Overwatch PTR
    Ubisoft unveils Rainbow Six Siege's newest Operators, Finka and Lion
    Rainbow Six Siege: Chimera Operators Gameplay and Starter Tips | UbiBlog | Ubisoft [US]
    Rainbow Six Siege - 22 Minutes of Outbreak Gameplay (Finka, Lion Footage)
    Rainbow Six Siege is getting a pick and ban phase
    Big changes are coming to Rainbow Six Siege’s Clubhouse and Hereford maps
    Major changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege’s Starter and Standard editions
    Rainbow Six Siege devs explain why they aren’t talking about toxicity
    A new PUBG map will be unveiled in March

    Stellaris details its Apocalypse expansion ahead of launch next week
    Broly And Bardock To Join Dragon Ball FighterZ As Its First Wave Of DLC Characters

    Stardew Valley creator says new multiplayer features are "done", still hopeful of spring beta

    Northgard sails out of early access on March 7

    Battalion 1944's lead on its troubled launch, plans for the future, and the color gray

    Twitch delays new rules to address community concern, frustration

    Popular CS:GO streamer sues Twitch after almost 600 days of being banned
    de Blob owner THQ Nordic buys Saints Row and Dead Island owner Koch Media for 121m euro

    Mafia 3 developers Hangar 13 hit with layoffs

    Significant downsizing at CI Games despite profitable 2017

    Call of Duty: WWII Directors Leave Sledgehammer, The Studio They Founded

    Outsourcer suing Gameloft over Asphalt assets and trade secrets

    Eugen Systems employees on strike

    Atari Is Launching a Cryptocurrency Because That's Just What a Company Like Atari Does Now

    Valve removes publisher's games from Steam for manipulating review scores

    ESA opposes potential DMCA rule change aimed at preserving abandoned online games

    US senator calls on ESRB to take action on loot boxes, suggests FTC could get involved

    Epic collaborate with Russia's biggest publisher to fund upcoming devs

    Inside the GTA 5 mod that brings San Andreas gang warfare to modern day Los Santos

    Esports News
    The Weekend In Esports: Rainbow Six, Fiesta Bowl, Rocket League Qualifiers

    Scarlett's StarCraft triumph is already one of 2018's best moments
    Geguri And Other Overwatch League Players Delayed By Visa Issues

    Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2018 Championship Sunday (All Star Match, Outbreak, and Grand Finals)
    Rainbow Six: Siege Invitationals End In Tense Overtime

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Belongs To The Fighting Game Community Now

    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)
    Once Upon A Coma – From The Creator of Pinstripe
    Once Upon A Coma is a side-scrolling sequel to a Flash era great
    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)
    A Memory of Fire

    A Game Exhibition Where Everything Is Destroyed

    'Doki Doki Literature Club' Fits in a Tradition of Subversive Visual Novels

    Behind the sunless scenes

    What it's like to kill a game

    You Can Care About Games Without Caring About "Gamer Culture"

    Thread on community in gaming
    A View of Bucharest's Burgeoning Game Development Scene

    My Job Doesn't Exist Without the Support of Fans. How Much Do I Owe Them?

    'Don't be predictable': Gary Whitta reflects on writing for games

    Road to GDC: Triple-A Gaming While Blind

    The retro gaming industry could be killing video game preservation

    Being Derek Yu: A Chat With The Creator of 'Spelunky', 'UFO 50'

    The best engines for making your own visual novel

    The Humble beginnings of National Insecurities

    Road to the IGF: Videocult's Rain World

    Road to the IGF: Laundry Bear Games' A Mortician's Tale
    Road to the IGF: Fullbright's Tacoma
    Road to the IGF: Hempuli Oy's Baba Is You
    If loot boxes are free-to-play's present, what will be the future?

    3 Times That Game Translations Were Quietly Changed

    Learning to love older games

    Take a look at how Florence became an unforgettable game

    The breathtaking Florence captures falling in love better than almost any game
    Dandara: A Videogame's Responsibility to History

    How Patriots Became Siege - Investigating Rainbow 6: Patriots
    The Rise of the Systemic Game | Game Maker's Toolkit
    How Celeste Teaches You Its Mechanics - Good Game Design
    Shadow of the Colossus: How Music Tells Its Story
    A Tale of Tarrey Town (How Breath of the Wild Builds a Better Future)
    History Respawned: Harvard Egyptologist on Assassin's Creed Origins
    Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter Two: How Mike Mood and TheMeatly Saved The Old Song
    Games With Mental Health Themes 2! #CHECKPOINTSERIES ft Night in the Woods, Town of Light, and more!
    Anxiety Disorders on the #CHECKPOINTSERIES
    The Fascinating History Of Xenogears
    Make Peace, Not War | Diplomacy AI in Total War: Attila
    The Loot Box Question - Designing Ethical Lootboxes: I - Extra Credits
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry
    The dumbest armour in PC gaming history

    When your game site is run by sane people
    Shadow the Hedgehog of the Colossus

    By RuneX, in Frontpage,

    News & Updates
    Free to Play Weekend Recap - I wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who took advantage of the Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege free to play promotions that went on this past weekend. For those unware, we had an Overwatch 'Weekly Event' on Saturday and then a Rainbow Six: Siege 'Game Night' on Sunday. I was happy to see and hear back that we had quite a bit people who took advantage of the opportunity and got to experience these games for the first time, especially with their fellow community members.
    Shout out to the organizers of these activities as well (Melon, Sickshock, and WookieJedi) who made sure they were awesome and fun!
    AJSA Gaming Youtube
    Xbox One Events (XB1): Battlefield 4 | February 16th, 2018 - A new highlights video is live on the AJSA Gaming Youtube channel! This week we have a gaming montage/highlights compilation of our Battlefield 4 event we held this past Friday night. Enjoy:
    Thank you to MythicalDragon, O0PP3, SavvyDoomSlayer, StraightUpMelon, and SpartanMaster93.for contributing footage to help make this video happen!
    AJSA Xbox One Weekly Event Schedule [February 20th to February 24th]
    How Can I Join An Xbox One Event? - For new members/first time event participants, I highly encourage you to add all the hosts as your friend on Xbox Live (Gamertags are listed for every host below). You can also join the AJSA Xbox Club and add hosts/members there. All event and game night parties are launched from the Club. Additionally, please review our Code of Conduct.
    Communication during events are done primarily in the Xbox Live Party system. In case of emergency, we will use the AJSA Discord Channel. We accept and make adjustments for people who are shy in large groups and/or for people who have no mics.
    If by chance you do not have the host as a friend, please message the host for an invite to the game/party during the event and then exchange friend requests upon entry to the party. Most, if not all, event parties will be visible to all Xbox Club members. Look under "Looking for Group" at the start/during an event to view the event party and join up.
    If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to play, you are free to do so. Otherwise keep note of the event start times and join the host's Xbox Live party to begin. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at "RuneX" on the forums or on Xbox Live. To learn more about the AJSA Xbox One Division, check out our Community Information thread.
    COD: World War II - Xbox One Event - Tues. Feb. 20th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT)

    As part of our Tuesday night lineup this month are be featuring COD: World War II as a bi-weekly feature. We'll be gathering in observance of the 'Resistance' seasonal event. Squad up with the Angry Army, support the Resistance movement, earn easy double XP, and earn new gear and weapons with your fellow members!
    We'll tie in some custom games into the event as well. We welcome all players of all skill levels. Did we mention 'Resistance' is free to all players? Simply log in and play! Hope to see you on the field.
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 20th, 2018 @7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT)
    Hosts: Melon [Gamertag: StraightUpMelon] & RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]
    Minecraft - Xbox One Event - Thurs. Feb. 22nd, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    Come on by and build with us this Thursday night as we work and play in our Minecraft community world. Members are invited play, talk, and craft together with their fellow builders in the Angry Army.
    Please note that for this event we will use the 'Xbox One Edition' of Minecraft.
    We have a central base for all members to start off in and use as a launching pad to explore the rest of the world. Additionally we have 'Bounties & Contracts' for members to complete during the event. You can earn new gear/loot by exploring new areas and discovering secret locations! Remember all 'Bounties & Contracts' will be up at the central base at the start of the event on the 'Bounty Board'.
    Participants are highly encouraged to join the Xbox Live Party of the host "RuneX" during the event. If the party is full, please message him so room can be made for you. Early attendance is encouraged due to limited spots in the server.
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 22nd, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)
    Host: RuneX [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya]
    Halo: MCC - Xbox One Event - Fri. Feb. 23rd, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection returns this Friday night! Kick off your gaming weekend with the Chief. We're gathering to play some classic Halo across all four titles (CE to H4) in the game in a variety of custom game modes and online matchmaking.
    For additional information concerning the Angry Army on Halo, please check out our sub-forum below:
    Contact the host on the forums at Blurmania 53 on the forums or on Xbox Live at his Gamertag Awakeningrager1 if you have any inquiries on this upcoming event.
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 23rd, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)
    Host: Blurmania 53 (Gamertag: Awakeningrager1)
    Overwatch - Xbox One Event - Sat. Feb. 24th, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)

    The AJSA is celebrating the 'Year of the Dog' on Overwatch! Team up with us during our Overwatch event this Saturday night on February 24th, 2018 at 7:00pm EST. Don't miss out! Keep note that we're changing the event time for Overwatch to 7:00pm EST going forward.
    The host will set up a custom game lobby to start up the event to get everyone warmed up. Afterwards the host will determine to split up the group to play regular, online multiplayer. If you have suggestions on modes/themes for custom games, please message WookieJedi on Xbox Live.
    For additional information on Xbox One Overwatch events, click the link below:
    Event Summary:
    Time: February 24th, 2018 @7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT)
    Host: AJSAWookieJedi [Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi]
    Connect With the AJSA Xbox One Community
    Xbox Section of the Forums
    Join the AJSA Club on Xbox One
    Xbox One Gamertag List
    Xbox Community Information
    More AJSA Community Content
    AJSA Twitter
    AJSA Stream Team
    AJSA Gaming Youtube
    AJSA Community Content Area

    By Jayson's Rage, in Frontpage,

    This weeks EF event will take you into the vaults and streets of the heist-ridden world of Payday 2 this Sunday, the 18th at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EST. Like always, we'll be using the AJSA Discord Server to communicate for the duration of the event. 
    To get the VR beta branch, follow the instructions in the image below. To transfer your main game character to the VR beta, follow this link for instructions.

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Behold the Angry Army, Warriors of the Inner Sphere!
    Mission: This is a casual/pro mission. We'll start with 1 quick drop for prep, and then split into casual and professional groups. You'll be informed as to which group you belong, and there's no negotiation on the designation at this time.
    Enemy: Each other or public pilots.
    Terrain: To be determined.
    Time: 2pm EDT(11:00AM PT), 02/10/2017.
    Duration: 2+ hours Location: Kell's Corner> MWO
    Command/Signal: Leadership KELL.
    SVP for invites by commenting below. Questions may be asked here as well. Please come ready to use your mic and communicate respectfully/effectively. See you there.

    By WITHASTICK, in Frontpage,

    PS4 Weekly Events features two events that are consistently held weekly every Friday and Saturday. These two events are Community Nights on Fridays and Game Nights on Saturdays. Both events feature different kinds of activities, and both encourage members coming together to have an enjoying experience playing games together. We’re sure that you’ll find something to enjoy with the PS4 Weekly Events. Below includes information like; featured games, date and times of the events, the hosts of the events, and instructions in how to join both Community Nights and Game Nights.
    To learn more about PS4 Weekly Events Click Here
    Game Nights Prominence Poker (2/17/18), Hosted by DoctorPainMD & Syrupywolf.
    Spots are limited and time is short, save a spot by replying with ‘GNPP’ and your PSN ID!
    Information of how to join is included at the bottom of the post.
    Game Nights are weekly PS4 Disivion events where members gather every Saturday to play games together. These games can span from; newly released Triple-A games, old popular games, indie games, free-to-play games, and even PS Plus monthly line-up games that support multiplayer features. No matter what game it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. So come join the mayhem, make new friends, laugh all night, destroy the world or destroy each other!
    Game Nights Regional/Country Start Times
    Universal Time Coordinated
    - 11:00 PM UTC
    North America Times
    - 6:00 PM ET
    - 5:00 PM CT
    - 4:00 PM MT
    - 3:00 PM PT
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    - 11:00 PM GMT

    Community Nights Monster Hunter World (2/16/18), Hosted by Syrupywolf.
    Event Goal: Help hunters climb from low rank to high rank hunts.
    Spots are limited and time is short, save a spot by replying with ‘CNM’ and your PSN ID!
    Information of how to join is included at the bottom of the post.
    Community Nights are weekly PS4 Division events that put a focus on community supported games. Games that show a natural gathering from the community are chosen and focused on. Each Community Nights game has a campaign with a goal and will run on until either the goal is met or the community itself decides to move on. So whether you are new to a game or a veteran there is a place for you at Community Nights!
    Community Nights Regional/Country Start Times
    Universal Time Coordinated
    - 11:00 PM UTC
    North America Times
    - 6:00 PM ET
    - 5:00 PM CT
    - 4:00 PM MT
    - 2:00 PM PT
    United Kingdom/Ireland Times
    - 11:00 PM GMT

    How To Join Game Nights/Community Nights
    Reply below with the Abbreviation you see above and include your PSN ID (You’ll be added to our Attendance List). Look for and remember your Game Nights/Community Nights Start Time for your region/country below Remember who the Host/Hosts are. On the day and start time of Game Nights/Community Nights keep an eye out for an invite from the Host/Hosts (either an In-Game invite and/or a Party Chat Invite)

    By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    Cecilia D'Anastasio interviews employees about working at Atari in the 70s, SSFF on The Ambitious Music of Tim Follin, the grandma guildmaster of Ultima Online tells her story, new Kingdom Heart 3 trailer, the history of Yakuza, Star Citizen developer meets with consumer protection group, Raycevick's The Orange Box 10 Years Later, Why Ubisoft Is Obsessed With 'Games As A Service', Core-A-Gaming on What EVO Japan Is Like, the end game of Sea of Thieves, Twitch and Youtube get rules and guideline updates, Road to the IGF stories, Swery to relaunch The Good Life crowdfunding campaign, Sweden investigating if Loot Boxes are gambling, and more.
    Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)
    Kingdom Hearts III D23 Expo Japan 2018 Trailer Shows New Monsters, Inc. World
    Dreams: the video game that unlocks the creative genius within us all

    Inside Yakuza 6's In-Depth Localization
    Some Thoughts on Several Hours With The Very Good Crime Boys of 'Yakuza 6'
    8 Weird (And Delicious) Things We Did in Yakuza 6 - Yakuza 6 PS4 Gameplay
    Failbetter Games delays Sunless Skies following lay-offs, low sales

    Dontnod's Vampyr will release in June
    Fear Effect: Sedna Set For March 2018
    Piracy makes Pillars of Eternity II's seas more enticing than the land

    Star Citizen’s developers met with nation’s leading consumer protection group

    New Gameplay Today – Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
    Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom ‘Goldpaw Tour’ trailer
    You're an indigenous shaman in northern Mexico in action platformer Mulaka
    The Surge 2 announced for 2019, taking the Souls-like to a "sprawling, devastated city"

    4A Games Reveals Scope Of Metro Exodus' World
    Into the Breach, from the makers of FTL, is coming this month

    The 25th Ward: The Silver Case Heads To North America On March 13, Europe On March 16
    Mount Your Friends in 3D on February 23
    The Sea of Thieves endgame sounds super cool
    Sea Of Thieves' swashbuckling is like "improv comedy that the player creates"
    10 Minutes of a Sea of Thieves Order of Souls Quest (4K 60FPS)
    Rare Says Sea Of Thieves Will Run Well Even On Crappy PCs
    New tycoon game Rise Of Industry hits early access
    Someone Made A New Game For The Sega Genesis, Decades After The Console's Release

    Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk coming west for PS4, Switch, and PC this fall
    Her Story creator's next project is a multi-viewpoint story that changes based on which perspective you watch

    Fe’s mysteries unravel as you become one with nature
    The First 9 Minutes of Fe Gameplay
    Abandon Ship set to hoist its mainsails and head into Early Access
    Far Cry 5’s dog explains why he’s the best gun for hire
    I hope the digital card game industry as a whole moves more toward the LCG model

    Ex-STALKER developers reveal new battle royale game, Fear the Wolves

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Clone Wars DLC and customisation confirmed

    Kerbal Space Program's Making History expansion bringing mission builder next month

    Check out the Ninja Turtles in action in Injustice 2
    Friday The 13th Game Introducing New Single-Player Challenges
    Gwent Arena is a draft mode for the Witcher card game
    Roguelike platformer 20XX adds third playable character Hawk
    Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak: Everything We Know
    Expect Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators to boost health and see through walls
    9 Fascinating Facts You Should Know About Assassin's Creed Origins: Discovery Tour
    Ancient history shines in Assassin's Creed's new Discovery Tour - but it's the gaps that are truly thrilling
    The Overwatch hacker Sombra is next in line for a rework

    With Voice Chat Coming, Heroes Of The Storm Players Brace For Harassment

    Fortnite: Battle Royale is getting a rotating set of alternate game modes

    Relic abandons plans for additional Dawn of War 3 content

    Twitch Community Guidelines Updates
    Twitch Gets New Policies For Sexual Content and Harassment
      YouTube announce new rules following yet another Logan Paul stunt
    Logan Paul doesn’t deserve to be banned, says YouTube CEO
    YouTube CEO and community can’t agree on what YouTube Red is
    Why is Mixer’s community seen as more positive than Twitch and YouTube?

    Horizon Zero Dawn wins Writers Guild Award for best video game writing

    Quantic Dream calls harassment allegations ‘unfounded,’ pursuing legal action

    Those slanderous statements that they pretty much accidentally confirmed were true in their first response.
    Billy Mitchell Breaks Silence About Donkey Kong High Score Controversy

    Dr Disrespect Calls Criticism Of His Mock Chinese Accent ‘Laughable'
    Popular streamer Dr Disrespect defends use of racially insensitive fake Asian language
    IGDA officially appoints Jen MacLean executive director

    SAG-AFTRA detail sexual harassment code of conduct protecting film and voice actors

    QuakeCon 2018 dates announced for August, and the LAN party will double in size

    GameStop fires COO and EVP without cause

    Fredrik Wester stepping down as Paradox CEO

    David Gaider has left Beamdog
    Bandai Namco plan to “aggressively” create new IP

    G2A are using Microsoft software to create fraud protection tools

    Sweden are investigating whether loot boxes are gambling

    Hawaii state law could soon require game makers to publish loot box odds
    Creator Of Amazing Division Screenshot Mod Swiftly Banned For Life

    Player permabanned for creating The Division photo mode might have ban overturned (Updated)
    This graphics mod makes The Witcher 3 look loads better
    Esports News
    The Weekend In Esports: CS:GO, Smash 4, And More Overwatch

    Evo just slammed the final nail in the coffin for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
    London Win Overwatch Stage 1 Playoffs In Reverse Sweep

    Houston Makes Overwatch Stage 1 Playoffs After Do-Or-Die Final Round
    Overwatch League Exceeds Revenue Expectations, Gets Bigger and More Expensive
    Compete Discusses: Is Overwatch League Any Good, Or What
    Overwatch League Teams Are Making Their First Trades
    Fortnite Pro Gets Fired After Saying He Would 'Dare' Suicidal People 'To Do It'

    What it's like being an Overwatch League pro

    Scarlett's win at IEM Pyeongchang makes her the first woman to win a premier SC2 tournament

    Scarlett's 'StarCraft II' Victory Was An Important Moment For Many Reasons
    How Far Can Rick Fox And The Yankees Take Esports?

    Cloud9 Talk Over Their Boston Counter-Strike Major Win
    Japan Finally Welcomes Esports and Legalizes Professional Gaming

    Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)
    A Light in the Dark - VN by CreSpirit, Storia and Narrator
    SWERY65 Relaunching The Good Life Crowdfunding Campaign On Kickstarter

    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)
    Sex, Pong, And Pioneers: What Atari Was Really Like, According To Women Who Were There

    Well that certainly makes the company sound....worse.
    My life as the grandma guildmaster of Ultima Online Forever

    The 'CRPG Book Project' Is A Magnificent Love Letter To Computer RPGs

    Firewatch Inspiration
    Learning the Level Design Secrets of 'BioShock'

    Road to the IGF: The Voxel Agents' The Gardens Between

    Road to the IGF: DANG!'s IO Interloper
    Road to the IGF: Nifflas Games' Uurnog Uurnlimited
    Road to the IGF: Pocketwatch Games' Tooth and Tail
    The Fire Fades: Dealing with the scourge of burnout in game dev

    Why Ubisoft Is Obsessed With 'Games As A Service'

    Football Manager Only Offers a Shallow Glimpse of the Real World

    Subnautica's hands-off approach to storytelling is brilliant

    Why 'Neverwinter Nights' Remains the Most Faithful D&D Adaptation Ever Made

    What The Red Strings Club teaches us about conversation

    The Ambitious Music of Tim Follin | Punching Weight [SSFF]
    All Our Asias is a PSX-style adventure that shows the beauty of lo-fi graphics [siegarettes]
    The Orange Box... 10 Years Later
    The History Of Yakuza
    A Hat in Time: The Story of Jonas Kaerlev
    Games With Mental Health Themes #CHECKPOINTSERIES ft Hellblade, Neverending Nightmares
    Self-Care For Gamers! #CHECKPOINTSERIES ft Jennifer Hale!
    What The Witcher 3 owes to classic RPG series Gothic
    What Evo Japan Is Like
    How Cuphead Arranges for Ragtime Orchestra
    The Shadow of the Colossus Remake Isn't Quite The Same
    Off Camera Secrets | Shadow of the Colossus - Boundary Break
    AI 101: Monte Carlo Tree Search
    Revolutionary Warfare | The AI of Total War (Part 3)
    Joe Madureira Documentary - From Comics to Games | Gameumentary
    Things I Missed From Previous Weeks
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