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    AJSA Destiny Cross-Platform Competition Update!

    • Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the AJSA Doshka17 here, your Xbox One Community Officer bringing you the latest update on Destiny Cross Platform Competition.

      On Sunday the 28th, we brought our September events to a close with the Crucible Challenge.

    For the Crucible Challenge a six-man fireteam was chosen to represent both consoles in a three hour long contest of the Control playlist.

    The PS4 Team



    BossGod - Sryupuwolf




    The XB1 Team



    Snackattack1210 - Chumbry42



    Soul Coll3ct3r

    Both teams fought well, but only one could achieve victory. With a 92% win ratio over the competitor's 83%, the winner of the Crucible Event is the Xbox One!


    With the end of this event, we now prepare for the beginning of our October challenges! Each victory is now worth TWO points, making it still any console's game! Our next event is something familiar with an interesting twist...

    The Iron Banner

    On Sunday, October 12th at 3:00 P.M. CENTRAL we will be taking advantage of the upcoming Iron Banner event to run the next Cross-Platform Competition PvP event! The event will be 3 hours long, console with the highest win-ratio is the victor! If you want to take part in event for your console you must send a message to your console officer:

    • Xbox One - Doshka17
    • Playstation 4 - WithAStick

    On Saturday we will use a lottery system to pick the participants.


    The Xbox One has taken a quick lead, but these have been mere skirmishes in the grand campaign of the competition. Only time will tell who will be victorious. Until then, we fight on!

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    User Feedback

    would take part if i knew what that day would bring. hard to know what could happen on the appointed day, especially since most of my family calls for me to do something or another.

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