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  • AJSA Now Officially Supports Guns of Icarus Online!

    • Guns of Icarus Online Now Officially Supported !!!

      Look inside to see all the information about the latest game to be Officially Supported by the AJSA. Learn how to join the clan in game, get introduced to the clan staff and when our first event is going to be. See you in the buoyant death machine of your choosing soon!

    Guns of Icarus Online AJSA Clan

    The game Guns of Icarus Online is now officially supported and we need you to come and make it the greatest clan ever!..Which won't be hard as we start off official support ranked #2 in the world in terms of likes! If you aren't familiar with the game (and if you're an AJS fan how could you not be familiar?) look here for Joe's latest video about the game demonstrating the gameplay basics that make it so fun.

    Clan Leadership

    Clan Leader - Artose

    Clan Officers - BlackOpsElf (US), DeadlyScribe (EU), Niels Juel (EU), Captain Estrata (NZ), MR.Bane (US) and Church Shepard (US)

    How to Join

    To join you have to boot up the game go to 'Community' from there 'Clan List' (we're number 2!) and then apply. To become a member of the clan you just need to be a member of the AJSA already, so if you want your friend to join you on the battlefield have them sign up here! We're trying to process them as quickly as possible but as of this article there are well over 50 current applicants. To prove you are a member of the AJSA post in this topic where names will be checked for applicants http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/19457-gun-of-icarus-invites/


    The first clan event is going to be a big group AJSA training event with the goal of fully crewing ships for 2v2 battles. The goal of this event is to get new players through the learning curve of the game and to improve teamwork amongst current players with the goal of getting people to know each other and to form sky-scurvy-suffering crews for competitive play down the road. Contact officers or just come and join us at 8pm GMT this Saturday (07/06/14).

    The Future

    The plans for the future of the clan are to become a force in the competitive scene of the game, we'll have you guys beating the Devs just like Joe did! If you're dedicated and willing to do it turn up at the events, make yourself known to the officers but most of all have fun! This is only one-side of this constantly updated game which will hopefully have PvE combat added soon which the clan will be organised and ready for.

    This Is Your Commander Dogfish Ordering You To Take To The Skies!

    User Feedback

    KA-CHING! Finally! It's a great honor to be a part of this. Guns of Icarus is a truly unique game, perfect for the special brand of people that you find in the Angry Army! Join up people, and seize your glory!

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    Awesome, I was trying to get this game to get traction in AJSA for a while now :)

    I have Glowwater Thralls clan practice at that time - we need to practice for Week 2 of Hephaestus Challenge, when you have an even that won't coincide with the crew I've been flying for year and a half now, I'll come to help and share my experience of participating in competitive matches since march 2013.

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    Hey, anyone else get an error message for the invite thread? I don't know if it's just my connection or if the thread has been deleted for whatever reason.

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    Guest Chief Keif



    Can not get to the invite thread :/ Any Help???

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