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    AJSA Strategy Games Saturday!

    • Do you know the AJSA has a Special Games Division devoted to Strategy Games? You should check out their sub-forum, and these events coming your way Saturday!

    March 28 there will be a Dawn of War 2: Retribution event at 7pm GMT.

    Show up for the event in TeamSpeak and be ready for a great time. We will be doing the base game without mods. In the future if there is enough interest then we will pursue the event with mods included but for now just the base game.


    March 28 there will be a Starcraft 2 event at 9pm GMT.

    The event will be hosted by a new Gamemaster- Zavaira.

    This event will take place on TeamSpeak. The game itself will involve free-for-all, team battles, and after that custom games in arcade mode. Show up for a great time.

    Feel free to PM the AJSA strategy game officer, commanderbeef, if further details are required.

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    User Feedback

    If commanderbeef is unavailable you can also PM myself with any questions in regards to strategy games in the AJSA.

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    question for both games are there any modes were going to be playing more of then others some detail of this would greatly help myself and other know the event planned out. also if the angry army has to play with one race so we know its us or such thing like planetside terrain, etc... 


    thanks =)

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    Right now there is no mode in particular that we plan to give extra attention to. Maybe we'll give priority to the automated tournaments when LOTV comes out but that isn't even in closed beta so it's too early to say. As for race pick anyone you like or just play random. Playing only one race in a strategy game would be a huge restriction and at the end of the day it comes down to preference, so there is no point to trying create and enforce a rule like that :) Hope to see you at the event! ^^
    Edit: I only now noticed you said both games (silly me!), I can only speak for sc2 from what i know, sorry if that caused some confusion for anybody out there :)

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    well then "We’s stomped ’umies, we’s blown up stuff and we’s driven our traks from one end of da world to da uvva." cuz not saying this just wouldn't make it funnier hearing the orks broke language XD

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