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    ArcheAge Launch is Coming! Will you join us in the AJSA?

    • TUESDAY September 16th ArcheAge officially launches and the AJSA wants you to join them in this Free to Play "Sandbox" MMORPG. We will be on the Kyros Server, in the East Faction (Harani/Firrans) Continue reading below on how to get an invite to the guild once you get out of the Queue!

    ArcheAge is a Korean-made MMO from Trion (publishers of other MMOs such as RIFT) and after being in Alpha and Beta during the summer is launching this Tuesday! AJSA Head Start members have already established a Guild in-game and we are ready for you to join us in-game!


    Here are the important details about the guild:

    WHERE: Server is Kyros, all NA servers are located in Texas, EU and Pacific players can play fine on these.

    WHO: The AJSA will be playing as the East Faction, which means you have to select either the Harani (Asian), or Firran (Cat-people) races.

    WHEN: Launch will be in the AM Pacific (US West Coast time, so afternoon US East, evening EU) Expect significant delays from the launch, and a fairly hefty queue for new players, after all it is a MMO Launch!

    WHY: While the leveling process is fairly standard as MMOs go, the End Game is very unique for most Western MMOs, players and Guilds can build Houses, Farms, and even Ships! Pick your crafting area here! Game areas are open-world PvP, and even criminal elements of your own Faction can murder you!

    HOW: Find out more about the game by checking out our sub-forums. Below you will find the leadership structure for the ArcheAge Chapter, any of these players can get you an invite to the guild, you both have to be online for an invite to be sent, the best way to see if the Officer or Sergeant is around is to check on the AJSA Teamspeak! (ts3.ajsagaming.com)

    In-game Name (ign) same unless specified.

    Guild Leader:

    commanderbeef (ign: mrbeef)

    Commander: (AJSA Forum Officer Rank)



    Officer: (AJSA Forum Sergeant Rank)

    J_Papa (ign: riplaw)




    Additional Guild Inviters

    Councilman SgtRoss (ign: Rossdaboss)

    Councilman DoctorEvil (ign: Doctorevil)

    Councilman Delrith (ign: Deltron)

    Commander Craigr910 (ign: Ferguson)

    Hope to see you in game!

    Or if you are still undecided, many of our AJSA streamers regularly stream their progress in-game! Check them out below:

    SgtRoss: http://www.twitch.tv/sgtross_usmc

    Delrith: http://www.twitch.tv/angryjoeshow

    Angerbeard: http://www.twitch.tv/angerbeard

    image credits: Officer MoVe (taken during Beta)

    PS- Want to have the AJSA logo on your cloak? Or even make your own design? Read here

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    User Feedback

    Placed this in the advertise plugin in my Chivalry server, hope this would round up some fresh players.



    As for the game itself, I may check it out soon. :)

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    Yeah that server is full and the wait time is crazy long. I'm going to play on the brand new server Ezi in hopes of by passing the Queue. =/

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