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    Arma 3 - Mission 3 [Sunday]

    • Two missions, two successes, two blows

    CSAT have taken notice, and are regrouping in full force, complete with heavy arms, heavy vehicles, and new helicopters.

    Before they have a chance to mount a competent counterattack, we need to strike them behind their own lines and under the best cover possible - darkness.

    In this mission, you'll have pick two of a selection of targets:

    - an improvised light attack helicopter landing area

    - an MRAP/IFV depot, inside a small FOB

    - an IED factory defended by CSAT

    The pros and cons of each target will be explained in teamspeak later on.

    As usual, the briefing for the mission will begin at 8:20PM BST, and we'll meet in teamspeak.

    We'll start the operation at 8:30PM, and the operation will last approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

    Ready up, men!

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    User Feedback

    Can we have a Slammer Up?  Or two...or three...or Four...or ten


    Or a nuke...









    Or we could "Wipeout" them(A-164 Wipeout).  #Idioticpunsarma3.

    New mission time: 10 minutes+wiping out the straglers.


    I didn't know the Slammer was a real tank, I thought it was like the MX series of rifles.



    This conversation was more awkward then I thought.  


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