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    Community Spotlight 01/11/16 - The Barbarian

    • Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Conan, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga (Other than himself). Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!


    Community Interviews will give the chance to shine the spotlight on individuals or groups within the AJSA. Showing everyone (Old and new) the different faces and personalities to one another. In hopes you learn something new today. The questions can be varied between off the wall silly, to more serious (Whatever I desire basically). I hope you enjoy todays Interview.

    Today's Spotlight Interview we'll take a look at Commander Conan, who to many of you is known for leading the Expeditionary Force. But to the few, he is one of our newest Commander in the recent past year. We'll be taking a look into him becoming a commander, as a leader of the Expeditionary Force and it's history, as well as having a few laughs along the way.

    Q. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the line “Between the time when oceans drank Atlantis”?

    A. Isn't that a quote from Conan the Barbarian? This is not going to be you poking fun at my name, is it?

    Q. Why did you join the AJSA Community?

    A. I joined shortly after seeing Angry Joe's announcement of the relaunch of the AJA/AJSA in November 2013. I was quite curious what it would be like to be part of an online gaming community, as I never was apart of one before. So I took the spontaneous decision to join up, got absorbed in the hype of the early months and became involved with the staff.

    Q. Who was the one that approached you asking if you like to step up and become a Commander of AJSA? Also, what were your thoughts when you were first asked to be a Commander of AJSA?

    A. It was DoctorEvil. He approached me in March of 2015, a few weeks after the 2nd campaign in Planetside 2 ended, which rendered me technically AJSA-wise unemployed at that time.

    The thing is he didn't lead with the offer of a Commander position, rather he messaged me on Steam and asked me whether he could poke my brain with something. This is when he outlined his idea and vision of the Expeditionary Force to me and proposed that I would lead it. Admittedly I was still worn out after Planetside 2 grinded to a halt and my studies were intensifying at the time due to my dissertation. So I was at first a bit weary and proposed that DoctorEvil might want to find another leader, though he suggested that I'd create the EF in a timeframe that would suit me and only then also threw the incentive in that with that he wanted to promote me to a Commander, pending the approval of the rest of the High Command. Honestly I was quite surprised; I hadn't aimed for a Commander position, as I hadn't aimed for the PS2 leader or the PS2 Officer role before that, but I was nonetheless happy and excited.

    Q. What was the first thought that became the foundation that is Expeditionary Force?

    A. The leading idea behind the EF was for it to operate in a way that would complement the conventional Official/Unofficial game process, where a few members from the community needed to be the driving factor behind a game.

    The purpose of the EF was to investigate games on their popularity and suitability for the AJSA, whilst at the same time establishing a foothold there. Should a game be popular enough, those members excited enough about the game to help us run it during the month would form the future leadership of it. Nonetheless such popular games then still needed to go through the Unofficial game process under Commander Seph, where the new staff would be guided on how to run their game in a good manner.

    Ever since the concept has been expanded. The EF can now also focus on Official and Unofficial games for a month. This is not to test the games suitability, but rather to direct more attention towards it and offer the pre-existing staff help and guidance.

    Q. Was there other names on the table that Expeditionary Force may’ve ended up with? Like say “Sparkly Pony Cuddle Time” or “Timmy No Thumbs Party Day”?

    A. There was the opportunity, but the proposed name "Expeditionary Force" was chosen, as it related well to its purpose. The name behind the commanding body of the EF on the other hand was discussed more thoroughly.

    In case you don't know, the EF is headed by 5 members; 4 of them being Officers and one of them being a Commander. It was to operate with an extremely flat hierarchy, in that all 5 members have the exact same vote, with the Commander only stepping up as an autocratic leader, if circumstances demand a decision has to be made immediately and no other Officers can be found. As such we first had the name Expeditionary Council (in short Council), but that created confusion with the AJSA Council. Thus we looked for Synonyms for Council. Suggestions ranged from being quite silly (e.g. powwow, clan, gang and groupthink) to more suitable ones (e.g. committee, conclave, panel). Despite "Expeditionary Powwow" being a very strong contender, we chose "Expeditionary Conclave", due to having a slightly more sinister tone to it than its contenders.

    Q. If you could, would you rename Expeditionary Force to “Timmy No Thumbs Party Day”?

    A. I can, pending a vote of the EC on the matter and I decide not to; Timmy is a jerk!

    Q. What was it like coming up with Expeditionary Force in its early stages for you personally?

    A. Quite interesting, to be honest. I never created an actual organization from the ground up, so that in itself was exciting.

    Nonetheless I had help. After creating a list of things that needed to be done and set deadlines for each task, I started looking for suitable additional EC members. In his proposition to me, DoctorEvil suggested former Planetside 2 Sergeant and former GW2 EU leader Ysnar (aka Tarkston) as my first EC comrade. He accepted the offer and thus we looked at further members and finally recruited Smite leader (at that time) Agosparti, leader of BF4, Insurgency and whatever else excited him this week AverageSpacePope and Mount & Blade Officer Crazykidsbite.

    Together we created the EF and the experience and skills the different members were bringing to the table was substantial. Sad to say I am the only remaining EC member, out of the initial founding members.

    Q. Who was (or who were) the one (or ones) that came up with the Expeditionary Force Pip award system? Also, who was the person that design the Expeditionary Force Pip awards?

    A. The raw idea behind the EF Pips came from DoctorEvil; he outlined it in his vision. After the EC had been created, we held a meeting with DoctorEvil, in which he explained in detail the proposed pips. As such we decided to create both Attendance Pips, rewarding those who attend sufficiently during a month and Contest Pips, rewarding those who won one of our rare contests. The current idea behind the Pips stacking the way they do and the Badge-like Pip award for either 6 Attendance Pips or 5 Contest Pips came from DoctorEvil as well. We decided to have 6 Attendance Pips stack into a badge, because of award size considerations of more than 6 Pips and seeing as 6 Pips would equal half a year of good attendance. We chose only 5 Contest Pips to stack into a badge, as we deemed Contest Pips to be rather rare and thus much harder to obtain.

    The person behind the excellent design of the Pips, the EF logo and the EC and EF Sergeant badges was backstabuu, who was commissioned on the EC's behalf by Tons0fun and DoctorEvil.

    Q. Do I tell the Community that behind the scenes we secretly call you “Conan, The Scottish Barbarian”?

    A. I think you just did... and I am not even Scottish, I am German!

    Q. Favorite Game you’ve had on Expeditionary Force in 2015?

    A. Probably Rocket League, though unfortunately I was preoccupied with IRL stuff for most of the month where it was hosted.


    2015 had a lot of great games, and it also had some bad games. So we challenge you to write a review of what you believe was YOUR worst game of 2015. Whatever the reason you disliked it or maybe didn’t connect with you. What were the wrongs, the bads, and the head shakes. Enter and have a chance to win the Spotlight Award!


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    Actually most of Conan's history can be found on his forum profile.Here is just a little bit more in depth.Glad you're still with us!

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