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    Community Spotlight 02/08/16 - Games Beaten By The AJSA

    • Today we show off a “Sister” segment to Spotlight Ramblings called Spotlight Forums. Spotlight Forums while a lot like Spotlight Ramblings in purpose, focus on a forum more on its facts rather than opinion based. In the future we may see these two segments merge into one. But for now they remain separate so they can achieve similar goals in separate ways.


    Games Beaten By The AJSA (2016) is a thread meant to gather AJSA members across platforms and achieve a goal together (What is that goal?) To achieve a really big number, that represents how many games they’ve beaten (How big can numbers get?) Last year members who took part in Games Beaten By The AJSA completed over 225 games total (Wow, that’s a big E-dick). Keep in mind they started late into 2015 with their count (September 11th actually).

    Games Beaten By The AJSA (2016) isn’t just meant to show off how many games you’ve completed. But encourages members to talk about the games they’ve completed. Whether it’s shown through written reviews, small paragraph, video, screenshots, etc. Which could accomplish two things. One, encouraging the Community to be active with each other. Two, possibly giving insight to a game for a member who may want to play it.

    Games Beaten By The AJSA (2016) do have rules to their madness. You can’t simply go in there and say you beat a game. For games to be consider beaten you either finish the single-player portion of a game. Or for games without campaigns, you play to a point where you’ve seen what the game has to offer. Episodic games do count, but only if you complete all the episodes (Individual episodes do not count towards their count). Like mention before they like you to post something of your experience with the game (So, all based on the honor system).

    Games Beaten By The AJSA (2016) currently continue their campaign in hopes to surpass their number last year. Already they’ve achieve over 63+ games completed. But why leave yourself out? Go complete a game and add your count into the ever growing number. Help each other collectively to achieve getting that big E-dick.

    GAMES BEATEN BY THE AJSA Source Link: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/32745-games-beaten-by-the-ajsa-2016/


    In the history of video games we’ve fought battles, conquer kingdoms, and stop wars for many obscure reasons. But, February being the month of Love (and Black History month for America, fyi). I challenge the Community to rethink why they fight these battles, and devote their efforts to the bond of relationships. Mario and Luigi, Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher, Master Chief and Cortana, Rachet and Clank?, whatever floats that boat of yours. Love is expressed and thought differently for everyone. Maybe it’s a couple you enjoy, maybe it’s a bromance, maybe it’s a level of friendship greater than “friends”. Love is love (Man).


    Community Challenges at the start of each month gives the AJSA a challenge with a list of requirements, and asks them to complete that challenge. At the end of each month a Champion is named and awarded the Spotlight Award. Community Challenges are purely subjective in deciding the challenge and the champion.

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