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    AJSA PC Community - Top 10 Best Games of 2016

    Jayson's Rage

    Hello and welcome! I’m Jayson and I hope you’re all having a great 2017 so far. Some of us are still looking back at 2016 and what it brought us. When it comes to entertainment, we love our lists, don’t we? Our sentient AngerBot reached out to you on Twitter, the forums, and Discord asking your thoughts on the top 10 PC games of 2016. There are items on this list that I heavily disagree with, but I’m not gonna argue with the AngerBot. Would you? I didn’t think so. I like being dead inside, not just plain dead.

    Without any further ado… Let us begin.



    10. Total War: Warhammer

    Total War: Warhammer is a game by Creative Assembly in the, you guessed it, Total War franchise with the theme of, get this, Warhammer.

    Craigr910 says it is “An excellent game in its own rights and shows that Creative Assembly are capable of incorporating non historical gameplay into their games”

    Nytefury says “As a Total War fan since Shogun, this is by far the best of the series.”


    9. Stardew Valley

    The easiest way to describe Stardew Valley to someone who does not know what it is, is simply “Harvest Moon, but…. Not”

    In the words of BleedingChaos23 it is - “A great zen game reminiscent of Harvest Moon. The simple yet detailed art style is what originally interested me, and as soon as I started, I instantly loved it.”

    While Dr. Evil states that it is an -  “Amazing indie game with a depth and breadth of gameplay options that puts most Triple A games to shame, and done with a very small team to boot.”

    And Wade D. McGinnis says “For a very long time I have wanted Rune Factory and Harvest Moon to come to PC. Never happened, but we got something better, Stardew Valley. A game that shows dedication to these older titles. If you love a deep, compelling game about raising a farm however you want, grab some coco, lean back in your chair and dive in.”


    8. Titanfall 2

    Titanfall 2 is the sequel to the well-received Titanfall that expands on the groundwork laid by the first game.

    Bast_50 says it is “A surprising great single player campaign, good story, and great stage design”

    Mortraven states it to be a “Very well done campaign, BT7274 was a great character to connect with.”

    Jayson’s Rage (hey, that’s me!) spoke of Titanfall 2 saying “Despite EA practically sentencing Titanfall 2 to death in several different ways, the game managed to flourish and be a higher quality game than EA's own flagship title. The campaign is incredible and entails twists and turns in gameplay that I did not expect but make it all the better for having been introduced. The Titan companion is incredible and endearing and felt more like an actual person than 96% of characters that came this year .Playing in Titans was actually fun this time around and having 9 variants to choose from vastly improves my want to be in the. On top of that, Respawn, rather than doing a season pass, is introducing new maps and modes and such with free updates. On the downside though, there wasn't enough verticality to the multiplayer maps on launch. But it seems like Respawn is trying to rectify that with future maps.”


    7. Dark Souls 3

    Dark Souls 3 is Dark Souls… 3. You kinda get the jist of the series by now, right?

    Wade D McGinnis says about the game “Originally I was very disappointed in the performance of Dark Souls 3. I had high hopes this would run flawless given the past two games on PC had shown improvement. Of course I was proven wrong, however. With patches, the game's performance finally matched it's content. While I would say this is not on par with Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 combines the entire work of From Software into a nice little package. Sharp visuals, fast, challenging fair combat. Subtle nods to original Demon's Souls and enough deaths to keep you coming back for more death.”


    6. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

    Personally, I hate that this is on the list, as it is DLC, not a full game, but like I said. I’m not arguing with AngerBot. Trust me. There’s a title or two here I despise, but I AM a professional.

    The Expansion to Witcher 3, titled Blood and Wine… Well… Expands the world and story. What’d you expect?

    Acepilot666 says that it is an “Expansion thats a game of its own that continues the Witcher game.”

    And an anonymous user states “It continues the masterpiece that is the Witcher and has the best send off for a character in any video game. Goodbye Geralt, I love you man”

    While another anon says “It further expands on the Witcher 3 adding a new region and enemies to fight.The Story in some places is even better than the main story. It is filled with heaps of Easter eggs and references to other games.The majority of the story consists of finding and hunting down a dangerous vampire killer and along the way you will come across old friends and make new enemies. Yet again it uses the wonderful choose your own adventure type options. Highly recommend this one worth the money and is practically another game.”


    5. Civilization VI

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI is. Well. It’s Civilization. After 6 entries in just the main franchise, I think we all know the drill.

    Dr. Evil weighs in on this entry saying “While the AI needed some work after launch, Civ 6 is a great improvement over Civ: Beyond Earth's missteps, and on the level with Civ 5 after it's two expansions. Both games can be enjoyed separately and for different reasons, Civ 6 has a bright future ahead.”

    Jayson’s Rage (me again!) states “Civ VI is not only the most polished and stable release to date, but the most notable improvement between iterations as well. In past titles, in order to get a truly "new" experience, you were practically required to wait for a slew of DLC. While I'm sure the same thing will happen essentially, I'm happy that it's building off of a complete game, not finishing an incomplete one. (And holy shit the online MP actually works)”


    4. XCOM 2

    XCOM 2 is the follow up to the series reboot of XCOM back in 2012. It flips the idea on it’s head, though, as aliens have now taken over and you are essentially freedom fighters.

    BitterDan says “New features, challenging maps/enemies, replay value, I just love the XCOM games”

    Wade D McGinnis weighs in on the entry saying XCOM 2 “Improving on everything before it, XCOM 2 shows the player a nail biting tense experience that few games could match. Showing yet again that turn based games are not on the way out.”


    3. Battlefield 1

    Battlefield 1 is a stupid play on words/titles, but it is the latest in the Battlefield franchise, and my sources tell me that it’s set in WW1. I think. Hard to tell sometimes.

    BitterDan describes the title saying “Fast-paced action, great graphics, interesting maps, makes you feel like you are in a real battle”

    Remylia Scarlet states “The setting of BF1 is refreshing from the current trend of futuristic warfare to a much more forgotten war. The visuals, sound design and newly added operations mode helps [to] enhance that war like feeling”


    2. Overwatch

    Come on. You expected it to be somewhere on the list, right? Like, this game is a phenomenon.

    Bast_50 describes it saying “Fantastic Characters, Great gameplay, manages to make the worst players feel like a badass from time to time. Fantastic Seasonal Events.”

    Legolas_Katarn weighs in saying “Varied diverse characters [and the] game can feel very different depending on who you are using. Well made maps that give options to each of their characters. Free new content that is immediately available. Play of the match doesn't always work well but is a nice addition to MP games I'd like to see improved on and used for other games. New modes and amusing emotes and skins [are] frequently added.”




    Darkest Dungeon

    “While it may seem like cheating, the game went into official release in late of 2016. An outstanding combination of roguelike mechanics, brutal RNG and the godly narrator voice gives it a solid entry in my list.” - Remylia Scarlet


    Rise Of The Tomb Raider

    “Great graphics, excellent scenery, challenging puzzles, nice character upgrades, bewbs” -BitterDan


    Planet Coaster

    “By far Planet Coaster is the best park building and management game to come out in almost a decade. Frontier, creators of Elite: Dangerous, Thrillville and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, did an amazing job making the building flexible to the point where an inventive player can create anything with a selection beautifully designed themes, and the park management is simple to understand.” - Maghorn



    “Large, crowded, and varied levels with a large variety of ways to accomplish your goals and many challenges to complete that can give you access to new ways to start a mission or new equipment. Allows people to create their own contract like the previous game and includes their own challenges with increasing difficulty. One time timed targets added to the game is an interesting inclusion without making you feel like you missed anything major if you miss them.” -Legolas_Katarn



    “THIS GAME. While at point it feels sluggish the actual game is solid with a vast amount of customization with races and mixing in random events with everything a 4x game needs and with paradox promising large updates at a regular pace its a solid game to pick up and my favorite PC game this year” -Craigr910


    Watch_Dogs 2

    “A much much better game with much better characters and story” - Acepilot666


    Shadow Warrior 2

    “Can't get enough Wang” -Bast_50

    Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

    “The PC release was my first experience with the game and loved it. Leveling System, Amazing Combat, Great Boss battles, Terrible 2nd Half of the game.” -Bast_50


    Gears of War 4

    “A great cover shooter that stayed true to the original while adding some new mechanics.” -Griever


    Forza Horizon 3

    “Forza Horizon 3, brilliantly paired with Xbox Play Anywhere, is a stunningly beautiful game. The PC port is quite impressive […] and the world is so seamless that it's difficult to believe how easy it is to drop-in/drop-out for multiplayer or singleplayer. This is the perfect blend of Arcade Racing and Racing Simulation that rests right in the middle of the two, neither side clashing with the other.” -Jayson’s Rage


    1. DOOM

    Come on. It wasn’t in the honorable mentions. It wasn’t on the list already. And you Know it goes on this list. DOOOOOOOOOOOOM. And no, I didn’t influence the AngerBot on this one. Well, no more than any of you did who voted. Lemme just get my blurb out of the way.

    Jayson’s Rage praises the game saying “Simply put, DOOM shows how to properly pay homage to the spirit of a franchise while bringing it into the new age. The campaign is the prime example of how to do fast action and show the motivations of the main character, even if that character doesn't have a voice. The Doom Slayer is one of the greatest characters to come out of 2016 and doesn't say a single word. And, contrary to the popular rhetoric, the MP is the best MP Doom has ever had (not counting mods and such) and SnapMap provides literally limitless playtime.”
    In the words of Bast_50 “Best. Soundtrack. Ever. When you just want to blow stuff up... Doom is the answer”

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