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  • AJSA-TRAF Joint Operations (Belated Anniversary Op)


    Although belated, together with our old and steadfast Planetside 2 allies TRAF, the AJSA will bring our might to bear on the battlefields of Auraxis once again to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!

    Who: In case you don't know them, the Terran Republic Assault Force are our old allies from our golden days of Planetside 2. They are a highly-skilled, tightly-knit and friendly group, specialising in small-to-medium-scale infantry battles, in which they are able to hold their own against numerically superior enemies on a regular basis.

    Additionally, since the AJSA ingame outfit ceased to exist, TRAF has been carrying the torch for the AJSA, in that they provide a space for the AJSA members wanting to play the game to do so with their peers from both of our communities. As such we highly recommend anyone interested in playing Planetside 2 on the PC to check them out and join them. Please refer to this post for further details about our alliance with TRAF.

    Where: We will be using the AJSA Discord voice server for the duration of the event. The event will take place on the Emerald Server, as the Terran Republic.

    When: Friday, the 2nd of December at 8 pm EST (Saturday, the 3rd of December at 1 am GMT for the European members). The event will roughly run for 2 hours.

    What: During the event, we will fight on one of the 4 continents of Auraxis under the leadership of TRAF as a coherent group. Players will have assigned roles, depending on their skills, playstyle and inclinations, though players are free to request to change their role at any time. To keep the initiative, we will employ a highly mobile approach to our battles, redeploying across the continent to suit the tactical situation. Given the high skill-sets of our AJSA and TRAF PS2 veterans, coupled with our teamwork, we expect to be able to hold our own during battles against numerically superior enemies.

    If you have any additional comments or ideas, feel free to discuss them here. See you planetside!

    Edited by Conan

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