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  • Community Spotlight 03/28/16 - Drums of War

    • Because it's now a permanent requirement to make a Teaser Paragraph. The sad thing is you won't see this unless you click the article already, and it'll be smashed up by the already condense banner article.


    Even angry people want to jam out every once in awhile. Maybe, you’re the type who loves to head bang to heavy metal (Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme human genocide!). Maybe, you’re the type who loves hearing words after words spitting out rhythmically (There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti). Maybe, you’re the type that loves dat hard drop and dat trap (I don’t what lyric’s to do for that!). No matter the type of music lover you are, it’s plain and simple to understand. WE ALL LOVE MUSIC, so why not share it with each other?


    ArisingFlame (aka Jaysons Rage) has started up a collective Spotify Playlist for all members to join in and share songs. These songs will be cobbled together and placed into a large playlist called “Angry Arm Radio”. While a simple idea it gives everyone a starting point. As Angry Army Radio grows the more options it can provided. That’s why I myself (Me too) and Community Spotlights as a whole backs Angry Army Radio, too the point where we’ll now have a new segment just for it starting next week (What!).


    The new segment will be called Angry Army Radio Song Spotlight, and each week will feature a song on Community Spotlight from the Angry Army Radio playlist. We encourage everyone in the Community to explore and try new things like Angry Army Radio. But for now go drop a song in the now ever growing Angry Army Radio playlist.




    So… do you like the new coat of paint? Kinda spiffy, but huh… (Yes?) something seems a bit off. Can’t quite put my finger on it (Umm, is it the whole Article Image?) OH YEA! That! Fuck! So while I know the collective mind is enjoying the new site’s update, here in the back end there are still a few headaches. So there are two features today I wanted to talk to you about the updated site.


    Firstly and currently the article banners are fucking broken! I don’t know how it’s broken but it’s broken. Simply put what will happen is I’ll upload an article banner. It’ll take that banner and fit it into a 200x200 block. Than it’ll that that smaller version of the banner and stretch it out. Giving birth to this Ugly Monster! So until this has been fixed, there won’t be article banners on Community Spotlight.


    Second! Currently the Ribbons and Awards are not appearing on profiles. Now! Do! Not! Panic! They’re still there in the database and everyone still has their Ribbons and Awards. It just isn’t displaying them to your profiles. This does effect the Spotlight Award as well, however we’ll still continue the Community Challenges and keep track of the Champions. So once the Ribbons and Awards are back up those Champions will see their Spotlight Awards!


    That’s pretty much it. There will be a full article report on the new site, it’s new features, and new headaches later from someone much higher rank than myself. Until then… SEEYA!

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    Lets go Metallica bub, though I enjoy Master Of Puppets more, I don't have anything again Fuel though. Master! Master! :D

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