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    Community Spotlight 04/18/16 - A Call to Action!


    Over one year ago we sat down with Jayson (ArisingFlame) and handed over the AJSA Gaming YouTube channel to him. He was just a simple member of the community, whose direct and constant approach to his work climb him up the ladder quickly. Over the past year he has worked closely with many of us in Command, and with many of you on the field. He brought PlayStation 4 Game Nights to the channel, which encourage our counterparts on the Xbox One Division to step up to the challenge. Tournaments like the Expeditionary Force Rocket League Tournament have been forever archived and now able to be showcase to the Community. For the better part of this year it has mainly been Xbox One content, with us on the PlayStation 4 side taking a step back to review our own content. That brings us here today. I’ve been working with Jayson closely, urging for us to take a chance, much like we took a chance with him last year. A chance to give the Community as a whole the ability to share their creativity. I for one will continue to work with Jayson and others to help create new content for this Community and it’s YouTube channel. Now I know many of you still have questions. That’s why I took the time to sit down with Jayson and ask some of the more common questions from the Community. Jayson does cover questions you may have in his YouTube video “A Call to Action”

    Source: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/34251-ajsa-youtube-a-call-to-action/


    WITHASTICK: First, thank you Jayson for taking the time to sit down and talk. Now a big question many will have is how do they get in contact with you. What’s the best way for those unique snowflakes to get your attention?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Not a problem. It's nice to be getting word out and already getting responses. I've left a lot of ways to cantact me, the easiest being my email: Jayson@JaysonsRage.com, but there's also my twitter (@JaysonsRage), and a few other places, including a topic on the AJSA Forums that will be a great place to stay up to date.


    WITHASTICK: You aren’t just simply looking for video content creators, correct? You’re even opening the doors for graphic designers, musicians, video editors, gameplay clip providers. People with unique creative skills who might not even know they can help?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Exactly. A great team can be the best way to bring together a great creative group that may have not assembled otherwise. Hell, I wouldn't be working on videos or streaming had everything gone according to plan either. But I'm extremely happy to be working on what I do now, and this is a great chance for the AJSA to show what we can do when we get skilled and determined individuals together. I'm really excited about the prospects. It's good to keep it loose but also have goals. Up until I was 22 I thought I was gonna be working on music for a living, and I still do it on the side, but it is crazy to see some of the transferable skills from one thing to another can be.


    WITHASTICK: Let's just say someone got your attention through the many contacts. Will providing examples of their unique skills help, and what else can they bring to show and tell?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Well, just about anything involved in the creative process from ideas down to the final product. If you have ideas, shoot them at me! Show me your videos, songs, voice clips, whatever you feel you bring to the table or even think you may be able to bring to the table. It'll help to see what we're working with and how to move forward.


    WITHASTICK: Now what if someone is a video content creator, and wants to remain as an individual channel. However, they still want to be featured on the AJSA Gaming YouTube Channel. What can the AJSA Gaming YouTube channel offer to them?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Well, I'm not one to stop you from working on your own as well. I actually do the same and it can be beneficial both ways. The more personality we have on the channel the more varied content we can produce and collaborate on. And this is a great way not only to highlight the talent of the AJSA, but the individuals as well.


    WITHASTICK: In terms of video content are creators free to suggest any type of content to the AJSA Gaming YouTube Channel, and have it be hosted? Let’s Plays, Reviews, Commentaries, Reactions, First Impressions, etc.
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Creators are free to suggest and create for sure. Now, we don't want to let every little thing up as we do want to keep to a certain standard, so it isn't a guarantee that if you submit something that it will go up. If there are issues, I'll let you know. Usually, the more communication on the project the better.


    WITHASTICK: Once more Jayson thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. To the AJSA Community as a whole do you have any final thoughts or statements you like to say?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): No problem at all. Getting the word out is a great thing for everyone. The more variety of creators we've got going for us, the better! I'm excited about future projects that are even currently under development. And it'a always good to have an opening and closing catchphrase! You all stay sexy out there!


    The Soul games over the years have become one of the most acclaimed franchises in gaming. Dark Souls 3 is the latest entry into the Souls series, and much like it’s title- it’s one hell of a Dark game. From the design of the monsters, the carved landscapes, the deep subtle lore and storytelling, even the air itself reeks of the games dark nature. But admiring the game isn’t your challenge, no. Your challenge is to complete achievements in Dark Souls 3 for my pleasure. So brave Champion... Will you embrace the darkness, or will you die?


    Update: The Champion has claimed Victory over April's Community Challenge "Will You Die?". However, I encourage everyone to still try and complete the challenge. As when the article goes up to name our Champion, those who at least complete the challenge will be honored alongside the Champion. The article goes up 4/25/16, meaning you have until than to be honored with the Champion.


    Be FIRST to obtain ALL three selected Dark Souls 3 in-game Achievements/Trophies (any platform). *To avoid ANY Dark Souls 3 spoilers, the Achievements/Trophies descriptions will not be displayed. However, links of the descriptions are provided for those who wish to know them.*



    • Enter your claim to Victory entry HERE.
    • Enter your claim to Victory entry before 04/25/16.
    • Must display proof showing you’ve earned these three in-game Achievements/Trophies (PC, PS4, XB1).
    • All three in-game Achievements/Trophies must be earned after 04/12/16, and display proof of this (Sorry Japanese players and Non-Japanese earlier buyers).
    • The date will be applied to Global Times. Example if you're living in a timezone and you get your game at 10:00 pm in your Timezone, as long as somewhere in the world it has turned 12:01 am 04/12/16 at the time you earned these trophies you are okay.
    • Your proof must be entered here I will not accept private message entries of any kind, from any source of messaging.



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    User Feedback

    Oh God. And End Once and for All. Hits me right in the feels man. I played all three ME games back to back in a few weeks. Ive listened to that song several times. So many fallen heroes :(7

    and WITHASTICK like this

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    26 minutes ago, Aragorn195 said:

    Oh God. And End Once and for All. Hits me right in the feels man. I played all three ME games back to back in a few weeks. Ive listened to that song several times. So many fallen heroes :(7

    I share the love man. It's my second fav feels song. Thankfully when they made the extended ending An End Once and For All got an extended version. Which makes me have more feels. RIP Shep :(7.

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    Great song, but I personally prefered Leaving Earth with the loud Reaper "BWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAP" between the piano queues.

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