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    Community Spotlight - 5/23/16 For The People! Again!



    The golden boy of the AJSA Jayon has return to our Community Spotlight with his own review of DOOM (The 2016 edition, aka DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!) Was the multiplayer still a mess? Is the campaign something to write home about? And what about Snap Map! Most of these answers you already know, but why not hear it from one of our own! (INB4 Angry Joe finally does his review).


    One Doom review? Now we need TWO DOOM reviews! Community member SteamStax takes his own swing at the iconic franchise reborn for this generation.


    Did I say two DOOM reviews? I really meant THREE DOOM reviews! Talk about taking your pick of poison, right? Howtheycoulddoitshow sits us down to look at DOOM’s good side and bad side. (No ugly side?) no he replaced that with Nitpicky.


    Hahaha, three DOOM’s? No no no! FOU- look there are a lot of DOOM reviews, because DOOM came out and a lot of people are playing it. Okay? (Okay) Good, now. Wade takes his own shot at the hellish, rock orchestra, head banging, blood splattering, good ol’DOOM!



    Finally, we take a break from fighting on the surface of mars against hell’s demon cyborg invested armies. But instead we come crashing back down to Earth, traversing a world fading into darkness as the last fire burns out. Wade (Featured twice in one article) shares his thoughts of Dark Souls 3. What he considers The Good, The Bad, and The OMG!



    Emuzita seems to enjoy his or her (Covering myself) self some Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. So much Emuzita bares the AJSA logo in the game, as a badge of pride (mostly anger).




    Objective: Record and post a video clip/clips of you performing great feats (Killing sprees, Play of the game, Clutch save, etc) within any or all of the three game’s multiplayer; Battleborn, Overwatch, and/or DOOM (Overwatch Open Beta footage counts).



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    5 hours ago, Touch The Donut said:

    i made some good donuts, why isnt this important????

    The fuck they at? And why the fuck don't I got dem?

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