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  • Community Spotlight 5/30/16 - Community Challenge Champion



    May has gone, with it a f#ck ton of games (Again for some strange reason or another) have finally passed us (Or we’re still playing them). The big three that stood out from the crowd were Battleborn, Overwatch and Doom. All first person shooters, all different in their own unique ways. Battleborn more of a MOBA, Overwatch more of a hero shooter, and DOOM trying to be old school (But not? I don’t know it’s a long story). These three games where your battlegrounds for this month’s challenges, but you were loud and clear that you didn’t need three. Many of you performed great feats during your combat in Overwatch, and loved to show it off. However, while everyone was great there can only be one Community Challenge Champion!


    The Champion of May’s Community Challenge “Tomato, Tamahto, Doom?” is… Apex Spartan!

    Objective Completed: Record and post a video clip/clips of you performing great feats (Killing sprees, Play of the game, Clutch save, etc) within any or all of the three game’s multiplayer; Battleborn, Overwatch, and/or DOOM (Overwatch Open Beta footage counts).


    Well, I got no kill streak or anything epic, but I did play some Mercy because I was forced to play support like 2-3 games in row. Everyone was playing random shit that they felt like and nobody wanted to support.

    Honestly it's not the best Mercy game, but I had to play her and I think I did pretty well and healed everyone that needed it in order to win us the game. We had no supports at all sadly. Anyway, I did this as a test just to test my PC if it can handle and while I do get 70FPS in the game, but when I record with FRAPS for some reason, I get HUGE perfomance drop every few minutes and you will notice it in the video.

    Overwatch is a game where you have to adapt your heroes and gamestyle if you wanna win and I hate to play 2-3 same heroes in the team

    Btw FRAPS sucks...lol. I think it needs a beast PC  to run well

    Apex Spartan, you stepped forward to accept my Challenge knowing you had to perform a great feat. Instead of intense streaks or amazing Play of the Game footage, you took the chance to show off a tier of heroes who are over shadowed. The heroes that always have your back, that know what you need best. The Unsung Heroes (As you put it)!


    Once more hail your new Champion, Apex Spartan the fourth Community Challenge Champion and first second time Champion! Thank you everyone who entered/attempted. As an appreciation to all those who entered check out all their entries @ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/34564-may-community-challenge-tomato-tamahto-doom/

    See you’ll next week for Community Spotlight!

    Edited by WITHASTICK

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