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    Community Spotlight 6/6/16 - Take Part + E3 Predictions



    June has arrived, and that means E3 is right around the corner with all it’s surprise madness. The downs (a lot of them), the ups, the surprise announcements, the Ubisoft game announcement with amazing graphics… only to be downgraded later at release (Seriously, you haven't seen this pattern yet?) While all in good fun, it can be maddening to get across everything. So to help with the AJSA efforts to cover E3 on Spotlight in our own unique way WE WON’T BE HAVING A COMMUNITY CHALLENGE THIS MONTH (Had to caps it so you can see it easier.) I mean there is some form of challenge this month, that’s where we talk. First, I encourage everyone to take part in the E3 discussions to will be coming. I also encourage to keep the conversations as that, conversations. Second, the Xbox One Division is giving away a copy of Overwatch (For the Xbox one). All you need to do is create your own unique Overwatch character and submit it. We normally don’t get to do stuff like this often, but we love when we can. So go take it out, and take a shot at it!


    Objective 1: Take part in the E3 discussions surprise game announcements, ups and downs of shows, the new Ubisoft announced game that’ll be graphically downgraded and won’t live up to it’s full potential in promised gameplay (Again seriously it’s a pattern.) Everyone’s got opinions and hype, just express it positively (We don’t need shit posting.)


    Objective 2: The Xbox One Division is giving away a copy of Overwatch for the Xbox One. All you need to do for a chance to win it is create your own Overwatch character, and submit it. Here is the to the giveaway link: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/35042-overwatch-giveaway-contest-xbox-one/




    E3 Starts next week, both video game announcements Christmas and hellfire all in one place! Thankfully the many of us will be sitting at home watching it through our own means (Twitch, mostly through Twitch). But with one week left and rumors running, why don’t we make a few predictions from a few of our Commanders (WARNING: A lot of salt, all answers are made as… sarcastic old men jokes)


    Question: Out of everything you know so far going into this E3, what single prediction would you make knowing you’ll see this year at E3?


    WITHASTICK: That Ubisoft will announced a brand new game series, claim it’s “Iconic”. The gameplay and graphics will dumbfound everyone! And it’ll come out this fall! Only for it to be delayed by 2 years, graphics to be downgraded, and gameplay features to be stripped.


    Conan: Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation will make a video dismissing E3 as one giant circle-jerk.


    Doctor_Evil: Release date and lower price point for Microsoft Hololens (That AR thing) exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10.


    Tons0fun: Kickstarter games from successful campaign in 2014 will show off a new build and announce that they’ll release “Soon” only to be delayed yet again in July.


    Rune_X: I just really look forward to the next Red Dead Redemption. I imagine an announcement about RDR 1 being backwards comp. With Xbox One may be put forward as well.




    Mr_E_Meatshield celebrates having reached 100 subscribers on his YouTube channel. For the celebration he made a special Q&A video for his viewers! Congratulations on the achievement Meat!


    Alexander452 shares to us what Limbo in the afterlife must be like. Hint: It’ll never end.


    Finally, Blurmania 53 shares with us one hell of a Killing Frenzy he got on Halo 5 during an AJSA Xbox One event.


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