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    Community Spotlight 9/12/16 - Enter Commander!...



    *While this is a day later it still needs to be said. Please give a moment of silence for those who were lost long ago during the attacks of 9/11. My heart and wishes go out to the families still affected by it all these years later.*


    Last week we said goodbye to Commander Wildfox who’s taking a new path to a new journey, this week we welcome a New Commander tackling a new challenge. Enter Commander… Jaysons Rage! (aka Jayson, aka if you seen his face in the banner than you knew). Yes today we welcome Jayson to the ranks of Commander, having proven himself over the years to be dedicated, determined, and charming to the whole AJSA Community. And this isn’t the first time we’ve featured Jayson on Spotlight, back in April you may recall his Call to Action for the AJSA Community YouTube Channel. And if you’ve been around the older PlayStation 4 Game Nights events, and mostly all of the Expeditionary Force events, or even some play sessions with the Xbox One guys than you already got a good idea on who Jayson is. But to the many who may not know him, I’ll provide a brief history only to be followed up by an one-to-one interview with Jayson himself below.



    Jayson came on to the scene back in the early months of 2015, he caught the eyes of myself and my PlayStation Cabinet at the time as someone to get YouTube videos on that darn AJSA Gaming channel. We noticed that other Commanders were starting to take much more interest in him and we quickly went in to grab him up. Early on he provided the Game Nights video on to the channel and became the cameraman for the events. As his performance and reputation grew it was only a matter of time before he was asked by other Commanders and/or members of the Community to share that same charm with them. Soon Jayson moved up in the ranks and joined with the Expeditionary Force (I only hope he took what he learn from Game Nights and applied it over there).



    The better end of this tale sees Jayson starting his own YouTube channel with his own review style. Keeping himself fancy with a button up shirt, tie, and vest. As well as his drive into the Twitch Community and stirring the pot up there. He’s worked alongside mostly every Commander and nearly burnt himself out by it. But he came back only willing to try to do more. Going forward we hope to see that same drive going forward and we welcome him as Commander who will oversee the AJSA Gaming YouTube Channel and now really focus on that single aspect of the community. Now, less of me rambling let’s have Jayson time in with his own replies to some question many of us may have.



    Jayson’s Rage YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCluaKtXF0CGfkMlaeuAC9TQ

    Jayson’s Rage Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jaysons_rage

    AJSA Gaming YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AJSAGaming



    WITHASTICK: Hello Jayson welcome back to Spotlights, not the first time we’ve seen you interviewed on here. But let’s get on with the first question, can you explain to those who may not know or understand what your position as a Commander oversees? (Example: WITHASTICK oversees PlayStation 4, RuneX oversees Xbox One, Conan oversees Expeditionary Force)


    JAYSON: Well, my main focus, if you give it a fancy title, is "AJSA Community Content Manager". Essentially, I run the AJSA Gaming YouTube and plan on helping to represent the AJSA at events such as Conventions like TwitchCon and PAX South when I can.


    WITHASTICK: What changes or new ideas will we see be coming to the AJSA Gaming YouTube Channel?


    JAYSON: Well, we just debuted a new show, This Week In Gaming, on the channel on Sunday. The plan is to keep that going weekly, shooting for a 6:30 PM EST release each week, for as long as I can keep it up. Past that we have event videos when I'm provided with footage from said events that I spice up with a little bit of graphical magic and some music. As we bring more creators into the YouTube staff, new shows will debut not just on YouTube, but things such as an AJSA Podcast on Twitch too. A lot of the road ahead is not mapped out though.


    WITHASTICK: What will be your first task you want to get done with the AJSA Gaming YouTube?


    JAYSON: I guess you could say my first task would be keeping myself to the weekly schedule for This Week In Gaming, as that will help provide some much needed schedule for the channel on which we can build on. Aside from that the first long-term goal is to curate a creative team that can help provide for the channel


    WITHASTICK: Will the Community ever see a continuation of the fabled “Commander Podcast” That happened so long ago? I know you were not apart of it.


    JAYSON: I'm not sure if it will return in the same regard as that, but there is an AJSA Podcast in the works, yes. We are playing around with thoughts and ideas that will make it as great as it can be but we're not rushing it. The first focus for just about everyone involved is getting to, and back from, Twitchcon


    WITHASTICK: Back towards the end of 2015 you seem to have a “burnout” from handling too much at once. What steps have you taken to help insure with yourself that won’t happen again?


    JAYSON: Well, being open with my communication and the support I receive from the community helps a lot. And rather than taking on an extreme amount of endeavor that I attempt to spearhead myself, I'm spacing out my workload. That allows me to call on the support of those near me as well as working on my own brand alongside, not against, the AJSA. I know it seems like I've taken in a lot, especially considering I still reside within the Expeditionary Force Leadership as well, but I've got a lot of room to breathe.


    WITHASTICK: Marry, Fuck, Kill; PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


    JAYSON: Ooooh. Difficult. After Sony's recent... fumbles, I gotta go: Marry PC, Fuck Xbox (lovingly), and Kill PlayStation 4 (I'm sorry, Old Yeller).


    WITHASTICK: You run your own Twitch channel alongside the rest of the AJSA Stream Team. What kinda games would we see you play during your streams or may see in the coming future?


    JAYSON: Well, I play a LOT of Rocket League and CSGO as my default games, as well as just about any First Person Shooter I can get my hands on. But I'm always trying to play new titles as it helps me to get footage for reviews that I do on my YouTube channel. Sometimes it makes for an entertaining experience, like when I begrudgingly trudged through Until Dawn or Homefront: The Revolution. Spoiler Alert: I hated those games.


    WITHASTICK: Similar question, you run your own YouTube channel with your own fancy style. Might we see a similar style on the AJSA Gaming channel?


    JAYSON: I want to make sure I keep a fine line between the two channels, as with my channel, I represent nobody but myself. On AJSA Gaming, however, I represent the community. I'm not afraid of putting my opinion up, like I do a bit with This Week In Gaming, but I don't want to alienate those who don't agree with me or my opinion. This is where having a staff of creators will help. I see a future for the channel where we have several shows going on, maybe an opinion piece series or two, that isn't just myself. So shows like my rant series "Jayson's Rages" as well as reviews will stay on my channel, but I'm not against reviews or rant series as a whole being on the channel.


    WITHASTICK: Explain your love for Call of Duty to the rest of the Community, while impersonating Macho Man Randy Savage.


    JAYSON: OOOOH YEEEEAH. Everyone has that one game or series that they love, even though everyone tells you to hate it. I SAY NO. I WILL LOVE MY CALLS OF DUTY.. AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME. NOT WITH YOUR FIELDS OF BATTLE. NOT WITH YOUR SIX RAINBOWS. I LOVE WHAT I LOVE AND I DARE YOU TO STOP ME.


    WITHASTICK: If your Mom was reading this article (She 100% isn’t) and you had to explain to to your Mom (Which again isn’t reading this) how much you worked hard for this Community (Which she probably never heard of) what would you say?


    JAYSON: Even though I've had fumbles in the past (like said burnout), once I realized what kind of potential I saw in not only myself, but in what I could do in the community, I refused to stop. When the AJSA Gaming Channel sat at a sad 3 Subscribers and 2 videos for over a year, I vowed to make it my baby and nurture it to health and prosperity. And we're well on our way to making that happen.

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    User Feedback

    We welcome any positive force of energy and enthusiasm, especially when it's directed towards keeping this community alive and, dare I say it, thriving. Looking forward to throwing some content your way, Commander.

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