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    Community Spotlight 9/19/16 - Digital Homicide, Good-bye?



    Originally this topic was suppose to be something uplifting, more community based. However, this past weekend a topic came up that I couldn’t pass up to voice my opinion. Now originally this series in Community Spotlight was just called “Spotlight Ramblings”. But that sounds, too impersonally? That’s why I’ll be applying the same titling structure I been doing for the past few weeks. Why? Because I can, because I want to, because it’s me. Now with that said remember I base these kinds of topics off from forum posts that I find in the AJSA. If you got an opinion to share I’ll have the link to the original post that inspired this article for those to go there. And before reading, anything said is opinion.

    Original Forum Post Link: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/36543-digital-homicide-at-it-again/


    Alright so who is Digital Homicide? Digital Homicide are those kind of developers who’re constantly throwing shit into Steam. They’ll reskin a game and sell it, they’ll change camera angle of a game and sell it, they’ll use free assets from development kits and not change a thing about them. They made a name for themselves when they started their long internet feud with Jim Sterling. Who called their game crap (At the very least), Digital Homicide got mad and DCMA Jim Sterling (Not after making a mock video of Jim’s review, than him making one back, it’s a long story). They spent the latter part sueing people now (specially Jim Sterling). Commander Jayson does a much better job at summing the history of Digital Homicide in his video news series “This Week in Gaming”. I’ll link the video below, and Jayson goes over Digital Homicide’s history at 11:04 into the video.






    So what did Digital Homicide do now? Well, they’re suing people… again. This time Steam users who have left negative reviews on their games. 100 Steam users, who left negative reviews on their games. Keep in mind this happen after Steam issued the new review system where people have to buy the game for their reviews to matter on the overall score. So that means the majority of people Digital Homicide are suing are people who bought and played your game. The funny part is they don’t know the names of these 100 Steam users (infact they only have 11 users listed, who are the other 100 users?) But they don’t know their names, so instead they resort to filing a lawsuit using their Steam user account names. Such great names like; DemonSword, Nathos, Michoo Jones, JDude330#HaeisBACK, Toon Vlux, brandino, Gana, Jon144, HGI, Karl Pilkington, and Drackmore. All these names are on official court filings. All which are public, and all which you can find here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6FG7o2HBZWlbHRCcXJpSDNibm8&pageId=112590649435726535437


    It’s pretty obvious that unless they know the real names of these users, this won’t hold in court. Because anyone can be DemonSword or Drackmore, you can’t sue thin air or an idea. So how do you think they are handling getting the names of these 100 Steam users? By throwing Valve under the bus into this case, to force them to give the names out. Because you know, sensible people Digital Homicide are, right! Not only are you attempting to sue 100 Steam Users for millions of dollars. But now your grand plan to get the real names of these Steam users is to throw the company who has turned a blind eye on you for years and lets you shove your games on under the bus that you’ve made. So it should come to no shock that Valve has removed all of Digital Homicide’s games from the Steam Store and has cease doing business with them going into the future. Digital Homicide, what did you think would happen? You think Valve would be scared? They got other shit to worry about, like their lawsuit with CS:GO Gambling!


    Look Digital Homicide it’s over. This honestly was a long time coming for you guys. Your shading business practice, their overall aggressive tactics to “stop negativity” or “critics bullying developers”, and on top of it your terrible treatment of them people who buy your games. All this has come back to hit ya, you lost your spot on Steam, people won’t even touch your games in fear of being threatened of being sued for shit reasons. Continuing to fuel the fire of these “bully critics” you believe you were fighting against as righteous saviors. In the end your colors showed. I doubt it will be goodbye, roaches are hard to kill honestly. But with very little regret I can happily say it…


    Good-fucking-bye Digital Homicide, no one will miss you.

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