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  • PS4 Division Monthly Updates - December


    This article is a monthly update on all the on goings for the PS4 Division in the AJSA Community. These monthly updates can cover news and updates for; PS4 Division, Game Nights, Community Nights, PS4 AJSA Chatrooms, PSN AJSA Community Page, etc. The monthly updates will also give PS4 Division members a sneak peek of what games will be coming to this month’s Game Nights and Community Nights.

    PS4 Division General Updates

    • December 3rd-4th the PS4 Division members will begin receiving their prizes from the AJSA 4th Year Anniversary raffle giveaway. The winners won’t be announced until everyone has received their prizes.
    • Community Nights will be returning in January alongside Game Nights. When we started Community Nights it was more of a counter to Game Nights. Game Nights are always the more promoted larger style event, where Community Nights acted as a way to help build our communities in game. Going into January there will be a few changes to Community Nights.
      • Community Nights will now always be on a Friday or sometimes Sunday. We learned that having Community Nights on days during the week proved to be difficult. We had to settle for later times, which would push our European members away. Going forward Community Nights will aim for to be hosted on Fridays at an earlier time similar to Game Nights. We’re still working on an exact time, but will have more information later.
      • Community Nights will rotate between two games per month. We learned a bi-weekly format was very helpful for the host as it won’t burn them out. We’ll have more information on how this process will work at a later point.
      • We’re happy to have Community Nights as a part of our Division, as a way to serve our members with the games they gather to and love to play.  
    • We want AJSA members to help us test out the PS Communities feature, to help determine if this is our future.
      • We recommend having notifications turned on all PS4 and smart devices that include the Communities app. We recommend members to post both on the wall directly and reply to each other directly. We are not saying stop using the Chatrooms all together, but help myself and my staff fully understand what this Communities feature can do. We tried moving there last year and it didn’t work because we simply didn’t understand how different it would truly be.
      • We are not saying that we’re definitely moving, we’re asking for your help to understand if Communities is ready for us. Thank you.

    Game Nights Updates
    Game Nights are weekly PS4 Division events where members gather every Saturday to play games together. Now members in the PS4 Division will get an idea of what is to come for this month. Whether those games be; Triple-A games, old popular games, indie games, free to play games, and even PS Plus monthly line-up games that support multiplayer features. Please understand right now we’re not giving the dates of when each game may appear in the month. Game Nights are always ever changing, and the games could get shifted around. Also understand that these games you see below have a chance of changing due to a number of reasons like; Network issues, broken patches, broken games, lost of support and interest, etc. However no matter what game it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. So come join the mayhem, make new friends, laugh all night, destroy the world or destroy each other!
    Below are the updates coming to Game Nights:

    • There will be an additional Game Nights on December 2nd for Rocket League, which is part of the AJSA Special Operations were all platforms (PC, PS4, XB1) will be playing together. This will be the final event in celebrating the AJSA’s 4th year anniversary. This Game Nights will count attendance and the contract towards the 4th Year Anniversary giveaway.
    • After the December 2nd Game Nights Rocket League event Game Nights will start its Holiday Break and will return in January.
    • Game Nights and Community Nights will no longer feature Star Wars Battlefront 2, Need for Speed Payback, or future EA titles with similar “services” as these selected titles. This ban will not affect past EA titles that do not have these same services.
      • I understand this may upset some of our members but give us a moment to explain our reasoning. EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Need for Speed Payback have shown us what EA means when they say games to be a service. All for the full price of a Triple-A they want to force peoples to grind long hours to get very little in return, all the while nagging the players to spend money to make things “easier”. We PRIDE ourselves on featuring our members the games that can carry out a fun experience and give a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENTS after a long night. As newer EA titles come out in the future we’ll place a larger delay before featuring those titles in order to fully understand, and see how much of a “service” it is when it should be a game. Once this ban is placed on any of these future and current titles it will be reversed once these horrible pay to win, grind wall, and disgusting microtransaction business practices are changed or permanently removed. We’ll continue to feature and promote games we feel will give our members a fun experience for any PS4 Division event.
      • This ban does not reflect or affect the PC Division, the XB1 Division, or the AJSA as a whole. This is a decision that the PS4 Division Commander and Staff came to for the PS4 Division alone. We respect whatever the other Divisions decide to do, and hope they rock the house with their events. We also respect the individual member of the PS4 Division and the AJSA as a whole if they purchase these titles.

    Game Nights Line-up
    *Do not sign up for any of these Game Nights. Wait until the proper Game Nights announcement featuring the game you’re interested in.*

    Rocket League: Superiority- PS4 and XB1 players will battle the PC to gather as many wins as possible. The console with the most wins under their belt will complete the contract and all members attending will be rewarded! Completing this contract will earn you an extra spot in the 4th Year Anniversary Giveaway.

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