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    PlayStation 4 Division - Top 10 Best Games of 2016


    So this year we at Command thought it be a creative and interesting idea to present our Top 10 Best list for our respected fields. For myself it is the Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Division Games of 2016. Before we get started let me go over briefly how this list was formed. First myself and my staff gather our own Top 10 Best Games list together, and made one giant list out of that list. From there we had the PlayStation 4 Division community members vote for themselves. Their votes formed this final list and where the games were placed. The more votes for a game, the higher placement on the list. So this list wasn’t formed by a single mind or a staff of minds, but a collection of thoughts. So enough romantic talk, these are the Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Division of 2016!

    *A quick image to showcase our Top 10 Best Games if you wish not to scroll down or read.*




    10. Firewatch

    We start off the list with one of the early indie darlings of this year, Firewatch. The game itself has you play the role of Hank a man who escapes his life and runs away to become a forest preserve ranger. There we meet Delilah sort of our mentor, friend, and only person we ever hear from. From there strange events start to happen, which landslides itself into a mystery. The reason Firewatch may sit lower on the list is the gameplay itself and it’s own pay off. The game while beautiful and enjoying to listen to the two characters of Hank and Delilah banter, is mainly a walking sim. Having you go from Point A to Point B, to find item X or flip switch Y. And without spoiling much the pay off for this mystery adventure is lackluster, especially when compared to what it first built itself up to be. With that said it still earned a spot on our list because of its strength in storytelling and the two characters of Hank and Delilah.


    9. XCOM 2

    The sequel to the impressive hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 takes place in a world where the aliens had won the takeover of Earth. Now you a band of rebel guerrilla forces revive the XCOM project once more as your last shot to defeat the aliens and reclaim Earth. With each play-through being different than the last, and each character built by the personalities you give to them. Many members to this day still do play-throughs of all kinds including themselves and their fellow AJSA members in them. And I sure there will be more to come.


    8. BroForce

    This game is a old Metal Slug style, face paced, intense, explosive, 80-90’s action movie nostalgic jerk-off feast, and we fucking love it. Story? You’re action heroes re-imagined going through killing terrorist, aliens, demons, and the devil! Gameplay? Shoot/explode/punch/slash everything in sight. This game knows what it is, and what it has to do to keep players playing. It sits lower on the list though due to it’s sometimes weird glitching with co-op both online and offline. But that’s it, this game other wise does what it is set out to do perfectly.


    7. Titanfall 2

    Respawn Entertainment took the fan feedback from their first installment of Titanfall, and showed everyone they can improve. Including a fully fleshed out single player campaign, a much more in depth multiplayer experience, and more variety to them matches themselves. Instead of the Titans being classed by size (small, medium, large) they are classed by their abilities (laser, fire, sword, etc). Each the pilots themselves have unique perks built to their class of gameplay. And with the bonus knowing all dlc in the future of this title will be free. Titanfall 2 shows Respawn Entertainment unlike many developers do list and can prove by showing it in their products.


    6. DOOM

    It’s DOOM. You’re a super soldier, in a base filled with demons on Mars. Your objective, kill everything. This game is fast and smooth, with the beautiful shower of blood as Demons fall apart from you blasting them away. There never little I can say for DOOM and it’s single player. It’s Multiplayer, well, let’s say it shouldn’t have been included and does hurt DOOM.


    5. Dark Souls 3

    From Software brings us the final tale (supposedly) within the Dark Souls series, with Dark Souls 3. You favorite “You will die” game returns, and hits harder than ever. Increasing its roster of bosses, expanding on the mechanics needed to defeat enemies, sending you to weirdly beautiful haunting locations. With more improved game mechanics, honing in on what makes their series so great. If this is truly the final installment of Dark Souls 3 (for a long time at least) than it’s a hell of a game to take a bow with.


    4. Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy XV is the completion of a 10 year development journey, that follows twist, turns, highs and lows. After having whole development teams switched, even the directors of the game were switched during it’s development process. In the end Final Fantasy XV was released, and from its feedback is seems to be the “return to form” many fans of the series hoped for. It’s open world can get players lost to the sights alone, the unique dungeons and endgame dungeons are characters of their own, the gameplay feels well polished for what they were aiming for, and there is a lot to do in the game leaving with hours of content. Though with that said it has some negatives; the story while interesting leaves some holes opened leaving you to search out answers yourself, the side quest can seem repetitive and mainly are fetch quest, some of the later and endgame gameplay mechanics don’t mesh too well with how the game itself works. Even with those flaws this game just has a character to it that continues to bring you back into playing it for another long night session.


    3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

    Shockingly I thought this would sit higher on the list. Anyway, Uncharted 4 follows a now retired treasure hunter Nathan Drake who is lure back into adventuring from his long lost big brother Sam. The two of them now travel across the world to uncover a lost treasure they attempted to find so long ago. Without spoiling much, this game in how it handles itself is one of the finest final installments to a game series ever made. It’s a love letter of Naughty Dog to it’s fans of Uncharted, and hell all of their past games. The way this games ends will bring a smile to your face as you know this is Nathan Drake's last adventure, and final good-bye. Thanks Naughty Dog, and Amy Hennig for bringing us this series.


    2. Battlefield 1

    Honestly figured this would sit lower on the list, but hell here we are. Battlefield 1 is a great example of fans showing a game should triumph because its developers listened. In a time where sci-fi/future shooters are becoming the stall norm, DICE decided to go back to World War 1 or The Great War. To showcase to us a war we’ve never seen done in a video game by a triple-A developer. It’s single player being the strongest in recent installments, having you follow different soldiers across different times and fronts of The Great War. The multiplayer feeling epic, intense, and heavily invokes destruction levels similar to Bad Company 2. I personally can’t wait to see what DICE plans to do with Battlefield 1 in the year to come.


    1. Overwatch

    Overwatch is a hero shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment the people who brought you game series like; Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Diablo. It’s a team objective based game, having you selected from an ever growing roster of heroes. Each hero is unique in design and abilities, making no two heroes feeling too similar and all play different. It’s a game that has been patches on a monthly basis; ever tweaking heroes, maps, game modes. All while introducing new content on a monthly basis; New maps, new heroes, new game modes, holiday content. It’s a juggernaut of its own right taking the gaming community by storm and ever growing. It takes our top of the list not for what it is now, but it promises to become with every passing moment. It shows there is a hero in all of us and for all of us.

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